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What You Need To Know About A Print Server Setup

Printing is a quintessential business activity across the board. When it comes to setting up a print environment, there are many different configurations according to the printing needs of an office. One strategy is to set up a print server which connects printers and computers via a physical server. You might be asking yourself what […]

RJ Young Announces 2019/2020 John T. Crunk Scholarship Recipients

RJ Young awards employees’ children with college scholarship for the 15th year in a row. RJ Young’s John T. Crunk Scholarship Program was established in 2004 to achieve a number of highly desirable objectives. This program seeks to assist the dependent children of their full-time employees with their college expenses. The John T. Crunk Scholarship […]

RJ Young Donates Portion of Sales to Dolly Parton Imagination Library

Knox County Businesses Equipment Purchases Lead to $6k Donation RJ Young Knoxville is proud to donate $6,750 to the Dolly Parton Imagination Library of Knox County. Through the purchases of RJ Young equipment, donations were made in the name of Knoxville businesses to the library. RJ Young is not only committed to providing businesses with […]

Making a Big Impact with Cloud Storage Management

The cloud is an amazing thing. It is making entirely new levels of productivity and achievement possible as more and more businesses embrace the many services available on it. However, as businesses use more cloud-based apps, the need for a solid management system increases. Cloud storage management helps keep data and infrastructure organized. Businesses leverage […]

US-China Trade War: How the Tariffs Will Impact the Price of Promotional Items with Logos

The United States has leveraged tariffs against Chinese imports in a bid to offset the trade deficit. Many sectors of the American economy – from seafood to retail – will feel the effects of higher prices, more scarcity, and a rush to find new sources. Promotional items with logos are just one of the industries […]

Nashville Printing Services: Are You Using The Right One?

There are many printing services in Nashville for businesses to choose from when outsourcing major print jobs. Since printing is quintessential to businesses, the right (or wrong) choice can make (or break) an organization’s workflow. Therefore, it is critical to find a reputable printing service with demonstrated expertise, which also has the particular printing capabilities […]

Why Are Managed Network Services So Critical?

The demand for managed network services is skyrocketing. As the world grows more sophisticated technologically, businesses are being forced to keep up. A managed network service, also known as managed IT services, is the use of a third-party provider to take care of a company’s IT and network infrastructure. This includes servers, cloud solutions, networks, […]

The Impact of Automation on Document Workflow Solutions in the Future Workplace

Workplace automation. It is the next big trend in the modern office as more and more businesses recognize the value of strategically deploying this powerful tool. Automation will have a significant impact on document workflow solutions in the future workplace. Process automation means more time spent focusing on high-value business activities, a reduction of errors […]

Windows 7 Support Ends 2020: A Microsoft Certified Professional Can Help

Proper mainstream support for Windows 7 ended shortly before the release of Windows 10 in July of 2015. Although Microsoft has kept up extended support for the organizations which continued to use Windows 7 on their machines, they have now announced that this will end on January 14, 2020. This leaves just a little under […]

Wide Format Plotters Vs. Printers – What Is the Difference?

Printing technology displays a fantastic breadth of capabilities which range from the ability to print on different surfaces, to the use of specialty inks to produce amazing visual effects. However, printing also serves many industries in practical and critical ways. Nowhere has this been truer than with wide format printers and their closely related cousins, […]