Did you know that desktop printer ink costs $4,731 per gallon, on average? [1]

As personal consumers, we maintain acute awareness of the price of household staples—such as milk and gasoline—and are mindful of the impact to our budgets. However, when it comes to the cost associated with necessities of a business environment most managers are unaware of the total impact to the bottom line. Printing costs are one of the largest unreported business expenses and can eat up as much as 15% in annual spending. [2]

Printers consume a huge amount of paper, ink and other soft resources. It is the lack of attention in managing those printing costs that is draining your profits. The huge cost of printing related resources can quickly add up, considering desktop printer ink is only one element of an organization’s total printing cost. Printing costs are not clearly defined by most businesses, not realizing costs also include paper produced by workers, outsourced printing, desktop printers, copiers, faxes, scanners, and large volume printers, along with IT help desk requests, maintenance, supplies and parts.


Shocking Facts:

  • Up to 90% of companies do not track how much they spend on producing and maintaining documents. [3]
  • Employee printing habits are a large portion of those costs. The average worker prints an astonishing 10,000 sheets of paper per year! [4] And, most of that paper ends up as waste and taking a portion of your profits with it.
  • With printers trying to keep up with employee printing demand, it’s no wonder calls made to tech support centers are mainly printer related. Printing related help desk calls make up 10 to 50% of the user traffic that crosses IT manager’s desk.[5]
  • Because of mismanaged printing costs, as much as 1-3% of business revenue is being funneled straight from the bottom line. [6]


Don’t let printing costs siphon your profits.


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RJ Young, one of the largest independent office technology dealers in the United States, today announced the promotion of three members to its executive leadership team in support of strategic growth initiatives: Mike Noffsinger, Kerry Pelham and Joey Lush.

Promoted to regional director of sales – east, Mike Noffsinger will now oversee sales functions for the eastern portion of the company’s territory. Noffsinger has been instrumental in growing RJ Young’s brand and his efforts to build a strong team have led RJ Young to become the largest company of it’s kind in Middle Tennessee and one of the largest in the country. He attended Murray State University, has been with RJ Young since 2003 and resides in Hendersonville, Tenn. with his wife and two children.

Kerry Pelham has been promoted to regional director of sales – west. Pelham will oversee sales functions for the western portion of the company’s territory. Pelham has risen through the ranks at RJ Young, having had roles of sales manager in various departments of the company. A graduate of Western Kentucky University, he has been with RJ Young since 1999 and resides in Jackson, Tenn. with his wife and three children.

In recognition of his contributions and to ensure the technology is at the forefront of continued growth, Joey Lush, director of information technology, has been appointed to the RJ Young executive leadership team. Lush has built the company’s information technology infrastructure, including databases, servers, network support team and enterprise operating systems. He attended Middle Tennessee State University, has been with RJ Young since 2003 and resides in Murfreesboro, Tenn. with his three children.

“We are incredibly fortunate to have such talented leadership at RJ Young, and we’re thrilled to recognize and promote the people that have helped make the company successful as we look to consistent and continued growth,” said Chip Crunk, president and chief operating officer of RJ Young. “I anticipate these individuals will continue to contribute at a high level as we pursue aggressive expansion and growth.”