How OnBase ECM Software Makes Enterprise-Level Businesses Succeed

When it comes to data, enterprise-level businesses have unique needs and challenges. With multiple departments and often various offices, the usual tools will not work. Instead, these companies require a special class of information management tools known as electronic content management (ECM) software.

ECM software is a must-have for enterprise businesses, and RJ Young has recently partnered with a premier provider, Hyland, for such tools. 

What Is OnBase?

OnBase by Hyland is an integrated information management solution that replaces the constellation of applications and software most businesses rely on to conduct their business, by putting all core business systems, content, and cases into one platform. OnBase helps to simplify and centralize the modern workplace.

Designed for enterprise-level businesses, OnBase is more than merely enterprise content management software. It seamlessly integrates everyday systems used by financial, government, healthcare, higher education, human resources, insurance, and legal organizations. This creates a data-driven environment with real-time access to the right information by the right people, at the right place and time.

To accomplish all of this, OnBase has four key elements. These include:

1. Workflow Automation

Using business process management software, OnBase automates workflow processes and helps manage the most critical business content. By automating rule-based decisions, it eliminates repetitive tasks and reduces the chance of user error during input. This includes making sure that documents and information get delivered to the right person, and verifying that approval processes are carried out correctly and in a timely manner.

2. Case Management

Employees in the legal and healthcare industries can take advantage of the compelling case management capabilities, which centralize and organize information for cases or to manage projects. By putting all data into one area, it makes it easier to investigate, record, analyze, and provide service to the people who matter most – patients and clients.

3. Content Management

Data accessibility is one of the defining features of a competitive business. By making data accessible with the right credentials at any time and place, OnBase helps companies enjoy state of the art security with unbridled accessibility to make meaningful data-driven decisions.

4. Web Portals/Web Forms

With the user experience gaining such importance, having organized and professional forms prevents frustration and keeps information flowing. Make sure that employees and customers always have access to the information they need. The web portals and web forms function allow companies to build an easy-to-navigate library to help get documents and forms into a customer’s hands quickly.

Why Enterprise Businesses Need ECM Software

ECM software is a valuable tool for enterprise-level businesses. These powerful platforms help such companies keep track of the array of data, forms, and tools they need to function every day.

Some of the benefits of ECM software for enterprise businesses include:

  • Centralized information. Large companies deal with mass amounts of critical information, and this can prove incredibly valuable in terms of the data which the company can extract. Utilizing this information, however, is much easier when it is all located in one place rather than many discrete systems.
  • Reduced expenses. An ECM encourages a company towards digital solutions, helping to reduce operating expenses over time. Whether an enterprise business prints less, loses fewer documents, or leverages more cloud solutions, reduced costs help keep a company lean and competitive.
  • Enhanced efficiency. Paper processes are slow. In the fast-paced business world of the 21st century, relying on them is no longer realistic. ECM software helps employees access the information they need, when and where they need it.
  • Better customer service. OnBase was built with the customer experience in mind. From web portals to more organized records, it is easier than ever to help customers get the information they desire.
  • Improved risk management. An ECM like OnBase puts all of a business’s information onto one platform and makes it easier to keep that data secure. By leveraging cloud solutions for data storage, ECM software ensures that a company is up to speed as quickly as possible following a disaster.
  • Tighter document version control. A large company with multiple teams may find itself confused about which documents represent the most up-to-date version. ECM software eliminates this problem by keeping track of who makes changes, where, when, and why.

RJ Young Has Partnered With Hyland for Enterprise ECM Solutions

ECM software represents an invaluable tool for companies that handle massive amounts of documents and data. Enterprise-level businesses, in particular, can take advantage of these powerful suites. RJ Young has partnered with Hyland to bring OnBase to customers with the most robust information management needs. Enjoy a holistic, integrated environment that streamlines operations, improves security, and keeps the information ecosystem visible at all times.

RJ Young has proudly partnered with Hyland to bring OnBase to enterprise-level business customers. Start a conversation today to discover if this powerful software is right for your company.