Field Engineer (Birmingham/Tuscaloosa, AL)

Submitted Monday, June 12, 2017

This individual will be responsible for servicing printing and scanning devices, maintaining adequate car stock to support service calls without having excessive inventory, engaging customers to build rapport, talking with customers to ensure the perceived problem is identified, following up with the customer after the machine is fixed and before leaving the account to ensure the customer is satisfied and briefly describing how the machine was fixed, escalating customer problems to their Service Manager, referring key-op trainer if additional training is needed by customer on their equipment, working in conjunction with the territory sales rep to identify equipment and solution selling opportunities, documenting daily activity and time sheets, maintaining appearance in conjunction with department dress code, attending service meetings as required and following proper parts warranty procedures.  Other responsibilities are maintaining company vehicle, attending factory schools, in-house training, computer training, and self pace courses as directed by the Service Manager.

Location: Birmingham, AL; Tuscaloosa, AL
Job Category: Service

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