October 3, 2014

The right print and fulfillment supplier ensures efficiency and continuity to your business while building equity in your brand. The benefits stack up, or simply multiply, for businesses operating multiple units or franchise locations.

Below are things to look for when reviewing print and promotional suppliers for your multi-unit or franchise system:

  1. One-Source Provider:
    • A partner that prints, warehouses, inventories, packs and ships can significantly reduce resources required to manage your program, reduce costs and guarantee accuracy of shipments as the provider learns the nuances of your business intricately.
  2. Comprehensive Product Offerings:
    • Promotional and Print items sourced from the same point allows maximum efficiencies in cost, brand standards monitoring, ordering and management resources.
  3. Expert, Proactive Solutions:
    • Experts that proactively recommend solutions to meet your business objectives, improve upon projects and deliver the best solutions to fit your business ensure continual improvement and maximum efficiencies in your program.
  4. Reliable & Accountable Systems:
    • Defined, reliable workflow for receiving and fulfilling orders, and systems in place to accurately track and report on order delivery from end-to-end.
  5. Maintain & Fulfill Multiple Versions of Collateral Accurately:
    • Multi-unit and franchise business organizations often are required to maintain multiple versions of marketing collateral, point-of-purchase materials and forms. A system to accurately and efficiently, print, store and ship these items is integral to smooth operations for a business.
  6. Brand Consistency:
    • Understands the importance of brand standards, and ability to develop an expert understanding of your brand standards. This shrinks project production timelines, reduces errors and increases production quality and brand equity. This also ensures that the partner can proactively recommend brand appropriate products and solutions.
  7. Flexible Long-Term Solutions:
    • Can the supplier deliver the products your business needs today and tomorrow? Select a partner that has a wide spectrum of capabilities or access to capabilities to ensure continuity and minimal disruption for the long-term.
  8. Scalable Consistent Support:
    • Can this supplier reliably meet your needs during routine activity periods, heavy-up activity periods and support your business growth plans?

Selecting a true print/promotional fulfillment partner that meets these criteria can greatly reduce management resources required of your business, improve productivity and efficiency in your business and elevate your brand.