How Can Managed IT Services Benefit Law Firms?

Technology, in general, has been an important tool for businesses of all types. These days, it has become the norm to see smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other exciting technologies in modern business environments. Of course, with each new device that employees and employers adopt, there are new concerns that arise including compliance concerns, security concerns, […]

Lost Data Means Lost Dollars at Tax Time

Having reliable, accessible data and IT security are critical to business owners year round, but it is particularly so during tax season. For an accounting firm, a server crash amidst the busy season could cost the firm thousands of dollars in opportunity costs. It can also cause other problems such as loss of customers, compliance […]

Employee Spotlight – Steve Goldstein

At RJ Young, we work with customers to establish true partnerships that provide innovative solutions to their needs. A prime example of an employee who truly works to meet the needs of our clients is Steve Goldstein. Steve Goldstein has been a member of the RJ Young family since 2011 and works as a sales […]

Why Using a Consultant for Print & Promotion Is Better Than Purchasing Items Directly

Few people are print experts. It’s a highly specialized industry that not many are aware of until it’s time to plan an event or develop a marketing strategy. Besides the owner of a print shop, it’s unlikely that you know enough about large-scale print jobs like those created on a wide format printer. Banner advertising […]

How Can Managed IT Services Protect My Company from VPN Hacks & Ransomware?

In our digitally connected world, it has become easier than ever to conduct business. However, the connections people create among themselves and organizations online have also created a profitable environment for hackers who want to steal money, data, and disrupt business. As technology continues to advance it is safe to say that threats from hackers […]

Employee Spotlight – Morgan Bishop

At RJ Young, we love recognizing our employees for their hard work and contributions that improve both the culture and abilities of our company. We are excited to shine an employee spotlight on Morgan Bishop. Morgan Bishop joined the RJ Young family back in October 2016 as a Customer Training Associate. Today, Morgan is serving […]

The Importance of Printing to a Business & Its Success

With new technology, social media platforms, and ways to reach audiences, people often believe that tried, tested, and true forms of print media have fallen out of favor. However, despite new mediums and forms of competition, print media still plays an important role in the success of businesses. Print is a tangible medium that still […]

10 Aspects to Consider When Buying a Multifunction Printer

There are a number of key aspects to consider when buying a new multifunction printer. Some are obvious such as cost, but shopping for a printer for a small to mid-sized business is not as simple as just picking out the shiniest model. There have been several developments in the multifunction printer market and it […]

How Managed IT Can Protect Your Business from Natural Disasters

While high importance is placed on business threats such as phishing scams and security breaches, one of the most significant threats to companies is often overlooked. Natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornados, and flooding cause significant damage that most businesses are unable to recover from. Though natural disasters of significant size may be infrequent, when […]

Employee Spotlight-Chris Bethea

At RJ Young, we love recognizing our employees for all the hard work and effort they put into making our team work as effectively as possible. A great example of such an employee is Chris Bethea. Chris joined the RJ Young family in 2003 when RJ Young purchased Copy Graphics in Mississippi, where he was […]