How Managed IT Can Protect Your Business from Natural Disasters

While high importance is placed on business threats such as phishing scams and security breaches, one of the most significant threats to companies is often overlooked. Natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornados, and flooding cause significant damage that most businesses are unable to recover from. Though natural disasters of significant size may be infrequent, when […]

Employee Spotlight-Chris Bethea

At RJ Young, we love recognizing our employees for all the hard work and effort they put into making our team work as effectively as possible. A great example of such an employee is Chris Bethea. Chris joined the RJ Young family in 2003 when RJ Young purchased Copy Graphics in Mississippi, where he was […]

Managed IT Compliance vs. Managed IT Security: What’s the Difference?

For many businesses, the most secure and affordable way to handle their network is by utilizing an external company’s expertise. By using managed IT services, companies are able to focus on their business, while simultaneously meeting compliance and security standards. In the age of network breaches and cyberattacks, it is more prudent than ever for businesses […]

Leasing vs Buying Office Equipment – Which Is Right for Your Company?

A difficult decision for all businesses, regardless of size, is whether leasing a piece of office equipment is better than buying it outright. There are thousands of articles and advice columns regarding this decision. The problem with these articles is they only focus on a few aspects of a company, rather than what makes the […]

How Equipment & Software Work Together to Make Sure You Meet HIPAA Security Compliance

The healthcare industry has some of the most stringent standards in terms of data-related regulatory compliance. HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) applies to 18 different aspects of individual health information that could potentially be used to identify someone. HIPAA privacy rules apply to both written and visual information. Privacy rules are only […]

Employee Spotlight: Tyler Marine

At RJ Young, we are passionate about our people and nothing makes us happier than to bring recognition to an employee who has earned it. This month, we would like to shine our employee spotlight on Tyler Marine. Tyler is our Technology Business Manager and oversees our Technical Account Managers, Project Managers, and Procurement for […]

How Document Management Can Transform A Medical Office

Few people understand the importance of workflow efficiency better than employees in a medical office or hospital. Keeping documentation organized, ensuring sensitive data remains secure and making sure they stay HIPAA compliant are just a few of the tasks medical offices face daily. Fortunately, these practices can focus on other tasks thanks to medical office […]

Why Managed IT Services Work Better for Small or Mid-Sized Businesses

IT services are among the most important services a business requires in today’s connected, digital world. Millions of malware threats are released every year and the time required to manage, update, and patch all devices used within the business is far greater than a few years ago. For many, having in-house IT services makes sense. There […]

How Can Document Security Services Protect My Business?

Every single day your business has to deal with documents of varying importance. Some documents are simple, while others are confidential, filled with sensitive information, and perhaps even subject to government regulation. With major leaks of personal information making the news recently, there has been a greater emphasis put on document security. Of course, not […]

Introducing The HP PageWide XL

RJ Young is excited to now offer the cutting-edge HP PageWide XL printer series! These wide-format printers possess top of the line printing capabilities. With this multifunctional printer, you are able to produce anything you could possibly want to print. From start to finish, you will be able to create customizable large prints at high […]