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Remote Work Benefits from Document Management Software

As millions of employees are now working from home, the need for businesses to accelerate processes in Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable is more important than ever. Manual and repetitive tasks such as approvals, signatures, and documentation can be digitized to improve an organization through Document Management software.  Document Management & Workflow Automation Software   Document management and workflow automation software enable organizations to […]

How to Reduce Print Costs and Paper Volume with an HR Document Management System

Ask five people which department in their organization uses the most paper and there is a good chance a majority of them will say human resources. HR departments perform a quintessential function in an organization by making sure that personnel, partners, and customers always have what they need. However, HR can also prove incredibly paper-intensive […]

What is an IT Security Network Assessment and Why Would an Office Need One Done?

The southeastern United States is home to many thriving tech hubs. Succeeding in this vibrant environment requires the right technology, infrastructure, and security measures in place. Even companies that excel in digital innovation benefit from the second opinion of skilled professionals offering IT services. From Chattanooga to Huntsville and beyond, companies routinely take advantage of […]

COVID-19 Creating High Demand for AV Solutions, Virtual Conference Platform, & Mobile Office Solutions for Businesses Worldwide

As the numbers of confirmed cases of COVID-19 increase, companies are quickly focusing on safety, collaboration, and efficiency via remote work. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention suggested remote work could mitigate the risk of contracting COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus. These employees would, in theory, need to rely on a video conferencing system, virtual conference platform or mobile […]

Paper Guide: The Best Small Business Printer Paper Options

Paper choice is incredibly important when it comes to ensuring the quality of a printed piece. The type of paper you choose can have a significant impact on the presentation and quality of your printed document. With so many different types, sizes, and attributes to consider, it can be difficult to determine the correct paper […]

Disaster Recovery: Nashville and Surrounding Areas Recover After Disastrous Tornado

Our Community Coming Together In the early morning hours of Tuesday, March 3, 2020, a powerful, deadly tornado ripped through Middle Tennessee causing a wide path of destruction. Among the hardest hit areas were Germantown and East Nashville, with numerous businesses damaged or completely destroyed. The devastation continued into west Tennessee with Mt. Juliet, Donelson, Wilson […]

Managed Security Services Pro Reveals Password Security Tips for HIPAA

Healthcare organizations take a variety of measures to safeguard patient protected health information (PHI). From managed security services to the thoughtful engagement of security best practices, keeping PHI safe is as vital as delivering the best quality care. HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) specifies a series of administrative safeguards under the Security […]

5 Benefits of Interactive Whiteboards in the Classroom

The learning experience is becoming richer and more dynamic, thanks to tools like interactive whiteboards in the classroom. Their steady introduction into classrooms across the country is part of a greater tide that is changing the nature of education. Education technology, or EdTech, helps campuses rethink the way teachers present their lessons to create more […]

Why Cloud Service Providers Are Essential for Modern Small Businesses in 2020

Every day, more advanced technologies emerge across the business landscape. They bring innovation and disruption that continues to power growth. Over the past few years, cloud service providers have helped businesses transform their wide ranging processes. Cloud solutions are a robust industry that has quickly matured and became mainstream. Cloud services provide access to powerful […]

Start 2020 Fresh with Workflow Automation Best Practices

Workflow automation creates the cornerstone of office efficiency. In 2020, it is expected to continue being a trending topic as organizations look to make their processes leaner and of higher impact. Many people are familiar with things like document management solutions and how automation applies to document processes. However, workflow automation software is a smart […]