If your organization is still running on paper, employees are battling file cabinets for office space and documents go missing, you are not alone.  There are still many organizations that still struggle to manage their paperwork.

The Mississippi Board of Nursing, a state agency based in Jackson, Mississippi dedicated to protecting the public through the process of licensure and regulation of nursing, was operating out of an office overflowing with paper. They had difficulty retrieving historical documents and frequently misplaced important files and data. There were a myriad of file cabinets, boxes and bins all over their office filled with nothing but paper.

Recently I sat down with Latrina McClenton Director of Licensure & Practice at the Mississippi Board of Nursing to uncover their story and hear how she took a completely paper based company digital, eliminated file cabinets and developed a mobile meeting program.


The Mississippi Board of Nursing was able to realize incredible cost savings of $10,000 a month by reducing the human and physical capital costs of having an all paper office. They were able to reduce the processing time of applications from 7-10 days to 3-5 days using the new workflow and iSynergy system and streamlining their board meetings.

Win the war on paper and learn how you can move your business forward by going paperless.