Equipment Delivery Driver

Submitted Friday, April 13, 2018

Major Goals and Responsibilities:

Drivers are responsible for timely delivery and installation of properly operating copiers and fax machines. Ensure correct equipment is loaded and secured to prevent damage during delivery. Check equipment against paperwork to prevent errors in serial numbers. Conduct daily check of delivery vehicle to ensure proper operation and to prevent potential problems. Drivers must display high sociability with the customer to create the most helpful, courteous impression possible. Ensure proper operation of the machine upon instillation and make a service call if necessary. Communicate progress throughout the day to the Distribution Manager so information can be exchanged with sales staff. Document returned machines indicating copy counts and accessory serial numbers.

Essential Activites:
65% Interface with customers regarding machine placement and effective use
20% Proper loading and delivery of equipment with a minimum of damage
10% Proper paperwork designation of returned Blue Tag (customer machine) or Demo Pool (RJY machine) with all accompanying serial numbers and copy counts
5% Cleanliness and maintenance checks of trucks and warehouse

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