Nashville, Tenn. (Dec. 15, 2014) RJ Young, the Southeast’s largest independent office technology dealer, recently recognized three service technicians for earning the Ricoh “Prestige” Certification, a designation for service engineers that demonstrate a knowledge and skill set that makes them the “Best of the Best” as part of Ricoh’s Service Excellence Program. Chris Houck, Mark Masco and Tim Spicer from Jackson, Tennessee were among 55 professionals to receive this designation, out of more than 2,000 applicants nationwide.

The “Prestige” Service Excellence Program has been designed to recognize service engineers that are Professional, Resourceful, Exceptionally Skilled, Tactful, Innovative, Gifted and Experienced. The certification is obtained via successful completion of two levels of progressive on-line time sensitive testing. The designation is available to all Ricoh-Savin-Lanier professionals certified by Ricoh at the time of the exam.

“We are proud to have multiple service engineers earn the ‘Prestige’ certification from Ricoh, as the ability to effectively service our products is paramount to the success of our customers and our company”, said Steve Huff, vice president of service for RJ Young. “As one of the top two Ricoh dealers in the country, I anticipate celebrating the continued excellent of our service team.”

Houck started with RJ Young in 2007. He’s an Assistant Manager and lives in Gibson, TN.

Masco Started with RJ Young in 2010. He’s a Field Engineer and lives in Martin, TN.

Spicer started with RJ Young in 2010. He’s a Systems Integration Specialist and lives in Samburg, TN.

RJ Young is the second largest re-seller of Ricoh multi-functional devices and production print devices in the country.

3 Reasons For Document Management and Workflow

Want to take control of the documents, images, data and information that overwhelms your office?

Looking to automate business processes and improve management of your corporate intellectual property?

If your organization would like to gain substantial improvements in business processes, while reducing paper costs, here are three things to consider when justifying document management and workflow.

  1. Reduce Operational Expenses

Individual workers in a paper document system that handle all of the manual tasks can now be replaced by a document management solution. Filing, search, retrieval, copying and all other tasks tied to document management are capable of being handled by a software solution. Now take the workers who are currently doing those jobs, reduce their time spent on menial paper tasks, and move their focus to tasks that let your company grow and help your customers have a better experience. This means increased productivity and customer satisfaction, with no increase in payroll expense.

  1. Lost Information and Compliance

Electronic documents can very easily be duplicated and stored off site, even in several locations. In the event of a disaster, your business could be functioning again in a minimal amount of time. The added risk of having to recreate documents in the event of a disaster or theft is often enough for organizations to reconsider how their documents are being stored.

With a software solution, permissions can be set to determine who is granted access to individual documents or sets of documents. Managers or supervisors can view a history of document access ensuring a higher level of compliance for private or sensitive customer and internal documentation.

  1. Improve Productivity

Document management is a first step into the world of process improvement and workflow. Once the workflows associated with paper documents have transitioned into the electronic world, the potential to manage them and automate redundant tasks is present. A solution that comes with process automation allows you take advantage of the full range of options and customized workflows now available to you with electronic documents.


Mark Turner Director of Software Sales

Mark Turner brings a wealth of experience in document software systems to his position as Director of Software sales for RJ Young. Mark helps clients be more successful in their businesses through document management, workflow automation and software systems to streamline the transfer of document information. 

The Importance of Strong Strategic Partners in Running A Highly Productive and Efficient Business

We cannot do it all by ourselves.  I hear this a lot as companies find they have to look to strong business partners to assist in many areas.  Outsourcing has become a common practice as companies focus on their core values and competencies. This is very true as we look at technology and new advances we see taking place almost daily.

Since a lot of time is spent on the network within any business environment, it is imperative for companies to align themselves not only with good business partners, but good strategic partners when it comes to IT. Most companies evolve through stages of IT support as they grow up.

The early stages of a small business will often find someone within their employees that has enough knowledge to support the company’s early network. The term for this type of structure and support is “Bob Down the Hall.”  If that person is not available within the company there is often a close friend, relative, or acquaintance that knows someone who works out of their home or garage that can help support the network. This structure is referred to as “Bob Down the Street.”  Both of these IT support structures will work for a brief period, but are not sustainable as the company grows.

What happens next to the small company as it begins to grow is that rapidly changing technology is required and both types of Bobs cannot supply the needed expertise, backup, and support. Staying up to date on technology requires third-party integrations and reliable partners.  Thus comes the time when the small business must completely alter their approach to the network.

Selecting that partner is very important since by now the network has become the backbone of the company and is the vital link between the customers and employees.  That partner needs to be able to provide the knowledge, support, technical expertise, security, and monitoring to not only maintain a safe network, but also plan for the future as the company continues to grow. There should be a clear road map and strategic plan developed that is reviewed and updated on a quarterly basis, which requires a strong partner.  Getting the right IT partner in place is just as important as hiring the right employee for a specific job function. The process of selecting that partner is vital to the future success of the company.


Hunter McCarty – Chief Operating Officer

Hunter McCarty, Chief Operating Officer of RJ Young, joined the company in 1978. After several years as a Sales Representative, he managed both sales teams and sales managers over the next twenty-four years. Hunter has held the positions of VP of Sales and VP of Marketing during his tenure with the company, playing a major role in the unprecedented growth that has led RJ Young to become the largest independent office equipment dealer in the Southeast and the second largest in the nation. Hunter is a graduate of Vanderbilt University and has served as both a member and president of the Board of Sales and Marketing Executives. Additionally, Hunter is a member of the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce and serves on the Economic Development Committee and the Chairman of the Community Services Committee for the Brentwood Rotary Club. Hunter is also a board member of the Copier Dealer Association, on the Canon Dealer Advisory Council and on the Lexmark Advisory Board. In his free time Hunter enjoys traveling, golf and Tennessee Titans football. He and his wife, Carol Lynn, reside in Franklin, TN, and have three grown children.

Frank Norfleet Abston Joins RJ Young to Drive Ongoing Financial Growth

Nashville, TN (December 15, 2014) RJ Young, the Southeast’s largest independent office technology dealer, announced Frank Norfleet Abston as its new chief financial officer. Abston has more than 20 years of experience strategically managing assets, large-scale real estate developments and investment portfolios.

Abston was most recently founder and president of Fleet Building and Contracting, a developer of real estate and construction projects in Oxford, Mississippi. Before starting Fleet Building and Contracting, he skillfully managed assets and real estate developments for The George W. Bryan, Sr. family office and steered the growth of the portfolio, to include triple digit returns on large-scale real estate projects. He has significant experience as a chief financial officer and investment adviser.

“Frank is extremely well qualified to serve as CFO,” said Chip Crunk, president and chief executive officer of RJ Young. “His financial leadership and investment experience will be a strong complement to our executive team and will be invaluable as we continue to drive our strategic and financial business goals.”

Commenting on his appointment, Abston said, “I chose RJ Young because after meeting Chip Crunk and his management team, I was convinced it was very well-run company with a great future ahead of it. I am especially enthusiastic about joining it at a pivotal time in its history.” He added, “As the imaging and information management industries continue their rapid evolution, and as RJ Young continues to stay way out in front of this evolution, the opportunity to join and help lead the organization is compelling and exciting.”

Abston is a native of Memphis, Tennessee. He earned his bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Mississippi and his master of business administration degree from Vanderbilt’s Owen Graduate School of Management.

Nashville, TN (December 9, 2014) RJ Young, the Southeast’s largest independent office technology dealer, has been named one of the nation’s Elite Dealers by The Week in Imaging, a leading source for imaging industry news and information. The annual award is presented to top office technology dealers in the nation based upon criteria including growth, innovation and strategy.

“These dealers represent the standouts from the independent dealer community,” according to Scott Cullen, publisher and editor of ENX Magazine and The Week in Imaging.

RJ Young has realized growth across all areas of the company from IT services, document management, managed print services, production printing equipment and multifunctional printing devices.

“We are proud to again be recognized for our leadership in the industry and look forward to continuing to help customers achieve productivity in their businesses with the latest in imaging technology, IT services and document solutions,” said RJ Young’s President and CEO, Chip Crunk.

The Week in Imaging (TWII) is the ultimate source for information, commentary, and news on the imaging and office technology industries with new content published weekly. TWII was founded by publisher and editor, Scott Cullen, the imaging and office technology industry’s most prolific journalist.

About RJ Young

RJ Young is the largest independent office equipment dealer in the Southeast, specializing in document management solutions, managed print services, IT services, office imaging and 3D printing equipment. Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, RJ Young has been in business for nearly 60 years and has over 500 employees in 21 sales and service locations across seven states. Under the corporate tagline “Your productivity is our mission,” RJ Young helps modern professionals become more successful in their businesses with solutions to securely manage paper and digital information, maintain vital information technology systems and empower businesses with leading printing technologies. For further information, please visit

As the world becomes more and more tech savvy are your client gifts or tradeshow items keeping pace?

You pass out the items to create a feel good moment and keep your company top of mind. While everyone still enjoys a good pen or a koozie, have you considered items that will be as connected to the recipient as their mobile devices? As technology increasingly becomes a larger part of everyday life, tech savvy promo items should become part of your promotional item branding strategy.

We have provided a list of our tech savvy promotional items to get you started:


Portable Charger

These mobile charges or power banks charge smartphones, MP3 players and more. The one pictured, measures 2 ½” x ½” and has a USB port for plugging in your mobile device. This is a great giveaway that users will keep near their mobile devices, use regularly and thank you for it.



Silicon Cell Phone Wallets

Ever get tired of carrying around your cell phone and a wallet? Then we’ve got you covered. This silicon rubber wallet has an adhesive back, fits on most flat backed smart phones, including the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4. It fits up to 3 cards in the slot including credit cards, driver’s license and hotel keys. Your company will always be top of mind when someone uses their phone or pays for something.



Cell Stand Key Chain

Do you have any key chains that are functional? Let us introduce you to this multipurpose product. Not only is it a keychain it’s also a cell phone stand that has a removable felt pad which can be used to clean your screen. This is sure to stay near a desk or mobile phone.



Buzz Brush Cleaner

This handy device is a perfect All-In-One cleansing solution for your screen and keyboard. It has a built-in screen cleaning pad that helps cleans screens of smartphones, tablets, laptops and monitors. It also has a cleaning brush that removes dirt and lint from your keyboard! At only 4” x 1.25” it’s a perfect size to keep beside a keyboard or on the desk.

Keep pace, make your gifts or tradeshow items connected to tech users and keep your brand top-of-mind.


Scott McCormick – Printing Division Sales Manager

Scott manages the print sales team and provides valuable service to our clients requiring outsourced printing and promotional items. He joined RJ Young in 2012 and has been in the industry for 16 yrs. Scott is originally from Fairview, TN and works out of our Nashville, TN office. In his spare time, he volunteers for multiple charitable organizations in the Nashville area.


Managed Network Services – it’s a buzz-term in the information technology (IT) industry these days – many IT firms are adding a Managed Service Provider (MSP) shingle to the front of their shop.  So like many business owners, small business and large businesses alike, you might be asking, “what the heck is that?”

In short, Managed Network Services are systems built by IT Providers that enable you to have a network designed and maintained like an enterprise business.  For those of you in the manufacturing industry – ask yourself, if you were Ford Motor Company, a leading manufacturer, would you manage your IT infrastructure the way you do now?   What if your company was twice the size with twice the income?  For those of you running a medical practice, how would you manage your network if you were a larger clinic, or a hospital?   What would your network look like?   How would you support users and ensure compliance?

Many small-to-mid size business owners dismiss the idea of having a strategically structured and proactively managed network with “it costs too much.”  Before you dismiss this idea, ask yourself two more questions:

  1. Can your business operate effectively without your computer systems?
  2. Does downtime proportionately hurt your business any less than your larger counterparts?

If you answered those questions as most small-to-mid-size business owners, you said “no.” In fact, larger businesses are probably more capable of absorbing an interruption in network services.  Larger companies hire experts to design and proactively maintain their network in order to prevent and eliminate downtime, maintain a competitive edge, control IT related expenses and strategically plan for growth.

MSPs help small-to-midsize business owners achieve this same level of efficiency. MSPs design and maintain their networks with the same proven effective methods as their larger counterparts do at a budget scaled to their size, simply for many clients, most with no in-house IT department or small IT departments striving to control costs.

As you tackle business planning for 2015 for your small-to-midsize business, consider knocking on the door of a Managed Services Provider. It could be the answer to improving efficiency and productivity in running your business for the coming year.


James Walker – Regional Director of Managed IT Services

James oversees the Chattanooga, Nashville and Huntsville markets of our managed IT Services department. In his role he manages service delivery and support of engineers in all regions, does security and compliance auditing, and works with businesses in network design, implementation and troubleshooting. He has been in the technology industry for over 24 years. James is originally from Boston, MA and works out of our Chattanooga office. He joined RJ Young in January 2013 through the acquisition of his previous company, Preferred Computers, Inc.