On September 11th, 2019, RJ Young’s Hands & Hearts Committee granted ten-year-old Ian’s wish of going on a Disney cruise.

Ian was diagnosed with a brain tumor at 16 months old. He received three brain surgeries, six rounds of chemotherapy, and 30 days of proton radiation. Just prior to starting kindergarten, Ian had a mini-stroke which led to two more brain surgeries to create a bypass in his brain. In May 2018, he was diagnosed with a radiation-induced high-grade sarcoma in his brow bone which required another brain surgery and six chemo treatments. Doctors are also closely monitoring suspicious spots on his lungs.

“On behalf of Dreams and Wishes of Tennessee, I would like to thank all of the employees at RJ Young for their support and donations which made Ian’s wish come true. We have been able to grant more wishes to kiddos fighting cancer because of our sponsorship with RJ Young.”

Program Director, Tanya Sturm of Dreams and Wishes

Ian is currently recovering well and regaining strength. He is a huge Disney fan and has always dreamed of going on a Disney cruise. Ian and his family will be going on a four-night cruise on the Disney Dream ship in October 2019.

“RJ Young’s commitment to giving back to our community is at the heart of our core values and culture. We were incredibly fortunate to have this opportunity to meet Ian and his family and to inform them that his wish was being granted. This is a testament to the more than 650 RJ Young employees who generously contributed to this amazing cause.”

RJ Young’s COO, AJ Baggott

RJ Young has raised funds to grant ten children with wishes throughout the past 15 years.

About RJ Young Hands & Hearts Committee

RJ Young’s Hands & Hearts Committee was created 15 years ago in order to raise awareness, recruit volunteers, and organize fundraisers for community service projects throughout the year for the RJ Young employees. In 2019, funds raised from RJ Young’s employees’ were allocated for Dreams and Wishes of Tennessee.

About Dreams and Wishes

Dreams and Wishes of Tennessee is a 501(c)(3) non-profit Wish Granting organization that grants wishes to individuals between the ages of 5-21 who have relapsed from cancer. For giving opportunities, volunteer, or to refer a child visit Dreams and Wishes of TN website.

About RJ Young

RJ Young is the largest, privately-held dealer in the Southeast and one of the largest in the nation, specializing in managed IT services, document management solutions, managed print services, remote support, remote monitoring, fulfillment services, and office imaging for small to enterprise-level businesses. Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, RJ Young has been partnering with businesses since 1955 and has over 650 employees in over 30 sales and service locations across nine states. Under the corporate tagline “Your productivity is our mission,” RJ Young helps modern professionals become more successful in their businesses with solutions to securely manage paper and digital information and empowers businesses with leading printing technologies.

Medical offices are fast-paced, dynamic environments which handle an array of different types of data and technologies. From life-saving devices to document management processes, healthcare providers and medical professionals need to be as well-versed in tech as they are in their careers. As such, their IT needs also represent some of the more unique challenges. However, medical IT support can ease these challenges by providing the right set of tools and guidance.

Managed IT services deliver a host of benefits to medical offices, as well as healthcare organizations. Therefore, medical offices should consider using a third-party IT support team to keep their infrastructure running, secure, and efficient.

How Managed IT Services Benefit Healthcare Organizations

Medical offices benefit from IT support and managed services in four significant ways. These include:

1.    Keeping Data Secure

The modern medical office emphasizes superior care for its patients. To do so, it must maintain the highest level of security to protect Electronic Health Records (EHR), and Protected Health Information (PHI). A managed IT service can help with this in two main ways:

Access and Policy Controls

The term access control refers to controlling physical access to data. One instance is a locked door where only certain people have the key. Likewise, policy control refers to a set of rules by which information may be accessed. For instance, one example of this includes user accounts and specific documents, which are “approved” for printing. A managed IT provider can help an organization identify instances where either type of data control are missing and then establish the proper measures to improve security.


Healthcare organizations handle a tremendous amount of data. Therefore, they need a robust backup strategy to help prepare for things like disaster recovery, and security risks. Managed IT services can develop automated backup solutions to help medical offices keep its data secure in the event of an emergency.

2. Streamlining IT Infrastructure

Medical office IT support often focuses on optimizing IT infrastructure to support more efficient internal processes.

Develop a Strong, Flexible Communication Infrastructure

Healthcare organizations need intense infrastructure to manage the difficult nature of the industry. For instance, to gain a sense of exactly how large it is, consider that the healthcare sector in Nashville alone earned $47 billion in 2018—and much of it is digitally interconnected.

Likewise, the lightspeed pace of the healthcare industry requires the ability to communicate information quickly and accurately. Therefore, a managed IT provider can help a medical office build a robust communication infrastructure which reaches every part of the organization—and grows as the office changes.

Maximize Uptime

Managed IT services help minimize a network’s downtime, as well as maximize infrastructure effectiveness by making sure that everything continues to run and work correctly. Ways to ensure maximum uptime include routine updates, preventative maintenance, adaptive strategies, and frequent assessments to spot weaknesses. In other words, partnering with a Managed IT Network provider means the network downtime is handled immediately, and systems are restored rapidly.

3. Maintaining Compliance and Confidentiality

The healthcare industry, unlike many other industries, is legally required to maintain certain levels of compliance and confidentiality in addition to managing security risks. An experienced managed IT service provider understands these requirements and can assist in ensuring compliance with the below:

Implement HIPAA Compliant Solutions

The Health Information Portability and Accountability Act is a law designed to provide privacy standards to protect patients’ medical records, as well as other health information provided to health plans, doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers.

However, many standard tools used—such as web-connected office document suites—are not always HIPAA compliant depending on the version or how they are used. Therefore, all systems that are used to transmit, receive, store, or alter electronically protected health information need to have HIPAA compliant solutions incorporated to ensure the appropriate security measures are being taken. In addition to that, HIPAA privacy rules apply to both written and visual information.

Risk assessment and IT management are key considerations for HIPPA compliance. Therefore, businesses should work with a knowledgeable managed IT service provider to ensure implemented solutions are compliant.

Monitor Solutions for Continued Compliance

Technology continues to evolve, and as it does, services or tools may become compliant or non-compliant at a moment’s notice, or even without notice. A typical example includes updates to cloud services which affect compliance even if these updates make the service more secure. However, a skilled managed IT service provider can help spot and prevent instances of this from occurring.

4. Minimizing Overhead Expenses

The healthcare industry is not exempt from the pressures to remain competitive. For instance, like other forms of managed services, medical office tech support reduces an organization’s operating expenses by streamlining the IT infrastructure and cutting unnecessary costs. This occurs through:

Known IT Services Budget

Working with some IT providers often means that the organization receives a flat rate bill every month, or an expected estimate through metered services. In addition, there are no hidden expenses, unexpected bills, or questions about how much maintenance or upgrades will cost. Although RJ Young does offer a flat monthly fee, not all providers do, therefore make sure to research before choosing a managed IT services provider. 

More Efficient Use of Resources

Managed IT services help medical organizations use existing technology and resources more effectively. In other words, this allows offices to do more with less. When devices and infrastructure are utilized to their optimum, it becomes easier for employees to get high-quality work done quickly.

Choose RJ Young for Your Medical Office IT Support

Healthcare professionals need reliable, efficient solutions to provide the best possible care to their patients. IT support for medical offices provide that. However, when so much relies on the correct implementation of infrastructure tools, it’s worth it to choose a provider with demonstrated industry knowledge and technical expertise. Only experienced providers, such as RJ Young, exhibit the skills and qualities necessary to deliver exceptional managed IT solutions.

Ready to talk with RJ Young about your medical office IT network support needs? Contact RJ Young today to discuss the design of your medical office’s customized IT Services plan.

CDA awards four RJ Young employees’ children with scholarship grants.

The Copier Dealer Association Scholarship Foundation was founded in 2005 to award grants to qualifying children of the CDA Membership. RJ Young has been an active member of the CDA for years. Since its inception, the CDA has been able to increase the amount awarded every year.

The CDA Scholarship Foundation welcomes applications from member-employee children and will award meaningful scholarship grants that demonstrate a need for assistance through the Federal Government FAFSA Application.

The Copier Dealer Association is a dynamic group of independent copier dealers across North America who share best practices, industry events and innovative strategies to help their businesses excel. Congratulations to the below RJ Young member-employee children who were awarded the 2019 CDA Scholarship grants.

Cooper Stanley, Caledonia, Mississippi

Cooper is a 2019 graduate from Caledonia High School and the daughter of Todd and Patti Stanley. Cooper logged 150 hours of community service including Salvation Army kettlebell, special needs cheerleader volunteer, tornado relief volunteer, and much more.

She was a varsity cheerleader, tennis captain, Beta Club treasurer, Student Government Class Representative, World Language Club Secretary, Future Career and Community Leaders of America, CHS Ambassador, and GameTime Athletics competitive cheerleading team, and more.

Her honors include Presidential Gold Award for Academic Excellence, Universal Cheerleading Association four-time All-American, Mississippi Scholars Academic Excellence and Community Service, The University of Alabama Presidential Scholarship, ACT Achievement Award, and more.

Cooper is excited to be attending The University of Alabama in the fall and majoring in Marketing

Miah Van Der Heyden, Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Miah Van Der Heyden

Miah Van Der Heyden is a 2019 graduate from Blackman High School in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. She is the daughter of Melissa and Timothy Van Der Heyden. Miah has logged hundreds of community service hours through various organizations such as the National Honor Society, Science National Honor Society, and Key Club. While in high school, she also played flute in the Wind Ensemble and served as a drum major for her last two years of marching band. Miah graduated as Valedictorian with state honors and distinction, as well as the work ethic distinction.   

Currently, Miah works as a nursing assistant while attending Cumberland University for nursing. Because of her various dual enrollment and advanced placement classes, she is set to graduate early with her B.S.N. After her undergraduates, Miah plans on pursuing medical school or a doctorate in nursing.   

Jenna Williams, Columbus, Mississippi

Jenna Williams

Jenna is the daughter of Wendell and Kim Williams. She graduated from homeschooling in 2018 with a 4.0 average. She is a member of the Phi Theta Kappa honor society, Columbus Girl Choir, Mississippi Baptist All-State Youth Choir and Orchestra, Mississippi Baptist Symphony Orchestra, and Distinguished Concerts International New York Vocal Colors at Carnegie Hall.

She has logged hundreds of hours of community service and is spending this summer in Salcha, Alaska doing mission work with the Mississippi Baptist Association.

Jenna will pursue her Bachelor of Music Education with a minor in Multicultural Studies at Winters School of Music at William Carey University in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

Charles Booher, Lebanon, Tennessee

Charles Booher

Charles Samuel Booher II is the son of Charles and Dara Booher of Lebanon, Tennessee.

Charles is a Senior at a private university, Cumberland University, majoring in Sports Management. Charlie is currently employed at Riverside Golf Course in Old Hickory, Tennessee.

After graduation next spring, Charlie will be getting married and pursuing his career in Sports Management. The Copier Dealer Association Scholarship has helped with tuition and is greatly appreciated. 

Congratulations to the recipients who were awarded the 2019 CDA

Did you know that there are four separate generations working side-by-side in today’s modern workplace? Those generations are Traditionalists (born before 1946), Baby Boomers (born 1946-1964), Generation X (born 1965-1980), and Generation Y or Millennials (born 1981-2000). Every workplace, in every industry, is facing multi-generational management challenges. According to Business News Daily there are four key challenges of the multi-generational workforce.

  1. Company culture
  2. Communication style
  3. Negative stereotypes
  4. Cultural expectations

Company Culture

Attracting, retaining, and engaging employees is important in any business and one way to achieve this is by creating a company culture where people thrive. Creating such a culture can be challenging when there are four generations to engage.

Communication Style

There are bound to be differences in how you communicate with the different generations within your office and throughout your life. However, assuming that Gen Z employees only communicate via text, or that Baby Boomers only want to talk on the phone may not be the correct approach. We must understand and value differences and get everyone on the same page when it comes to communication.

Negative Stereotypes

Lazy. Entitled. Workaholic. These are a few stereotypes older generations might use to describe millennials or anyone in younger generations. Stereotypes occur everywhere and the workplace is not exempt. Managers face the challenge of helping their workforce to overcome these embedded stereotypes, but leaders need to intervene when there are problems caused by misunderstandings and generational judgments.

Cultural Expectations

Who requires more praise? What generation values work-life balance? As the workforce evolved with the ever-changing technology trends there is also a shift in cultural expectations. For example, older workers might be used to having their performance measured by the number of hours spent at their desks.  Cultural expectations among the multi-generations varies and leaders need to acknowledge every situation and allow individuals to work in the style that’s best for them. This approach will keep everyone inspired.

Learn More about Multi-Generational Management & How to Effectively Communicate at RJ Young’s Lunch & Learn 

How do you effectively communicate between the four generations in the workforce to achieve your business goals?

Join RJ Young Tuesday, October 8th for a lunch and learn with guest speaker Jay McChord to hear about strategies, skills, tactics, and tools to help your business or team start working together more productively and communicate more effectively.

Jay McChord is recognized as an authority on multi-generational management and is a highly requested speaker, trainer, and corporate consultant to companies, institutions, and organizations globally. He will lead this program focusing on communication between generations.

Spots are limited – register today HERE!

Lunch & Learn: How to Thrive in the Multi-Generational Workforce

October 8th | 11:00am – 1:00 pm

Nissan Stadium | West Club Level, 4th Floor

1 Titans Way, Nashville, TN 37213

Questions? Contact 615-255-8551 or info@rjyoung.com.

RJ Young is providing this free resource to help your business. For additional solutions for your company visit RJYoung.com

Enterprise-level businesses are a class of their own. Established with often sophisticated operational processes, they typically have a print environment which reflects the high volume of business that they conduct. A single, reliable printer is never enough for these types of companies. However, neither is an out-of-the-box solution. An enterprise-level business is generally a large corporation that manages hundreds or even thousands of employees. Enterprise-level businesses have specific, complex needs. An enterprise level Managed Print Service strategy can help these companies reap the benefits of a thoughtfully deployed printing strategy.

The Printing Needs of Enterprise-Level Businesses

Enterprises, like other types of businesses, have specific needs when it comes to their print environment. Generally, those needs are broken down into five major points: 

1. Workflow Efficiency

Workflow efficiency is paramount to effective business operations – for enterprises, it is crucial. These companies need to be able to handle massive loads of data and documents quickly, without error to keep daily operations flowing. Their print environment must likewise be able to handle this load while seamlessly supporting the other document processes each department or office may have.

2. Cost-Effectiveness

Like small businesses, enterprises face pressure to develop cost-effective strategies to remain competitive. However, printing costs for enterprises are magnified because an enterprise is doing more, more frequently, and more quickly. Therefore, enterprises place great emphasis on solutions which solve problems and reduce costs.

3. Flexible, High-Powered Devices

An enterprise-level print environment is demanding. Whether it is numerous print jobs being run at once, or several large jobs in sequence, enterprises need flexible, high-powered devices capable of handling whatever the office throws at it. Therefore, such companies may find traditional office printers inadequate for their uses making Managed Print Services ideal for their needs.

4. Print Environment Visibility

Whereas many offices have one or two centralized printers, an enterprise may have several. The challenge of maintaining print environment visibility is compounded by the fact that these devices may not even be in the same physical vicinity nor be connected to a central network. Needing to know who is printing, what is being printed, and from what device it is being printed from is important information that needs to be considered.  With visibility of the print environment through manage print services total these hidden costs which many clients do not always take into consideration can be easy presented and addressed.

5. Increased Customization

An enterprise-level business rarely finds off-the-shelf solutions adequate for its precise and demanding needs. Therefore, many enterprise businesses need custom printing solutions built specifically for them. However, finding the right combination of devices, supplies, and printing strategies can be complicated and time-consuming which is why partnering with a reliable Managed Print Services provider is extremely beneficial to an enterprise-level company.

The Benefits of RJ Young’s Enterprise-Level Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services for enterprise-level businesses can and do meet all five of those specific needs when a company chooses to work with an experienced and knowledgeable provider. Managed Print Services can help companies save money, time, and supplies. Businesses can enjoy benefits such as:

1. Cost Savings

Some Managed Print Service providers offer one flat fee for equipment rental and maintenance, toner, and other supplies. Companies can allocate a set number of prints for departments, track who needs the most printing (and who doesn’t) and know exactly how much services and paper costs contribute to the companies’ expenses. Learn more about cost savings of Managed Print Services.

2. Print Environment Assessment

A skilled team of managed print specialists has the knowledge and ability to assess an enterprise printing environment to identify areas of weak points, optimization, and ways to improve business processes through better printing strategies. The result is better processes and printing strategies which help streamline the efficiency of the entire department or office.

3. Managed Maintenance

An enterprise-level business may have multiple printers, making the maintenance demands more extreme than other types of businesses. The maintenance requests alone can swamp an internal tech support department, which in turn negatively affects other technology initiatives. However, Managed Print Services provide skilled maintenance technicians to provide both routine and on-demand service. Enterprises benefit from staff who are left free to focus on their work and pursue valuable business activities rather than fixing devices.

4. No More Managing Supplies

A robust print environment consisting of numerous devices means an equally intense supply inventory. However, supplies take up space, require price comparison shopping, and often include hidden expenses. In contrast, Managed Print Services eliminate these challenges and reduce costs by taking over supply management. A company only needs to tell the provider which machines require supplies, and the right cartridges or paper arrives just days later. Many providers also have automatic replenishment programs.

5. The Right Devices for the Right Jobs

Anyone who has ever tried to get by on a home printer in an office knows the frustration of dealing with a device too small to handle a print environment. However, Managed Print Services perform assessments before choosing the most efficient devices to make sure that enterprises have the right printers that meet—and grow with—their printing needs.

6. Increased Security

Every business, no matter how large or small, needs document security. For enterprises, this is even more critical because printers are often a weak point in security. A knowledgeable Managed Print Services provider helps eliminate these blind spots to increase security across the print environment by mitigating the costs of breaches, lost documents, and disappearing devices or supplies to provide better protection.

See How Yalobusha General Hospital Benefits from MPS

Yalobusha General Hospital and Nursing Home in Yalobusha County, MS provides nurturing care to those needing all types of medical services. RJ Young helped Yalobusha save time and money by managing their printers through Managed Print Services. With RJ Young all ordering of printer supplies is fast and easy through ePASSTM. Yalobusha can place service calls, check call status, and pay invoices – all online.

Go with the Pros Who Know Enterprise Printing

Enterprise-level managed print services are in a category of their own. They are designed to meet the demanding print needs of larger companies and corporations while delivering the same benefits which small businesses reap. Furthermore, enterprise-level Managed Print Services require a higher degree of customization and consideration to address the challenges that these businesses face. RJ Young has over 60 years of experience handling printing solutions for large and small companies in several industries. When it comes to enterprise printing, only the best and most experienced will do.

Get the right devices the first time around to take advantage of Managed Print Services for your enterprise-level business. Contact RJ Young today.

Award honoring employers who actively support Guard and Reserve Service Members

A Department of Defense Patriotic Employer Award was presented to members of RJ Young in Nashville, Tennessee on September 9. Chip Crunk, Curt Gross, Doug Montgomery, and Phillip Woolery were nominated by Sergeant Edward Gathman, of the National Guard.

Gathman submitted the nominations for the Patriotic Employer Award in recognition of the support he received during his deployment conducting joint operation in the Middle East. Gathman, who works with Gross, Montgomery, and Woolery in the RJ Young Jackson, Mississippi office, said during the ceremony that the support of his coworkers made a difference for him and his family. He also thanked CEO and President, Chip Crunk, for his support and the use of his satellite phone during his service in Afghanistan.

“I’ve never worked for a company that truly cared for its employees. It really showed while I was deployed, and my family was well taken care of in my absence. To have not only my direct supervisors’ support, but the CEO as well, is truly amazing. When the CEO of the company asks you personally if you needed anything prior to leaving is unheard of these days. It’s an honor to work for a company like this.”

Sergeant Edward Gathman

Keith Hatton, ESGR (Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve) volunteer, discussed the importance of an employer’s support for a service member, and thanked RJ Young for their support of Sergeant Gathman.

Doug Montgomery, Curt Gross, Sergeant Edward Gathman, Chip Crunk, Phillip Woolery, and Keith Hatton

About Tennessee ESGR

Tennessee ESGR (Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve) promotes employer support for Guard and Reserve service by recognizing outstanding support, increasing awareness of applicable laws, and assisting in the resolution of conflicts between employers and service members. ESGR grants a series of Department of Defense awards to promote furthering employer support of servicemembers including the Patriotic Employer Award.

About RJ Young

RJ Young is the largest, privately-held dealer in the Southeast and one of the largest in the nation, specializing in managed IT services, document management solutions, managed print services, remote support, remote monitoring, fulfillment services, and office imaging for small to enterprise level businesses. Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, RJ Young has been partnering with businesses since 1955 and has over 650 employees in over 30 sales and service locations across nine states. Under the corporate tagline “Your productivity is our mission,” RJ Young helps modern professionals become more successful in their businesses with solutions to securely manage paper and digital information and empowers businesses with leading printing technologies.

Dorian is the Most Powerful Hurricane to Hit the Bahamas

On September 6 and 7, RJ Young’s President and CEO, Chip Crunk, flew his private plane to Treasure Cay on Abaco Island to donate much-needed supplies to the stricken island. During his many trips back to the states he also transported hurricane Dorian survivors.

Chip loaded his plane in Nashville, Tennessee with supplies from Walmart including hot plates, chairs, cords, rope, chainsaws, water, blankets, and more. To make room for supplies he removed seats from the plane which allowed him to carry survivors to Palm Beach, Florida.

The United Nations reported Saturday that more than 70,000 residents in the Bahamas had lost their homes. Hurricane Dorian damaged or destroyed the majority of homes and businesses on Treasure Cay and knocked out all utilities.

“I’ve traveled to the Bahamas for years and I wanted to do what I could for the people affected by this tragic event.”

Chip Crunk, RJ Young President and CEO

Find Out More About Hurricane Dorian Relief Efforts & How To Donate Supplies

To find out more about Hurricane Dorian relief efforts, and join RJ Young to donate supplies and items needed visit here. #BAHAMASTRONG

About RJ Young

RJ Young is the largest, privately-held dealer in the Southeast and one of the largest in the nation, specializing in managed IT services, document management solutions, managed print services, remote support, remote monitoring, fulfillment services, and office imaging for small to enterprise level businesses. Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, RJ Young has been partnering with businesses since 1955 and has over 650 employees in over 30 sales and service locations across nine states. Under the corporate tagline “Your productivity is our mission,” RJ Young helps modern professionals become more successful in their businesses with solutions to securely manage paper and digital information and empowers businesses with leading printing technologies. Learn more about how you can join RJ Young to donate supplies to these victims.

Keeping records straight is not just good business practice – it is critical to maintaining a productive, functioning company. Having a proper record management system is the foundation which supports business intelligence and the ability to make data-driven decisions which alter the bottom line. However, businesses are seeing more and more data, such as paper-based documents and digital records, flowing through their core. In other words, keeping track of all of these documents has become a full-time job.

Fortunately, a robust document management strategy provides the exact tools businesses need to keep record management streamlined and in control. Here are five ways to make an organization’s document management processes more effective to drive long-term productivity and success.

5 Ways to Make a Document Management System More Efficient

Document management solutions rely heavily on workflows to deliver the correct data to the right places. Due to the various ways this can be done, organizations should consider making their records management processes more effective by analyzing it in the context of a document’s lifecycle. Here are five ways to make that happen.

1. Leverage Automation to Identify Important Information

Not all documents are records. Depending on the business, documents such as rough drafts and duplicates do not require the same storage and information management. Likewise, it’s time-consuming and impractical to read through every document for necessary information. It’s essential to leverage automation such as keyword scanners or auto-detection, to identify critical documents and clearly define what document information is important and what constitutes as a record.

2. Integrate Devices to Assist with Document Capture

There are many different methods of ​collecting ​document information and records because there are various document sources (scanners, mobile devices, multifunction printers/copiers, etc). Many offices today rely on ultra-efficient multifunction printers which are capable of performing numerous actions on the same device. Likewise, these devices typically come with software which integrates the printer with the rest of the office workflows.

These devices enable powerful abilities such as the automatic transmission of a scanned file to electronic storage, or the creation of a fax from an email. Captured documents can quickly be sent from one part of the office to another, which is much easier for the right person to access at the right moments. Electronic storage will help safeguard your paper documents against environmental disaster and facilitate efficient retrieval of documents, unlike documents stored in numerous filing cabinets.

3. Apply Standardization and Archival Strategies for Easy Retrieval

Finding documents that lack a records management system is similar to “finding a needle in a haystack.” However, having electronic document storage does not guarantee that users will be able to find critical information quickly. With electronic document storage processes in place, it makes sharing document information between multiple users, collaborating on documents, and tracking change history possible. To get the most out of archival and document storage, implement the following strategies:

  • Introduce a standardized system for naming files. It will make it easier to understand the general contents of a file based on its name, and standardized file names assist with other forms of business process automation.
  • Apply a categorization system across the board. Keep everyone on the same page with where files should go, how, and in what order.
  • Clearly define processes and archival access policies to enhance security. The more hands touching the archives, the more likely they will fall into disarray. Define processes and key points through which documents must pass (to be placed into or removed from) the archives. Files can be digitized and password protected to ensure that only authorized individuals have access to them.

4. Implement Tools Which Foster Collaboration

Document circulation processes typically require inputs, reviews, updates, comments, approvals, or other forms of acknowledgment from different parties or people. When this happens manually, it becomes easier for a jumble of document versions and lines of communication to confuse and frustrate users.

Conversely, a digitized collaboration platform which integrates with other document processes helps keep everyone in one place. Tools such as the cloud-based Google Docs, allow for simultaneous editing of digital records by multiple parties without the creation of extra copies. This ensures that the document stays firmly inside the extensive office workflow to keep everything efficient.

5. Ensure the Safe Disposal of Unneeded Documents

Stray documents cause digital and paper-based clutter while introducing security risks. However, with more documents existing in this digital world, it is not as easy as merely shredding unnecessary pieces of paper. Likewise, destroying records does not always mean destroying or deleting them entirely if the wrong procedure is used. Strategically archiving documents is key to controlling costs, maintaining efficiency, and enhancing security. Maximize your IT resources by determining which documents need to be safely destroyed, verses those which need to be archived. This plan will ensure employees do not need to dig through files to find the correct piece of information.

Efficient Record Management Boosts Productivity

Efficient record management is one of the best ways to increase the productivity of an office. When the document life cycle is streamlined and efficient, employees spend less time searching and managing documents and more time on high-value activities which drive long-term business.

Looking to learn more on how efficient document management software can help your business? Contact an RJ Young document process expert today to start a conversation.