Be Aware of These 5 Trends in Small Business Cyber Security for 2020

Small business cyber security took many interesting turns in 2019. From the rise of novel forms of attack to an increased reliance on sophisticated technology, it is clear that security is a rapidly changing field. In 2019 it was predicted that things like cloud technology and growth of the IoT (Internet of Things) would have […]

IT Outsourcing: Why IT Professionals Benefit from IT Outsourcing

Outsourcing is a common strategy across the business world. It helps reduce business expenses, access talent and infrastructure, and streamline business operations. Businesses can outsource almost every element of their processes, from manufacturing to entry-level jobs. IT outsourcing has become extremely popular, allowing companies to access top-notch security technology at a fraction of the cost. […]

4 Document Imaging Resolutions for the New Year

With 2020 just around the corner, it is time to eliminate those paper-based processes and move to a digital document management system. Document imaging is the practice of using equipment like scanners to take a picture of information contained in another form (usually paper). There are many advantages to converting paper to digital files through […]

Case Study: Healthcare Managed Print Services

About Yalobusha General Hospital and Nursing Home Yalobusha General Hospital and Nursing Home has been serving its community since 1962. Located in Yalobusha County, Mississippi, Yalobusha General offers a wide variety of healthcare services ranging from radiology and general practice to adult day services and long-term care. RJ Young partnered with Yalobusha General Hospital to […]

RJ Young Donates Portion of Sales to Wounded Warrior Project

Jacksonville, Florida Businesses Equipment Purchases Lead to $4k Donation RJ Young Jacksonville is proud to donate $4,000 to the Wounded Warrior Project. Through the purchases of RJ Young equipment, donations were made in the name of Jacksonville businesses to the project. RJ Young is not only committed to providing businesses with the right tools, but […]

Cybercrime: Smarter, Bigger, Sophisticated – but Not Invincible

Edited article from Cybercrime is an enormous industry. And when there’s that much money involved, criminals are motivated to invest substantial time and money in ripping people off. When they’re ripping off businesses, non-profit organizations, and government agencies, they’re driving up costs for everything we all buy and do. And, of course, millions of […]

RJ Young Donates Portion of Sales to Children’s of Alabama

Birmingham Businesses Equipment Purchases Lead to $5,250 Donation RJ Young Birmingham is proud to donate $5,250 to Children’s of Alabama.Through the purchases of RJ Young equipment, donations were made in the name of Birmingham businesses to the hospital. As part of their core values, RJ Young is committed to investing resources back into the communities […]

How OnBase ECM Software Makes Enterprise-Level Businesses Succeed

When it comes to data, enterprise-level businesses have unique needs and challenges. With multiple departments and often various offices, the usual tools will not work. Instead, these companies require a special class of information management tools known as electronic content management (ECM) software. ECM software is a must-have for enterprise businesses, and RJ Young has […]

RJ Young Announces Grand Opening of New Headquarters

RJ Young is pleased to announce the grand opening of their corporate headquarters located in Nashville, Tennessee. RJ Young’s growth over the last five years, combined with recent technology, rapid growth within the IT space, and equipment investments, necessitated the move. The 177,522 square foot facility is now home to all 273 local employees. RJ […]

How to Protect a Company with a BYOD Security Policy that Works

From a recent study by Syntonic, 87% of companies rely on employees using their personal smartphones to access mobile business apps and services. A BYOD security policy is tricky, but it is a necessity for any company wishing to leverage the resources available to its workforce. Bring Your Own Devices, or BYOD, is a policy […]