Individuals not associated with our industry or company often ask, what is the next big thing for RJ Young? Since our industry is tied heavily to technology and with any advance in technology, one only has to look ahead to see where the technology is headed.

What I see is an increased emphasis on mobile devices such as smart phones, IPads, and tablets.  These devices have become commonplace with almost every type of end user.  These devices offer greater flexibility and ease of use, but most importantly, they provide tremendous mobility.  At the same time these devices have limits when it comes to file storage, document creation, and printing.

There is a movement in the printing piece to use remote devices that can be linked to your smart phone, IPad, or tablet that will allow printing on the go.  Thus if you need a hard copy of a document that you have called up on your mobile device, you can print it to a remote printer in a “hot spot” or even send the instructions to print the document to a printer located in another office, state, or country.

Where this comes in handy is with so many people today working in a virtual office that may be at their home, in the car, or at a coffee shop.  In today’s business world, your office truly can be wherever you are.

I just completed a technical strategy meeting with an organization that provides counseling to individuals in a two-state area.   Due to the geography of the organization and the location of the clients, many of the counselors use remote sites for their sessions.  Immediately after the counseling session the counselor must provide documentation that goes back to a central office for validation and billing.

In the past the counselor had to return to the closest field office to complete their paperwork and print out the required documentation.  With the use of the new technology, they will be able to complete their paperwork at a remote site and print the documents at the central office thus reducing their time involved and related cost of travel.  This also increases their face time with clients and creates a more efficient workforce.

I see many more opportunities like this example as we all become more mobile and want to improve efficiencies and reduce costs but also require instant access to output devices.

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