As RJ Young continues to grow, career advancement opportunities arise for our employees. We believe we have the best team in the industry, so we would like to take a moment to celebrate success. We recently sat down with Joey Lush to learn more about his recent promotion and the future of the IT team. Check out the interview below to learn more. Congratulations to Joey Lush Chief Technology Officer!

How long have you been with RJ Young?
I will be celebrating 16 years with the company in March.

What was your previous role?
Most recently, I served as the Vice President of Technology. In this role, I oversaw all of the technology aspects of RJ Young. This included everything from daily personal computing, to our new soft phone system, to our internal custom ordering software, and much more.

What is your new role?
My new role is Chief Technology Officer. As RJ Young continues to grow as a technology provider, it is critical that the internal structure looks like a well-established technology company. One of the first steps was to have a CTO on staff, as well as a support staff under him to maintain the various aspects.

What does the restructure of the department look like?
It will allow me to oversee all of the groups within the technology department of the company – Help Desk, Software Support, Connectivity, and Data, as well as our customer-facing IT Services division. Within the entire technology department, we have also made some changes. Cody McPherron will now oversee all internal technology related items, while Jake DeMille will focus primarily on customer-facing technology needs.

Why was this change necessary?
The lines between traditional Service Technician and IT professional are being blurred. It only makes sense to have one central team who can help with a host of technology related challenges.

This change will help us properly align all technology within one department. We will be able to look at the bigger picture of the company and more strategically grow the organization through technology. Sharing resources and knowledge will lead to faster response times, streamlined processes and a better experience for both our internal and external customers. An increasing number of technology issues can be resolved phone by our Help Desk or Connectivity teams, and we see value in growing a team of people who can remotely fix everything from network issues to personal computing problems to copier troubles.

Can you give some more insight into Cody’s promotion?
Prior to this change, Jake was handling all customer-facing and internal technology aspects. With the customer-facing IT Services being a rapidly growing offering for RJ Young, we felt that Jake needed to focus his time on the expanding customer-facing IT Services team. It only made sense to allow Cody, who was overseeing about 30% of support on the internal side, to oversee it all and allow Jake to focus on external customers.

How does this change benefit the rest of the company?
This change will benefit the company in many ways:

  • It allows us to provide a better solution for our customers as well as our staff internally.
  • It allows us to focus more in depth as a true technology provider and have the necessary process aligned to be successful.
  • It allows Cody to look into new methods to better run our internal processes, which in return creates a level of trust within the organization.
  • It will provide better internal support as it allows for improved communication within the technology team.

Anything else you would like to add about the IT department?
This new structure will also provide a new opportunity for Ron Perkerson. He will now be in a position to expand his duties to include day-to-day support at the assistant manager level. Overall this will help the department continue to grow and to plan for the future.

The new structure will also allow us to technology standards, policies, and procedures company-wide and make sure those are being followed and implemented correctly. Overall, we are positive that this will allow us to be proactive to change, rather than reactive. It’s a very exciting time to be part of RJ Young and I am grateful for this opportunity.

Congratulations to Joey Lush Chief Technology Officer!

Learn more about Managed IT Services or watch this video

Why should I care about small business Managed IT Services? If you are a small business, chances are that you do not have an IT department on staff. Hiring a full time dedicated IT staff can be costly. So, how do you monitor your network? Install, integrate, and maintain your network? Provide desktop support to your staff? Select new technology?

In too many cases the answer is not very well or not at all. But what if there was a cost-effective way to help you with all of this? The answer: Managed IT Services

The experts behind small business managed network services work with your business to implement processes, procedures, and tools that are specific to your business needs and network, while also making recommendations, system fixes and updates so you are better prepared in case of an emergency.

Here are five reasons why small business Managed IT Services is critical:

Reduce Downtime With Managed IT Services

1. Decrease Downtime

In today’s ever-changing world of technology, every business can benefit from having a proactive IT strategy. This strategy allows companies to react quickly and efficiently when problems arise. With a small business Managed IT Services provider, your team of experts is on standby to assist with any IT emergency such as power failures, security breaches, data loss or other disasters that could damage accounts and cause customers to question credibility. They are familiar with your IT network and work fast to prevent the kind of damaging impact a downtime event could have on your business.

In 2016, the Emerson study showed that unplanned outages lasted 130 minutes totaling $946,788. That is just a little over $7,200 per minute of downtime. With an IT service plan, downtime situations are handled immediately, and systems are restored rapidly, saving your time and reputation.

Save Money With Managed IT Services

2. Cost Savings

Many IT budgets consist of hardware costs, software and network costs, cloud solutions costs, labor, and maintenance, to name a few. These resources are all vital to keep your network up and running to the best of its ability. Most of the time, smaller companies are outsourcing each of these items individually, which can start to add up. With a Managed IT Service provider, your small business Managed IT Services experts will create a roadmap of service costs and needs. This roadmap allows you to know all costs associated with your network and plan accordingly each month, which in turn can provide cost savings.

Team of Experts WIth Managed IT Services

3. Team of Experts

When you implement a Managed IT Service provider, you suddenly have a team of experts at your fingertips. These small businesses Managed IT Services experts have a working knowledge of your business available to help troubleshoot and remediate issues that arise without your business. They are on call to answer any questions, help your company stay up to date with the latest technology trends and create solutions that ensure uptime and profitability for your business. They also can assist in specialized projects and consult with you on any other network related tasks. For small businesses, this is another key to business success.

Increase Productivity With Managed IT Services

4. Employee Productivity

As a small business, your employees are the heart and soul of your organization. In most small companies, your most significant monthly cost is employees, so why not make sure that they have the resources they need while at work? Depending on your business, it is likely that most of your employees use a computer to do their job. If their computer is infected with a virus or suddenly crashes, they can’t work. Taking a proactive approach to having a Managed IT Service on call allows this problem to be handled fast. This also helps your employee attitude and frustration knowing their issue will be taken care of and they can get back to work in no time.

Better Technology With Managed IT Services

5. Up to Date Technology

As technology evolves, so should your business. Managed IT Services allow your business to adapt to latest technologies as they become available. Your team of experts keep you up to date on the latest cloud solutions, handle network security, and more. You can expect them to be in the know of the most recent and best software applications and modern programs.

As cybercrimes continue to grow and evolve, your team of experts can provide the latest information on how to best protect yourself and your network from threats. Your experts can work with you and your employees directly on how to spot and avoid cybercrime.

Choose RJ Young for Managed IT Services

RJ Young’s Managed IT Services design, upgrades, and maintains IT networks for small businesses that want to focus on their work, instead of their network. RJ Young creates customized plans for our customers to fit their specific needs and goals for success.

Ready to talk with RJ Young about your small business IT services support needs? Contact RJ Young to discuss the design of your company’s customized IT Services plan.

2017 was one of our best years yet, but we could not have done it without all our hard-working employees from across the organization. Every year we have the opportunity to award our top employees for their hard work. Here is a list of this year’s award winners,

John T. Crunk Leadership Award
Our top honor of the year went to Bill Core who received the John T. Crunk Leadership Award for 2017. Bill received this award based on his tireless efforts during our acquisitions, along with the physical moves that were being made. Bill was tasked with finding new office spaces in our branches, while at the same time preparing Metro Center for our move.  Bill stayed the course through everything that was thrown his way and keep everyone on track and provided good communications through the process.


Employee of the Year 
Congratulations to Souphy Douangvilay! Souphy was presented with The Employee of the Year Award for being instrumental in the move of the Sidco Operations to Metro Center, which had to take place within a three-week time frame.  Thank you, Souphy, for all you do!

Salesperson of the Year
Congratulations to Jimmy Roberts, who received the Salesperson of the Year Award. Jimmy produced the highest revenue of anyone on the sales team. Thank you, Jimmy, for all of your hard work in 2017.


Top Service Award 
Congratulations to Brandon Grover! Brandon was honored with the top service award and was presented with the Huff Cup especially for his assistance in numerous service locations. Thank you, Brandon, for all you do.

Operations Employee of the Year
Congratulations to David Tidwell! David received the Operations Employee of the Year for his contribution in our Set Up Team. Thank you, David, for all you do.


Administration Employee of the Year
Congratulations to Marquiz Montgomery who was honored with our Administration Employee for the Year. Marquiz was awarded this honor his outstanding performance this year. Thank you, Marquiz, for all you do.


DMS/DPS Employee of the Year
Congratulations to Sandy Shreves! Sandy received the DMS/DPS Employee of the year for her attention to detail and customer service in our Outsourced Print and Promotional area of the company. Thank you, Sandy, for all you do.


IT Employee of the Year
Congratulations to Tyler Marine! Tyler was honored with our newest award as she received the IT Employee of the Year. Thank you, Tyler, for all you do.


Branch of the Year 
Congratulations to our Jackson, MS location on being named the branch of the year! Thanks to the sales, service and operations teams for all your hard work this year.

2018 is here, and RJ Young is ready to help you meet all of your business resolutions this new year. Follow along over the next few months as we help you identify ten ways to simplify your business, from outsourced IT services to having a one-stop shop for all your office technology needs. Make 2018 the year you design an office that runs efficiently and implement technology that powers productivity.

Resolution #1: Save on office supplies and waste less paper

Did you know that office printing can make up to 15% of a business’ annual expenditures? Fill up your printing queue with savings this year!

What are Managed Print Services?
Managed Print Services bring clarity and efficiency to everything related to your office printing needs. From saving paper and reducing waste to taking care of all your printer maintenance needs, Managed Print Services can save you time and money, so you can focus on growing your business.

Printers, Maintenance + Supplies … Streamlined!
Are your printing needs paper-jammed? Managed Print Services equipment, ongoing maintenance, and supplies. Imagine having what you need before you even know you need it—and eliminating expensive last-minute runs to the local office supply store. A quick call will bring printer maintenance professionals to your door when you need them.

You’ll never have to think about printing services—use your valuable time to focus on growing your business. Just don’t count on us to remember the donuts for staff meeting … that’s all on you!

Customize + Optimize with Managed Print Services
Managed Print Services include more than equipment and maintenance. You can customize the perfect printing solution for your office—and then track who, how much and when your team is printing, allowing you to optimize your printing resources.

+ See what department is using the most printing resources

+ Quarterly data reports give you insights into your company’s printing, allowing you to make critical adjustments to save money

+ User access allows you identify high-volume users, and restrict full-color printing and other costly uses

Trust Our Compliance Initiatives
RJ Young is industry-leading when it comes to keeping your data secure. Is your business required to follow FERPA, HIPAA or Sarbanes-Oxley regulations? RJ Young Managed Print Services brings the most up-to-date technology to create user accounts, rights management and authentication services.

Managed Print Services Save You Time, Money and Margin

See how much simpler your printing can be with Managed Print Services. Give yourself more margin to focus on growing your business while RJ Young’s team of printing experts take care of your printers, supplies, printing data, compliance, and more.

Learn more about Managed Print Services from RJ Young here.