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RJ Young Donates Portion of Sales to Children’s of Alabama

Birmingham Businesses Equipment Purchases Lead to $5,250 Donation RJ Young Birmingham is proud to donate $5,250 to Children’s of Alabama.Through the purchases of RJ Young equipment, donations were made in the name of Birmingham businesses to the hospital. As part of their core values, RJ Young is committed to investing resources back into the communities […]

How OnBase ECM Software Makes Enterprise-Level Businesses Succeed

When it comes to data, enterprise-level businesses have unique needs and challenges. With multiple departments and often various offices, the usual tools will not work. Instead, these companies require a special class of information management tools known as electronic content management (ECM) software. ECM software is a must-have for enterprise businesses, and RJ Young has […]

RJ Young Announces Grand Opening of New Corporate Headquarters

RJ Young is pleased to announce the grand opening of their corporate headquarters located in Nashville, Tennessee. RJ Young’s growth over the last five years, combined with recent technology, rapid growth within the IT space, and equipment investments, necessitated the move. The 177,522 square foot facility is now home to all 273 local employees. RJ […]

How to Protect a Company with a BYOD Security Policy that Works

From a recent study by Syntonic, 87% of companies rely on employees using their personal smartphones to access mobile business apps and services. A BYOD security policy is tricky, but it is a necessity for any company wishing to leverage the resources available to its workforce. Bring Your Own Devices, or BYOD, is a policy […]

RJ Young Named Trusted Strategic Partner of Office Technology and Equipment for Florida State University

RJ Young wins multimillion-dollar partnership RJ Young is pleased to announce its newest multimillion-dollar partnership with Florida State University, one of Florida’s preeminent universities. In early 2019, RJ Young was named the trusted strategic provider of office technology and equipment for Florida State University. Florida State University has over 42,000 enrolled students and employs close to […]

Case Study: Interactive Whiteboards in the Classroom

About Promise Academy Promise Academy is a K-5 charter school with over 400 students and 45 faculty in Shelby County, Tennessee.  Their mission: Our central and only work is to teach and inspire the mind, body, and spirit of our children so they can rise above the rest and succeed in any academic or cultural […]

IT Services and Printing: Think the Network Is Safe? Check the Printers.

Digital technology is flooding the modern business environment, creating new opportunities for productivity and achievement, however it also puts businesses in a vulnerable state for network attacks. In the ongoing struggle to protect IT environments from internet threats and malware, there is one endpoint that is often overlooked: the printers connected to the network. Believe […]

Common Small Business Copier Problems & How to Fix Them

When the first multifunction printer hit the office technology scene in the mid-1990s, they changed the way companies thought about productivity. With a compact physical footprint, unparalleled versatility, and faster print speed, they gave businesses new ways to leverage their printing. In 2019, the small business copier/multifunction printer has it all and has become a […]

What Is the Difference Between Offset Printing and Digital Printing Equipment?

Offset printing and digital printing equipment are the most common technologies found in the commercial printing industry. Each represents a unique printing method which produces different results, and which is more appropriate for different types of print jobs. When outsourcing printing, companies may come across these terms. Despite their similarity in appearance, the underlying technology […]

How Does a Fax Server Help with HIPAA IT Requirements?

Faxing has come a long way in the 21st century despite it being considered an older process. Nonetheless, it remains a critical element of the documentation process for many companies. Businesses such as those in the finance and healthcare industries use faxing extensively to transmit essential documents. However, as technology has advanced, faxing has taken […]