A difficult decision for all businesses, regardless of size, is whether leasing a piece of office equipment is better than buying it outright. There are thousands of articles and advice columns regarding this decision. The problem with these articles is they only focus on a few aspects of a company, rather than what makes the company unique. Small businesses and large corporations both have a variety of reasons why leasing equipment or purchasing office equipment is the best decision for their company. It can become difficult to determine what the best solution is when there are several dissenting opinions coming from various angles. This customized quiz about leasing vs buying is focused on evaluating an entire company prior to giving advice on which option is the best option.

The Leasing vs Buying Quiz

The leasing vs buying quiz takes into account multiple factors that a business should take into consideration before making a decision regarding their office equipment. Take the quiz below to find out what is the best option for your company!

What Next?

If you want more information about leasing vs buying, the experts at RJ Young can help provide additional information to help you make the right decision for your company. RJ Young also provides in-house leasing, which allows your company to rest assured that your equipment lease is secure while making monthly payments. For any additional questions regarding fill out our contact form or call us at 800-347-1955.

The healthcare industry has some of the most stringent standards in terms of data-related regulatory compliance. HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) applies to 18 different aspects of individual health information that could potentially be used to identify someone. HIPAA privacy rules apply to both written and visual information. Privacy rules are only one aspect of HIPAA. While the entire act revolves around patient privacy, it’s not only organizations within the healthcare industry that need to be concerned about HIPAA compliance. Any covered entity or business associate that interacts with healthcare information also falls under the jurisdiction of HIPAA and must meet the requirements set forth by the HIPAA security compliance checklist. The good news for healthcare providers, dentists, and doctors is that document management providers are able to ensure they remain compliant with HIPAA.

The HIPAA Security Compliance Checklist

The HIPAA compliance checklist is just what it sounds like – a checklist of criteria that organizations must meet in order to comply with HIPAA regulations. The requirements of HIPAA are broad so they can be applied to all organizations that come into contact with Protected Health Information (PHI). There are five main technological safeguards that must be in place, according to the HIPAA compliance checklist. These HIPAA security rules include:

  • Implementation of a means of control
  • The inclusion of a verified authentication method for ePHI
  • Tools for encryption and decryption
  • Introduction of activity logs and audit controls
  • Facilitation of automatic log-off for network-connected devices

Failing to adhere to HIPAA compliance comes with a heavy cost. Fines for violations can be as high as $1 million when sensitive information is concerned. Needless to say, any organization within healthcare or related to healthcare cannot afford to neglect security measures that involve Patient Health Information.

HIPAA Compliance & Document Security Equipment

The primary challenge of medical software is dealing with document management. Because such software is essential to processing large numbers of documents, most healthcare providers utilize these systems. Some of the key features of quality medical document security software include ease of use, strictly defined structure, and data security. Security solutions at the software level mean little without the hardware necessary to implement those solutions. Document security equipment includes medical office multi-function printers, medical office scanners, and network security, which helps to deal with issues that all organizations must concern themselves with today.

Other than requiring an inventory of all hardware containing ePHI, the HIPAA compliance checklist does not define specific hardware requirements. However, the entire list, when taken as a whole, implies that the proper document security equipment has to be implemented. This includes everything necessary to prevent or detect breaches if and when they do happen. In order to provide an integrated-document security solution, multi-function printers (MFPs) can be outfitted with wireless access points with pre-installed security-conscious firmware. With medical office managed IT, this integration can be accomplished without the need for piecing together every detail on your own.

High Quality HIPAA Compliance

External Managed IT services can provide services that will further integrate the necessary components of HIPAA security compliance into an office’s overall infrastructure. This eliminates the worry concerning the chance of a data leak or a security breach happening in some unexpected corner of document security services.

Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals have enough to worry about. By placing document-security, for both paper documents and digital files, concerns in the hands of experienced professionals, healthcare offices are able to have a HIPAA-compliant infrastructure that is tailored to meet the needs of their team and patients. Medical offices also benefit from a more efficient workflow that not only keeps them in compliance with HIPAA, but adapts to their changing needs.

Want to learn more about the available IT security options that RJ Young offers to hospitals, doctor’s offices, and other healthcare organizations? Contact us today to learn more about the latest HIPAA compliant document security innovations.

At RJ Young, we are passionate about our people and nothing makes us happier than to bring recognition to an employee who has earned it. Our Employee Spotlight recognized employees who have gone above and beyond.

This month, we would like to shine our employee spotlight on Tyler Marine. Tyler is our Technology Business Manager and oversees our Technical Account Managers, Project Managers, and Procurement for our Managed IT Services. Prior to serving in this role, Tyler worked as an IT Project Manager, Managed IT Services Administrator, and as a Managed IT Services Inside Sales Specialist. Tyler works incredibly hard to ensure that our customers have the best experience possible with our Managed IT Services department.

What have been your biggest accomplishments while working here?

The first would have to be the opportunity to work alongside our team to identify growth potential for our department and implementing a plan of action.

The other accomplishment has been breaking down barriers between our group and internal IT, which has helped our teams collaborate more.

What do you enjoy most about working at RJ Young?

My favorite part about RJ Young has to be the environment and culture. There is a constant feeling of being a part of a team and even though the company is very large, it still maintains its family-oriented nature.

I also love the fact that I have the support of my Director to implement the necessary changes needed to further growth in our department. Additionally, I really enjoy developing solutions for the daily challenges that come up. Every day is different, and I love being given the opportunity to learn and grow.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I love spending time with my 8-year old son. We always have something going on. In my free time, I consider myself a foodie. I love trying new restaurants and recipes and then crafting my own recipes based on those experiences!

Tyler brings a sense of joy and laughter to the team and we are privileged to have her as a member of the RJ Young family! Thank you for all your hard work, Tyler! Congradulations on being featured as the Employee Spotlight this month!

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