On-Demand Printing Gets Boost with 5th Color Digital Printing

Have you thrown away large quantities of outdated printed materials? Or have your printed materials been used long after their expiration date, just to reduce waste? If so, you are not alone. Historically, businesses have been required to print large quantities of business and marketing materials to achieve high quality color and print on specialty media. Thanks to continued innovation in digital printing, those days are going…going…well, gone.

The RICOH® Pro C7100 series of digital printers are one family of digital printers that have changed the landscape of print with its innovative five-color printing and incredible versatility. Differentiate messaging with clear or white toner in addition to CMYK to highlight point-of-purchase displays, business cards, menus, oversized prints and more. When printing on darker paper stocks, highlight the entire document, selected images or specific text with the clear coating to help messages stand out. Or, use the white toner capability by printing on clear media such as window clings or dark substrates.

Thanks to the RICOH® Pro C7100 series, more print jobs are able to be printed on demand, stay in-house and many different types of print jobs are being finished in less time, which costs less and uses fewer resources. In addition to its ingenious capabilities, here are two environmental benefits of the RICOH® Pro C7100 series:



Reduce and prevent waste

In today’s world change is ever-present. Digital printing is the ideal technology for small-run print jobs and the RICOH® Pro C7100S series allows for quality, lightening speed printing at 90 color pages per minute. While digital printing still requires the use of paper materials, it typically uses much less paper than traditional offset printing. Offset printers have arduous setups and constant running waste. Eliminate cost of plate changes and excessive paper waste, digital printing also helps to keep your branding current and gives the flexibility for unique messaging.


Use less energy

Minimize energy consumption and reduce your total cost of ownership by taking advantage of its one-pass duplex scanning to save steps and paper. Save on operating costs for a machine this size because it is certified with the latest ENERGY STAR™ specifications. In addition, it qualifies at the Silver level for EPEAT® (Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool)—a global environmental rating system for electronic products, so it’s included in green manufacturing initiatives designed to consume less energy and protect the environment.

The RICOH® Pro C7100S series of digital printers makes the choice easy when choosing to go with print.



Patrick Collins, Print Production Specialist

Patrick has been in the document printing industry more than 22 years. As with all his clients, he completes discovery and shows them how a partnership with RJ Young can have long term benefits to their organization. Patrick covers the Gulf Coast territory and works out of our Gulfport, MS office.