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RJ Young Events

Welcome to our events page. Stay tuned to this page for all events (virtual or live).
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Modern Office Brew and View - Chattanooga, TN

Join us Thursday, June 24th at the Chattanooga Brewing Co. for some brew and bites on us. Hear from our technology partners on how we can make your employees’ day-to-day processes easier, faster, and more sophisticated. All to improve efficiency and outcomes.

Register here.

Document Management

Join the Digital Transformation. Start by digitizing your documents.

Keeping paper documents in filing cabinets takes space.  Not only that, they’re difficult to share (especially when team members aren’t in the office) and they’re not secure – paper documents create major security risks. Reclaim your office by leveraging RJ Young’s Document Management Systems to digitally convert your files.

Picture this:

  • Streamline paper forms and PDFs into clean, mobile-ready digital forms – no need to ask the same question across multiple forms
  • Route digital forms automatically throughout the organization for reviews and approval – workflow automation speeds up key processes and increases business productivity
  • Create a centralized document database for any time, anywhere access – if you have one office or ten offices, your team has consistent digital file cabinets

In this webinar with  Docuware’s Michael Gale, you’ll learn how many organizations are streamlining workflows, enhancing accuracy cutting costs, and more by implementing document management systems. Reserve your spot today!

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