At some point, every organization will experience unplanned and unavoidable expenses. For instance, the company vehicle might blow a tire on the far side of town or the air-conditioning might break in the heat of summer. Similarly, the server can fall prey to malware, paralyzing operations at a moment’s notice. However, while the first two may make a day more stressful, the last can prove fatal. Here’s how to avoid cybercriminals year-round with IT services management.

What is IT Services Management?

Just like when the air conditioning quits on a 100-degree day or when a network goes down on a busy workday, it gets people’s attention. It is an urgent problem, and many companies will pay whatever it costs to get their core business functions up and running again.

However, that is an expense which is entirely avoidable – even preventable. IT services management, also referred to as managed IT services, is one strategy many companies adopt to avoid a server going down in the first place. In other words, a managed IT service is the introduction of a third-party team of experts to develop and maintain a company’s IT infrastructure.

RJ Young provides managed IT services for one flat monthly fee to provide typical IT services to businesses, including strategic IT planning, monitoring, incident management, anti-virus protection, backup/disaster recovery, cloud storage software, and help desk support. This flat monthly fee is to avoid any unexpected disasters and to help take care of smaller matters as they arise.

The chief benefits of managed IT services are:

  • Predictable and reduced IT expenditures. Clients will enjoy strategic IT planning, monitoring, cybersecurity, and service requests at a fraction of the cost of developing in-house infrastructure.
  • Reduced downtime. IT services management helps make sure that the infrastructure stays up and running to reduce disruptions in business operations. Having a managed IT network means your network downtime is handled immediately, and systems are restored rapidly.
  • Internal focus on high-value initiatives. A managed IT service provider takes care of the routine tasks of keeping software up-to-date, servers patched, and data backed up so that internal employees can stay focused on high-impact activities which drive continual improvement.
  • Strategic technology planning. Businesses grow and change—so do their technology needs. Managed IT services build custom solutions with growth in mind to ensure that a company will always have what it needs as well as planning for the future.
  • Enhanced security. Every breach event may seem like a new, creative attack on an organization. However, there are few things seasoned cybersecurity professionals have never seen. Managed IT services mean businesses get the right tools with the best security to keep valuable company data safe. Route audits can help your company reduce the risks of potential security breaches.  IT service management can also help businesses stay IT compliant with government mandates including Sarbanes-Oxley, FERPA, HIPAA, and other industry privacy regulations.

Cyber Security Tips for the Holidays

Most cyberattacks happen between the dates of Black Friday and New Year’s Eve. In many industries, summer is the slow season for cybersecurity, as fewer major breaches have historically been documented. Here are a few tips to help your organization or business prepare for the holidays.

  • Do a little late spring cleaning. Change old passwords, update the antivirus, and remove any user accounts which are no longer used.
  • Get a shadow IT assessment. If employees have been installing or utilizing IT resources outside the view of the IT department, now is the time to rein it in and make sure no unnecessary security risks exist.
  • Develop plans for increased security around holidays. Take the time to understand what sort of attacks typically occur during the holidays and develop a strategy to defeat them.
  • Take time to educate staff on phishing attacks and cybersecurity. An educated staff is the best frontline defense. Make sure staff understand how to stay safe online and when handling data.
  • Stay vigilant. Even during the holidays, cyberattacks are possible. Make sure your security team is adequately staffed during the holidays and that your organization or business is prepared for the increase in cyberattacks.

Get Started with an IT Assessment Today

With the holidays quickly approaching, businesses should start preparing. Now is an as better time as any to reconsider an organization’s IT budget, strategy, and long-term trajectory – as well as prepare for the expected rise of cyberattacks during the holiday seasons.

Let RJ Young’s Managed IT Services team take care of your company’s security so that you can enjoy the holidays. Contact us today for an assessment of your IT infrastructure.

Printing is a quintessential business activity across the board. When it comes to setting up a print environment, there are many different configurations according to the printing needs of an office. One strategy is to set up a print server which connects printers and computers via a physical server. You might be asking yourself what do I need to know about a print server setup?

A print server has advantages for businesses with multiple printers and a demanding print environment with centralized printing. However, this approach also has drawbacks for other print environments or needs. Here is the scoop on what a print server is, and when you should use one.

What Is a Print Server?

A print server, or printer server, is a device which connects printers to computers over a network. All print jobs are sent from the computer to the server, which then sends the print job out to a printer.

Print servers are quite common in demanding print environments where there may or may not be more than one printer. Every computer can access a printer on the same network, and the server ensures that each printer does not get overloaded.

Advantages of a Print Server

Print servers have several major advantages which have caused them to remain so popular for the past several decades. With a print server, an office can:

1. Enjoy the Cost-Effectiveness of Having Fewer Devices

A print server regulates the flow of print jobs to the printers, meaning that an office can have fewer devices. Not every employee needs their own printer. It also keeps the print environment simplified so that an office does not need to purchase a whole array of print supplies for different machines.

2. Central Management Is Easier

Many modern print servers come with software to help with the central management of a print environment. Since all print jobs are sent to the server first and not directly to the printer, it helps the systems administrator keep an eye on everything, introduce stricter printer settings, and stronger environmental control.

3. Better Handling of Large Print Volumes

A print server queues print jobs on the server, sending them to the printer when it is ready. This helps avoid network jams from too many print jobs going to the same printer all at once.

4. Better Security

Printers are rarely monitored for security despite the fact that they handle tremendous amounts of sensitive data. In contrast, a print server is a much more visible device which can be secured as well as help to separate printers from other computers on the network.

Make Sure a Print Server is Right for Your Business

Print servers are not appropriate for every office. There are a few potential points of concern to consider:

1. A Single Point of Errors

A print server centralizes the print environment. However, that also means that if the server goes down, the entire print network goes down. Offline printing is only possible if the printer is within physical access.

Centralized printing is nonetheless often extremely valuable for many offices. RJ Young can help mitigate server downtime by ensuring that offices have access to a Help Desk and Live Chat at all times. Should the server go down, RJ Young is prepared to assist at a moment’s notice.

2. Acquisition Costs

Acquiring the necessary hardware and software for a full print environment represents a sizeable investment for many companies. It can be tricky to find the right combination of hardware and software which suits a business’ needs which is where an RJ Young on-site print specialist can help.

However, owning the right printing equipment gives businesses a solid leg up in their workflow efficiency. RJ Young offers in-house leasing and financing services which give businesses financial flexibility on software and equipment so they can adjust to accommodate for future growth.

3. Requires Expert Installation

When incorrectly configured or deployed with the wrong print environment, a print server can cause bottlenecks in performance. When configured correctly, print servers help keep printers from getting overloaded and make sure that jobs flow smoothly from start to finish.

RJ Young can strategize with a company to determine if a print server will make a positive impact on a print environment. Workflow experts will identify where to strategically deploy a print server to deliver the greatest possible benefits in efficiency.

When Is a Print Server Best?

Despite the fact that they have been around for decades, print servers are still a valuable component to a print environment. Strongly consider using a print server when:

  • An office has a large print volume or many parallel print jobs which need to be handled reliably.
  • Computers need to be kept unburdened of the computing load it takes to print.
  • The company network and print environment need to be separated.
  • Centralization is desired.
  • There is a need for stronger access control or printing permissions.

Get a Print Server Setup with RJ Young

Setting up a print server can make a print environment much more efficient. A print server provides many advantages such as centralized printing and the separation of the printer network from the company network. However, it is but one of a few strategies which offices can consider when determining how best to set up their print environment.

RJ Young helps companies achieve efficiency in their print environment through the setup of print servers, office equipment, and software. Get started today by reaching out to a print environment expert. 

RJ Young awards employees’ children with college scholarship for the 15th year in a row.

RJ Young’s John T. Crunk Scholarship Program was established in 2004 to achieve a number of highly desirable objectives. This program seeks to assist the dependent children of their full-time employees with their college expenses. The John T. Crunk Scholarship is one way RJ Young helps support their employees.

The scholarships are awarded based on the student’s academic achievements and activities. The goal of providing these scholarships is simple – to help their employees’ children attain the education they deserve while preventing any financial strain on their employees.

Since 2004, the John T. Crunk Scholarship Program has provided over 59 scholarships to their employees’ children. They are proud to recognize the recipients of this year’s scholarships.

Genevieve Edwards – Navarre, Florida

Genna Edwards

Genevieve is the daughter of T.J. and Katharine Edwards. Genevieve graduated from Gulf Breeze High School in May 2019. While in high school, she was active in Swimming, Band, H.O.S.A, Ocean Hour, the Academy for Health and Medical Professions, and the Marine Science Club.

Genevieve initiated and headed a project called “Conservation Stations” to reduce the amount of single-use plastic wasted generated on her high school campus by installing several water bottle refilling stations.

Genevieve is attending the University of West Florida and is studying Cultural Anthropology in the Honors Program.

Mallie Claire Alfano – Homewood, Alabama

Mallie Claire Alfano

Mallie is a 2019 Homewood High School Honor Graduate with an Advanced Academic Endorsement and a Seal of Distinction. She is a member of the National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, and Beta Club.

She was a cheerleader and captain of the varsity squad. She lettered in varsity golf, SGA representative, Math Team, Peer Helper, Key Club, Diamond Dolls, Latin Club, and Relay for Life.

She served the Overflow Foundation, Service Over Self of Memphis, Bell Center Youth Alliance, Children’s Hospital of Alabama, and Trinity United Methodist Church. She has also served in Cienaguita, Panama.

Mallie Claire will attend The University of Alabama where she will major in Mathematics in the University’s Honors College and the STEM MBA program.

Jenna Williams – Columbus, Mississippi

Jenna Williams

Jenna is the daughter of Wendell and Kim Williams. She graduated from homeschooling in 2018 with a 4.0 average. She is a member of the Phi Theta Kappa honor society, Columbus Girl Choir, Mississippi Baptist All-State Youth Choir and Orchestra, Mississippi Baptist Symphony Orchestra, and Distinguished Concerts International New York Vocal Colors at Carnegie Hall. 

She has logged hundreds of hours of community service and is spending this summer in Salcha, Alaska doing mission work with the Mississippi Baptist Association.

Jenna will pursue her Bachelor of Music Education with a minor in Multicultural Studies at Winters School of Music at William Carey University in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

Cooper Stanley – Caledonia, Mississippi

John T. Crunk Scholarship

Cooper is a 2019 graduate from Caledonia High School and the daughter of Todd and Patti Stanley. Cooper logged 150 hours of community service including Salvation Army kettlebell, special needs cheerleader volunteer, tornado relief volunteer, and much more.

She was a varsity cheerleader, tennis captain, Beta Club treasurer, Student Government Class Representative, World Language Club Secretary, Future Career and Community Leaders of America, CHS Ambassador, and GameTime Athletics competitive cheerleading team, and more.

Her honors include Presidential Gold Award for Academic Excellence, Universal Cheerleading Association four-time All-American, Mississippi Scholars Academic Excellence and Community Service, The University of Alabama Presidential Scholarship, ACT Achievement Award, and more.

Cooper is excited to be attending The University of Alabama in the fall and majoring in Marketing.

Congratulations to the recipients who were awarded the John T. Crunk Scholarship for 2019/2020.

To view the 2018 John T. Crunk Scholarship recipients click here.

Knox County Businesses Equipment Purchases Lead to $6k Donation

RJ Young Knoxville is proud to donate $6,750 to the Dolly Parton Imagination Library of Knox County. Through the purchases of RJ Young equipment, donations were made in the name of Knoxville businesses to the library.

RJ Young is not only committed to providing businesses with the right tools, but they also take great pride in investing locally. As part of their core values, they are committed to investing resources back into the communities they serve.

Dolly Parton Imagination Library
Pictured left to right: David Mooney, Vic Stacy, Caly Causey, Angus McGill, Danielle Velez, Grant Gentry, Conny Naugher, Brad Holmes.

“Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library of Knox County is extremely grateful for the support of RJ Young. We rely on the entire community to get books in the hands of our youngest readers. Learning to read begins at birth and receiving high-quality books at home is vital to the process,” said library Program Manager, Danielle Velez.

“Part of our mission at RJ Young is to invest in our communities, and what better way to do that than to help children receive quality books,” said Chip Crunk, President and CEO of RJ Young. “I am proud of our business partners in Knoxville for contributing to this worthy cause.”

For more information and to donate please visit the Dolly Parton Imagination Library.

About RJ Young

RJ Young is the largest, privately-held dealer in the Southeast and one of the largest in the nation, specializing in managed IT services, document management solutions, managed print services, remote support, remote monitoring, fulfillment services, and office imaging for small to enterprise level businesses. Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, RJ Young has been partnering with businesses since 1955 and has over 650 employees in over 30 sales and service locations across nine states. Under the corporate tagline “Your productivity is our mission,” RJ Young helps modern professionals become more successful in their businesses with solutions to securely manage paper and digital information and empowers businesses with leading printing technologies. To learn more about RJ Young, visit

The cloud is an amazing thing. It is making entirely new levels of productivity and achievement possible as more and more businesses embrace the many services available on it. However, as businesses use more cloud-based apps, the need for a solid management system increases. Cloud storage management helps keep data and infrastructure organized.

Businesses leverage cloud apps such as office suites, G Suite, Adobe Creative Cloud, Dropbox, CRM software, and secure file sharing to transform their offices into productivity powerhouses. In fact, it is estimated that at least 77 percent of all businesses are using one or more cloud applications as part of their operational infrastructure. These services often exist in different clouds but must still integrate with one another seamlessly. Fortunately, cloud storage management assists with this, ensuring that businesses retain the accessibility and functionality they need.

What Is Cloud Storage?

According to Techopedia, “Cloud storage is a cloud computing model in which data is stored on remote servers accessed from the internet, or cloud”.  At the core, the same principles of client/server and peer-to-peer networks are used. However, it is how these principles are applied that makes the software and services more “cloudlike.”

Cloud storage is the use of a service which maintain, back up, and store data which is then made remotely available to users over a network. Users can access this storage from anywhere – on any device – as long as the correct credentials are entered, and you are connected to the internet.

Benefits of Using the Cloud

The cloud delivers a host of significant benefits. These include:

  • Lower cost. Users pay for what they need, and the service is delivered over the internet. No more acquiring physical infrastructure, constant utility usage, and staff to manage it all.
  • Speed. The cloud exists on demand and is accessible as quickly as the internet connection will allow.
  • Efficiency. Helps organizations become more efficient by allowing users to easily capture and exchange information in one central place.
  • Productivity. The cloud makes it easier for users to access the tools they need quickly.
  • Disaster recovery. Backups and data are stored offsite, making recovery easier in the event of a worst-case scenario.
  • Security. The cloud is secure, keeping data stored out of reach of cyber criminals.

The Cloud Facilitates Business Success

The biggest impact of utilizing cloud technology in today’s workplace is centered on the ease of capturing and exchanging information for the purpose of becoming more efficient. Simplifying the end user experience helps employees stay focused on work. Plus, enabling an employee to become more productive speaks directly to the bottom line. 

Likewise, the cloud combines well with other productivity strategies. Process automation utilized in a cloud environment can have a big impact on streamlining business processes. 

A good cloud storage management strategy further amplifies the efficiency created by using the cloud. Since data often occurs in and sometimes moves between different cloud platforms, there still exists a risk that data gets lost, accidentally deleted, or duplicated. Cloud data management helps prevent this by keeping the entire cloud environment visible, regardless of whether or not there is more than one cloud.

How to Choose a Provider

As more businesses move toward cloud computing, more service providers are springing up. Choosing between them can be a headache but working with an expert from RJ Young can help cut through the array of choices. The right set of tools and platforms depends on the individual business. However, there are still a few things that all good providers have in common. Look for:

  • An emphasis on efficiency. The moving of business processes and workflows to the cloud is designed to make the business more efficient. A good cloud provider supports this.
  • A commitment to regular updates. Regular updates and using the latest software reflect a vested interest in keeping data secure while providing users with the best possible experience.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Using the cloud helps organizations cut unnecessary costs and a good provider understands that. 
  • Accessibility and speed of access. Data and tools should be available on demand, at a speed which keeps pace with the organization’s workflow.
  • A focus on data security. Data is the most important element of a business. A good cloud provider takes steps to encrypt its cloud and keep it safe.
  • The ability to integrate cloud services with other business processes. One sign that a provider is set up to help a company manage its cloud storage or services lies in its ability to integrate disparate systems to achieve total visibility.

The cloud brings the best of both worlds: accessible, powerful capabilities in a secure environment. A good provider likewise makes cloud services easy to use and manage.

Cloud Storage Management with RJ Young

The use of cloud services is becoming a prominent business strategy and making a huge impact on businesses. Therefore, companies need better ways to manage the variety of services and platforms which their employees use. A solid cloud management strategy helps tie these services together into a cohesive workflow.

We live in a connected world. If your company is looking to make an impact with Cloud Storage Management then contact RJ Young today. Discover how cloud managed services can connect your organization and make your processes more efficient.

The United States has leveraged tariffs against Chinese imports in a bid to offset the trade deficit. Many sectors of the American economy – from seafood to retail – will feel the effects of higher prices, more scarcity, and a rush to find new sources. Promotional items with logos are just one of the industries which will feel the effects of tariffs. Below outlines all you need to know on the US-China Trade War and how the tariffs will impact the price of promotional items with logo.

The United States imports almost $560 billion worth of goods from China every year while exporting just a fraction of that amount. Since the end of last year, Americans have watched a trade war break out between the two largest powers in the world as the United States has attempted to change this.

With import tariffs in excess of 25 percent, Americans should expect to see higher prices for certain items. However, here is what it means for American businesses which rely on imported goods from China either to resell or for their marketing efforts, including promotional items.

How the Promo Item Industry Is Being Affected

It is no secret that many items are manufactured in and exported from China. According to the US Department of Commerce, most Chinese imports occur in the electronics, machinery, and furniture industries. Consumer goods account for a significantly smaller portion of these imported goods.

Nonetheless, the trade war has shed light on the fact that most promotional items with logos are sourced in China, while few alternative sources are available. May’s new round of tariffs against Chinese imports affects nearly every promotional item across the board.

The promo item industry expects a general increase in prices for items sourced from China. For example, a pack of 12 stress balls might have previously been $2.66. With the tariffs in place, a 25 percent increase could raise this wholesale price to as much as $3.32 for that same pack.

What Items Are Included?

The latest rounds of tariff increases target some 5,000 items – everything from light bulbs to vodka and baby strollers. Among these include items that are more popular promotional items:

  • Ballpoint pens
  • Drinking and glassware products
  • Pen and pencil holders
  • Bags and totes

Expected Changes in the Industry

It is too early to tell how much the new tariffs will change the promo item industry. RJ Young is actively collecting information from suppliers and partner manufacturers. What is known:

  • Prices will fluctuate as tariffs are imposed, removed, and enforced. Both manufacturers and suppliers are dedicated to maintaining price stability as much as possible to avoid sudden and significant price hikes.
  • Both manufacturers and customers are interested in seeking alternative items, which may influence which promotional items with logos they choose.

What RJ Young Is Doing

1. Working with Manufacturers to Keep Prices Down

RJ Young is working tirelessly with manufacturers to get the best price and solution for customers. In many cases, this includes “next quantity” pricing strategy from some manufacturers.

In other words, this allows RJ Young to sell items at prices below the normal price for that quantity. For example, it may be possible to negotiate a price for 250 pieces as if a customer was buying 2,000 pieces.

2. Maintaining Speed and Quality of Delivery

RJ Young is analyzing supply chains and manufacturing logistics to ensure that the tariffs do not impact turnaround time for customers. Currently, there should be no delays in the delivery of promo items.

3. Researching Possible Alternatives

The reality that most promotional items come from China makes alternative sourcing difficult. However, RJ Young is working with manufacturers to identify suitable alternatives which meet the same quality and aesthetics as the original item. In such cases, the customer’s dedicated promo item specialist will reach out to discuss options.

In addition, RJ Young carries a selection of promotional products which are Made in the US. These items include Orca and Post-it® and may be found through selecting the Made in USA box in the search function on the online promotional store.

Promotional Items with Logos Remain an Excellent Marketing Strategy

Branded promotional items with logo(s) remain an excellent way to leave a company’s mark. Research shows that 71 percent of consumers will remember a brand that gave away a promotional product at a trade show. Likewise, brands which provided custom branded merchandise were likely to be seen more positively.

There is no doubt the trade war will affect the promo item industry. By working with RJ Young, they will communicate with manufacturers to secure the lowest prices and work with you to find alternative items.  A company’s promo items will remain a quintessential – and highly effective – part of a company’s marketing strategy.

RJ Young is committed to helping your company make a flawless impression. Do you have further questions about how we are handling our promotional item pricing and sourcing? Reach out and start a conversation today.

There are many printing services in Nashville for businesses to choose from when outsourcing major print jobs. Since printing is quintessential to businesses, the right (or wrong) choice can make (or break) an organization’s workflow. Therefore, it is critical to find a reputable printing service with demonstrated expertise, which also has the particular printing capabilities needed.

Finding the perfect match takes time, especially when services vary. Some companies offer a full line of outsourced print services, while others concentrate their expertise in a specialized way, such as digital printing or offset printing. However, all good printing companies exhibit a set of characteristics that set them apart from competitors. Here are six ways to know if a printing company is a good fit for your business.

1. The ability to print many types of jobs reliably

Some businesses outsource printing because they lack the printing capabilities to do a job themselves. Conversely, print specialists are experts in printing, and their equipment and methods should reflect this.

The right company uses modern, updated technology which is capable of handling a wide range of jobs. This ensures that the printing service will not only be able to print well, but also prints what your company needs. Commonly outsourced print jobs include:

  • Posters
  • Business cards
  • Letterheads, envelopes, folders, and labels
  • Banners (pop up and retractable banners)
  • Booklets, manuals, and magazines
  • High volume projects

Each requires a printer which can handle nontraditional paper sizes or quantities beyond what a typical office printer can handle. Likewise, these materials often represent the first contact a customer has with a brand. Therefore, a reliable printing service delivers on-demand printing, which meets due dates and quality expectations every single time.

2. Flexible and customized solutions

Not every business needs the same thing. The reality is that two companies, even in the same industry, may have different needs when it comes to printing. The right printing company recognizes this, and approaches print jobs from the perspective of providing solutions rather than just printed products, which are more or less the same across the board.

This also means that the right print service will emphasize the right solutions for you. Such an approach may involve recommending a client to a provider of a service or product which falls beyond the printing service’s scope.

3. Enhance an office workflow, not complicate it

Outsourcing printing is meant to save time and money for offices by simplifying their print environment. Therefore, an excellent printing service facilitates this by making the entire process as easy as possible.

Many print services also offer online services which make ordering documents and branded products easy. Still, others build customized online storefronts to reduce the number of steps it takes to print.

4. Follow legal compliance standards  

Discretion is part grit, part good business sense. Document security is critical in today’s world, where businesses handle loads of sensitive information regularly. Some of this may get outsourced, including batch invoices or even advertising materials not meant for the general public. 

An excellent print service recognizes the need to protect its clients’ information. Likewise, as printing experts, they will stay up to date on compliance regulations which govern the way such data is transmitted and stored. Companies should rest assured, knowing their sensitive information and trade secrets are safe.

5. Clear and straightforward costs

A good print service company prices its services in a manner which is clear and sensible. Transparent pricing reflects an understanding of the industry and what each job involves. There are many ways to price a job, including:

  • One flat fee
  • Per page
  • By volume for large jobs
  • Per month for ongoing or repeating tasks

Always look for clear pricing structures. The right print service will make sure clients understand how much a print job costs up front, rather than merely surprising them with a bill later.

6. They develop relationships with their clients

Printing is critically essential to the success of your business. The right printing company understands this and takes the time to develop a relationship with their clients. A pledge to develop a lasting relationship indicates that a company values its customers, and shows a willingness to understand a customer’s specific needs.

Premier Printing Services in Nashville

There are many printing services in Nashville, but only a handful with demonstrated skill and depth of expertise to adequately meet printing needs, whether through outsourced or managed print services. It is important to find a trusted print service provider with imaging experts who understand printing needs for a wide range of industries.

Start a conversation with a printing specialist today to learn what RJ Young can do for your company.