If you look around at your office today, you may notice things are changing. Walls are coming down, space is being filled with people instead of paper and most people are working on multiple devices, from various locations at all times of the day.

LinkedIn recently released a study that focused on the trends in the workforce, which they called the “Office Endangered Species,” list. They surveyed more than 7,000 professionals across 18 countries in search of what’s evolving and what’s becoming extinct in the workplace. They found that the traditional office structure is slowly dying and the use of technology is on the rise. Their responses predict the following will be extinct in just five years. Here are the results.

Top 10 Endangered Office Tools/Trends:
1. Tape recorders 79%
2. Fax machines 71%
3. The Rolodex 58 %
4. Standard working hours 57%
5. Desk phones 35%
6. Desktop computers 34%
7. Formal business attire like suits, ties, pantyhose, etc. 27%
8. The corner office for managers/executives 21%
9. Cubicles 19%
10. USB thumb drives 17%

Trends on the Rise:
• Tablets 55 %
• Cloud storage 54%
• Flexible working hours 52%
• Smartphones 52%

Wish List:
• A clone or assistant to help during the workday 25%
• A place in the office that provides natural sunlight 25%
• A quiet place in your office where you’re allowed to take a nap 22%

I wasn’t surprised to see most of the items listed, but it certainly drove home a point, technology is changing the workforce, again. Professionals today aren’t interested in the corner office, but investing in new technology that makes them more efficient and provides freedom to work anytime, anywhere.

If you look around at your office today, do you see the future or are you stuck in the past? Are you making the necessary changes to keep up with your employee’s wants and business demands?

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The Cubicle Dinosaurs: Tape Recorders and Fax Machines Top LinkedIn’s List of Office Endangered Species