At RJ Young, we are passionate about our people.

This week, we want to shine the spotlight on one of our team members in our Field Service Manager, Chad Stall. Chad has been a part of the RJ Young family for 13 years and works out of the Nashville office. Currently, Chad manages and oversees all machines and service technicians at a local hospital and university. Making sure that they are always giving our customers the superior service they deserve with every service call.

What has been your biggest accomplishment(s) while working here?

Getting Employee of the Year in 2009 with Tracy Gibbs, Sales Specialist, because to me that showed the power of what could be achieved when Service and Sales works together to accomplish the goal of taking care of the customer and their needs.

What do you enjoy most about working at RJ Young?

That RJ Young is such a caring company that treats it employees like family and goes out of it’s way to do everything they can to make the customer’s experience with us a happy one. While always continuing to take care of every aspect of their business in a quick and professional manner.

What is your favorite team (college or professional)?

Nashville Predators.

Chad believes that RJ Young is an amazing place to work because the people that work here make it that way, with their determination, hard work, and caring nature.

Thank you for all your hard work, Chad! We are honored to have you as part of the RJ Young family. Congradulations on being featured as the Employee Spotlight this month!

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RJ Young is proud to announce that it has received the 2018 RFG Circle of Excellence Award and had four technicians achieve Prestige status in the area of Hardware/Engine Track from Ricoh USA. Nationally, over 2,200 technicians participated in the Prestige/Prestige Elite Certification Program, representing 184 RFG (Ricoh Family Group) Dealers throughout the United States. These techs are in the top 6% of those participants.

This award was designed to recognize Dealers who provide outstanding service and support in accordance with Ricoh’s guidelines. The RFG Circle of Excellence aims for Ricoh to extend their appreciation for dealer’s participation and achievement.

“It is an honor to receive this award for another year. I am so proud of all the technicians who received their Prestige Certification. The Ricoh Service Excellence Award reflects the dedication of our service technicians to ensuring customers are successful each and every day,” Said Chip Crunk, RJ Young President & CEO.

RJ Young strives to find the best products and technicians to help customers be more productive and successful in reaching their business goals. Congratulations to David Francis, Tim Spicer, Eric Taylor, and Chris Houck on this distinguished accomplishment.

Every year, since 2013, RJ Young has been a proud recipient of the RFG Circle of Excellence Award. RJ Young is proud to partner with Ricoh and provide top-of-the-line equipment to their customers.

About RJ Young 
RJ Young is the second largest independent office equipment dealer in the Southeast, specializing in document management solutions, managed print services, IT services, and office imaging. Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, RJ Young has been in business for nearly 62 years and has over 575 employees in 28 sales and service locations across eight states. Under the corporate tagline “Your productivity is our mission,” RJ Young helps modern professionals become more successful in their businesses with solutions to securely manage paper and digital information, maintain vital information technology systems and empower businesses with leading printing technologies. For further information, please visit

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Considering their significance, meters are one of those things that often don’t get the spotlight they deserve.  That said,  here is some information that could potentially save you some money and headache when it comes to a meter.

What is a meter?

Inside of every copier and printer, there’s a meter that counts how many pages have been printed from that machine.  Whether from a copy, fax, or printed document, your equipment is keeping tally of its life’s work.  These numbers are referred to as meter readings, and are used for a variety of things by both the customer and the vendor.

What are meter readings used for?

The service industry relies on these readings to accurately bill customers for the amount of prints they’ve made.  Sales Specialists use them to identify which machines best fit customer’s needs.  Customers report meters to their vendor for accurate billing, and can use them to keep up with their own volume.

Shopping for pre-owned equipment?

If so, take a look at the meter reading on the pre-owned equipment before making the leap.  A worn-out copier won’t get you very far, and could do some major damage to your wallet.  Be leery of vendors or websites who don’t want to disclose meter readings on used equipment.

Our Certified Pre-Owned machines have low meter counts, and come with the We Make It Right™ Guarantee,  so you can rest assured, knowing we’ve got you covered.  Additionally, age should be taken into consideration.  Once a machine hits a certain age, it can be hard to find a vendor who’ll actually put a service contract on it.  They know that doing so would make them liable for a machine that they can no longer support or get parts for.  Basically, an old copier/printer is like an old car – the older it is, the harder (and costlier) it is to maintain and find parts and compatible supplies.  In the end, it can end up costing you more than a brand-new machine.

What does this mean for me?

  • Keep your service invoices accurate by ensuring your meters are reported on a routine basis- either by entering them through your online account, manually submitting them, or setting up an automatic service.
  • Keep a meter history log to use to ensure the contracted volume on your service plan is set appropriately.  If you have an online account, you can access your meter history there, as well.
  • If shopping for pre-owned equipment, check the meter reading.  You can compare that reading to what the manufacturer shows the duty cycle to be, to see if the current meter seems high.  Your Sales Specialist can help with this, as well.

If you want to learn more about meters, or need assistance finding the reading on your machine, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! 

Insider Knowledge:

Copier meters were originally calculated on the old-style counter devices, with rolling digits. Each time a page was printed, the counter would roll, adding one to its total. When it did this, it made a clicking sound.  Even with today’s technology, our industry still refers to pages printed as ‘clicks’.