Managed Print Services for Enterprise Level Businesses

Enterprise-level businesses are a class of their own. Established with often sophisticated operational processes, they typically have a print environment which reflects the high volume of business that they conduct. A single, reliable printer is never enough for these types of companies. However, neither is an out-of-the-box solution. An enterprise-level business is generally a large […]

RJ Young Receives Department of Defense Patriotic Employer Award

Award honoring employers who actively support Guard and Reserve Service Members A Department of Defense Patriotic Employer Award was presented to members of RJ Young in Nashville, Tennessee on September 9. Chip Crunk, Curt Gross, Doug Montgomery, and Phillip Woolery were nominated by Sergeant Edward Gathman, of the National Guard. Gathman submitted the nominations in […]

RJ Young CEO Flies to Dorian Struck Bahamas to Donate Supplies

Dorian is the Most Powerful Hurricane to Hit the Bahamas On September 6 and 7, RJ Young’s President and CEO, Chip Crunk, flew his private plane to Treasure Cay on Abaco Island to deliver much-needed supplies to the stricken island. During his many trips back to the states he also transported hurricane Dorian survivors. Chip […]

5 Steps of Efficient Record Management

Management of records and document information is the lifeline to most businesses. Without these assets, organizations simply could not function in today’s workplace. This business intelligence represents much of the company’s worth and carry a heavy load, not to mention legal and compliance ramifications. Most companies do not have efficient and/or active processes in place for records management, which can lead to non-compliance issues, delayed retrieval of information, increased document storage costs and lost or misfiled records.

Don’t Sweat the IT: Stay Secure with IT Services Management

At some point, every organization will experience unplanned and unavoidable expenses. For instance, the company vehicle might blow a tire on the far side of town or the air-conditioning might break in the heat of summer. Similarly, the server can fall prey to malware, paralyzing operations at a moment’s notice. However, while the first two […]

What You Need To Know About A Print Server Setup

Printing is a quintessential business activity across the board. When it comes to setting up a print environment, there are many different configurations according to the printing needs of an office. One strategy is to set up a print server which connects printers and computers via a physical server. You might be asking yourself what […]

RJ Young Announces 2019/2020 John T. Crunk Scholarship Recipients

RJ Young awards employees’ children with college scholarship for the 15th year in a row. RJ Young’s John T. Crunk Scholarship Program was established in 2004 to achieve a number of highly desirable objectives. This program seeks to assist the dependent children of their full-time employees with their college expenses. The John T. Crunk Scholarship […]

RJ Young Donates Portion of Sales to Dolly Parton Imagination Library

Knox County Businesses Equipment Purchases Lead to $6k Donation RJ Young Knoxville is proud to donate $6,750 to the Dolly Parton Imagination Library of Knox County. Through the purchases of RJ Young equipment, donations were made in the name of Knoxville businesses to the library. RJ Young is not only committed to providing businesses with […]

Making a Big Impact with Cloud Storage Management

The cloud is an amazing thing. It is making entirely new levels of productivity and achievement possible as more and more businesses embrace the many services available on it. However, as businesses use more cloud-based apps, the need for a solid management system increases. Cloud storage management helps keep data and infrastructure organized. Businesses leverage […]

US-China Trade War: How the Tariffs Will Impact the Price of Promotional Items with Logos

The United States has leveraged tariffs against Chinese imports in a bid to offset the trade deficit. Many sectors of the American economy – from seafood to retail – will feel the effects of higher prices, more scarcity, and a rush to find new sources. Promotional items with logos are just one of the industries […]