DMS Site Leader and Print Specialist (Nashville, TN)

Submitted Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Major Goals and Responsibilities

  • Oversees and perform day-to-day operations of Copy/Mail Center.
  • Coordinate and oversee all Copy/Mail Center services.
  • Assist in developing goals for the customer as a Print Concierge to help
  • increase success rates.
  • Develop sales tools to increase print sales on-site/near-site.
  • Focus on meeting Sales Quotas and above.
  • Complete monthly billing for management to process invoices.
  • Maintain records for management reports and inventories of supplies needed.
  • Complete emergency rush jobs on-site when needed.
  • Deliver on-site completed copy/print jobs when needed.
  • Interacts with customers; assists in maintaining acceptable profit levels
  • and ensures customer expectations are met.
  • Ensures equipment is working properly, checking for quality via daily inspections.
  • Troubleshoot and service equipment to include maintaining service records.
  • Train backup support and team members; when needed.
  • Available to provide and coordinate coverage for Saturday Copy Center Operations when
  • needed.
  • Develop and maintain updated information in procedural manual.
  • Inventory, order and maintain appropriate supply stock levels.
  • Liaison with customer and RJ Young Company
  • Hours 7:00am – 4:00pm Monday through Friday

Products and Services

  • Operation of Multi-Function Devices, and Binding/Finishing Equipment
  • Quality Check finished product to customers.
  • Promote print sales on-site/near-site.
  • Guide the customer by advising best practices to meet their needs.
  • Ensure Customer satisfaction.
  • Point of Contact in Copy/Mail Center.
  • Meet emergency deadlines
  • Timely ordering of Supplies.

Essential Activities

  • Operation of copy center, multi-function devices to include finishing equipment and
  • postage machine and computer software.
  • Deliver copy/print jobs when needed to customer.
  • Maintain monthly billings and management reports.
  • Promote Copy/Print Sales on-site/near-site.
  • Assist customer with different types of prints for success.
  • Creativity with Print Specialty Projects.
  • Maintenance of Copy Center equipment.
  • Point of Contact for Copy/Mail Center and training of other employees.

Prerequisites (i.e. education, experience)

  • High School education required and previous copy center experience helpful.
  • Valid drivers license is a must as well as reliable transportation
  • Must be able to sit or stand for long periods of time.
  • Must be able to lift 60 lbs.

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