How To Choose A Printer For Your Small Business

The multifunction printer is the lifeblood of many businesses. These versatile devices offer more than just basic printing functions. They can be used to help businesses become more efficient and productive. Of course, all of that depends on finding the best all-in-one printer for small business. Do you know how to choose a printer for […]

Why Are Cyber Security Incidents Up 32% From Last Year?

Despite the best efforts of individuals and businesses alike, cyber security incidents rose sharply in 2018. This, despite increasing awareness of the importance of cyber security. While some recent cyberattacks, like the Facebook attack, proved to be very public and well-known, other attacks often go unnoticed or unreported in mainstream news. Why is the number […]

Why Compliance Doesn’t Guarantee IT Network Security

Businesses spend countless hours attempting to make their office compliant. Their team researches the best ways to become compliant and how to implement them, but just because they are compliant does not guarantee IT network security. As a business grows and new staff members come on board, employees must be taught about compliance and trained […]

Jackson, MS Office Equipment Provider Digitec Acquisition

RJ Young announced today they had completed the acquisition of Digitec, a privately-owned office equipment dealer, specializing in multi-functional printers, headquartered in Jackson, Mississippi. Digitec is a family owned and operated business that has been operating for over 30 years. Primarily a Canon and Ricoh dealer, they serve customers throughout the entire state of Mississippi. […]

IT Security Trends for 2019

Cyber security is a major concern for any business, from small mom and pop shops to major multinational corporations. In fact, it is estimated that cyber crime could cost users and businesses $6 trillion globally by 2021. That is a staggering figure that could seriously hinder the growth and operations of any business. Perhaps one of […]

Which Features Should I Look For In a Business Copier?

Almost every company has an old office printer that isn’t working the way it should. Perhaps it’s showing signs that it is coming to the end of its life or maybe it’s time for a new copier with better, more modern features. In either case, shopping for a new business printer can seem like a […]

How Can Managed IT Services Benefit Legal Services Companies?

Technology, in general, has been an important tool for businesses of all types. These days, it has become the norm to see smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other exciting technologies in modern business environments. Of course, with each new device that employees and employers adopt, there are new concerns that arise including compliance concerns, security concerns, […]

Lost IT Security & Data Means Lost Dollars at Tax Time

Having reliable, accessible data and IT security are critical to business owners year round, but it is particularly so during tax season. For an accounting firm, a server crash amidst the busy season could cost the firm thousands of dollars in opportunity costs. It can also cause other problems such as loss of customers, compliance […]

Employee Spotlight – Steve Goldstein

At RJ Young, we work with customers to establish true partnerships that provide innovative solutions to their needs. A prime example of an employee who truly works to meet the needs of our clients is Steve Goldstein. Steve Goldstein has been a member of the RJ Young family since 2011 and works as a sales […]

The Value Of Print Consultants Over Buying Direct

Few people are print experts. It’s a highly specialized industry that not many are aware of until it’s time to plan an event or develop a marketing strategy. Besides the owner of a print shop, it’s unlikely that you know enough about large-scale print jobs like those created on a wide format printer. Banner advertising […]