A paperless world? Maybe not, but we sure see more companies trying to manage their information more efficiently.  Maybe it’s because we have such advanced technology out there that it seems ridiculous when you find yourself searching for a piece of paper in a dark room for several hours. Perhaps it’s the business climate to do more with less or a push from the government to convert to digital files. Regardless of your inspiration, we do see a huge movement towards a paperless office.

We know that many of you have already found this to be helpful and have taken the leap, hooray! So we got to thinking… what will people do with all their old file cabinets? We had fun with this and found people have many interesting ideas. So we decided to produce a media campaign based around this concept and boy did we have a blast revamping our old file cabinets.

Our first project was derby cars, then a boat, a smoker, an animal feeder and of course a scarecrow! Thanks to Nashville’s Comcast Production team we were able to convert these paper hoarders and reuse them in nontraditional ways.  Take a look at our creations!




So… what will you do with yours?

Not paperless yet? We can help you scan all your documents into a customized software program so you can search for your electronic documents by key word and also keep that important information secure. We can come visit you or come to one of our lunch and learns in your area.