Many of us have been in brainstorming sessions aimed at identifying ways to trim annual operating expenses, fund special projects or offset unexpected expenses.  If you have been in that position, I have an “Aha” idea for you – Managed Print Services solutions that allow your business to take control of office printing costs.

The facts on how standard equipment purchases are costing your business are simple. Up to 90% of companies do not track how much they spend on producing and maintaining documents. With the average office worker using 10,000 sheets of paper each year, printing costs eat away at up to 3% of an organization’s annual revenue and are one of the largest unreported business expenses.

Typically companies look at initial cost of printing hardware and not the total cost of ownership. That is detrimental to budgets for the long-term as devices that are inexpensive to acquire are often very costly to operate.

Managed Print Services solutions typically consist of a flat monthly fee that covers the equipment lease, a set number of prints, toner supplies, service calls and parts for service repairs. This allows your business to plan for the printing expenses and track the cost associated with each document produced immediately and for the long-term. And, “Aha”, it is typically a cost reduction initiative for your organization.

5 Ways Managed Print Services Improves Operating Costs & Efficiency:

  1. Print volumes are monitored on a regular basis, changes made as needed.
  2. Businesses can allocate a fixed budget for printing expenses.
  3. Reduce waste through ordering supplies when needed, no inventory or extra space required.
  4. Increase uptime by having a service program that monitors and troubleshoots your printer fleet to keep your business moving.
  5. IT Departments and Office Managers freed up to focus on other initiatives.

Managed Print Services is a hot topic in the business world today as many businesses are having the “Aha” moment when they realize the opportunity to reduce costs for their organization with this solution.