Branch Shop Lead Technician (Birmingham, AL)

Submitted Monday, October 21, 2019
  1. Major Goals and Responsibilities

This individual will be responsible for providing technical leadership and mentor ship within the team. This individual will train the shop technicians. Training will consist of downloading service manuals, searching service manuals, shop related networking, updating firmware, assisting with problem machines, staying abreast of manufacturer’s technical bulletins, daily build sheet, warehouse operations, and general processes of shop technicians.

  1. Products and Services

All Products and PreOwned (CPO)

  1. Essential Activities

65% Shop Set Up, PMs, and warehouse/operations

20% Training Shop Technicians

15%   Coordinate shop

  1. Primary People Contacts

Director of Operations               Regional Shop Manager

Operations Shop Manager         Sales Department

Shop Coordinators                    Shop Technicians

ER Submission Team                Logistics Manager

Field Technicians                       Co-Workers

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