A difficult decision for all businesses, regardless of size, is whether leasing a piece of office equipment is better than buying it outright. There are thousands of articles and advice columns regarding this decision. The problem with these articles is they only focus on a few aspects of a company, rather than what makes the company unique. Small businesses and large corporations both have a variety of reasons why leasing equipment or purchasing office equipment is the best decision for their company. It can become difficult to determine what the best solution is when there are several dissenting opinions coming from various angles. This customized quiz about leasing vs buying is focused on evaluating an entire company prior to giving advice on which option is the best option.

The Leasing vs Buying Quiz

The leasing vs buying quiz takes into account multiple factors that a business should take into consideration before making a decision regarding their office equipment. Take the quiz below to find out what is the best option for your company!

What Next?

If you want more information about leasing vs buying, the experts at RJ Young can help provide additional information to help you make the right decision for your company. RJ Young also provides in-house leasing, which allows your company to rest assured that your equipment lease is secure while making monthly payments. For any additional questions regarding fill out our contact form or call us at 800-347-1955.