Due to growth, last month RJ Young relocated all administrative functions to a new building across the street from company headquarters. I moved offices as well at that time, and decided to install a standing desk rather than a traditional desk.

Though standing desks have been in use for centuries, only recently have they been discussed as alternatives for traditional desks for many workers. Some of the benefits claimed for standing desks are improved posture, improved circulation, weight loss, shorter meetings, and improved productivity.

Prior to changing my office at work, I installed a standing desk as a “homework counter” at home. Construction was identical to my office setup below.  Placed in our family bonus room, the desk does triple duty as a homework center for my children, family craft table, and command central when I watch a NASCAR race while doing work on my laptop.  After testing this desk for about six months, it was time to install one at work.

For my desks, I selected a simple 72″ x 25″ counter made by IKEA.  I attached the counter to the wall studs using a piece of aluminum angle stock, and supported the free end with two adjustable IKEA legs.  For my use, 41″ from the floor to the top of the desk is ideal.  Installation took about twenty minutes.

Although I’ve only had the desk at work for about a month, I’m very pleased with the results so far.  The desk gives me far more horizontal workspace for paperwork and I’m encouraged to completely clear it every day.  Standing hasn’t been a challenge so far, and I have comfortable chairs available for guests.

If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by and take a look.

How are you innovating your workspace? Share with us!