IT Help Desk Support Tech (Nashville, TN)

Submitted Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Major Goals and Responsibilities

This individual will be responsible for a) fielding customer support requests via telephone, email or instant messaging b) proper documentation and logging of support requests inside of the helpdesk software (currently ConnectWise) c) resolution of reported issues remotely.  d) complete on site tickets as assigned using company vehicle.  Effectively communicate with customers to ensure the perceived problem is identified.  following up with the customer after the network or device is fixed and ensure the customer is satisfied. Also, briefly describe what was fixed and how the situation can be prevented in the future.  Technician also responsible for a) escalating customer problems to proper entity, b) documenting daily activity and time utilization c) attending project meetings as required and d) following proper warranty procedures.  Other responsibilities are maintaining appearance in conjunction with department dress code, participating in-house training, computer training, and self-pace courses as directed by the Service Manager.


Products and Services

PCs, Laptops, smartphones, tablets, servers, network storage devices, wireless networks, VoIP Devices, firewalls, network switches, hands-on experience in network set-up, configuration, maintenance. Requires advanced knowledge of networking. Configure and maintain Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, VPNs, and Backup & Restore functions. Also, working knowledge of the following Microsoft operating systems: Windows Server 2008, 2012 and 2016; Windows 7, and Windows 8, Windows 10. Working knowledge of Microsoft Office applications including Office 365.  MacOS configuration, installation and troubleshooting skills. Able to configure routers from multiple vendors and good working knowledge of port forwarding and firewall settings. Good integration and troubleshooting skills. Able to resolve client problems remotely using VSA tools. Advanced PC troubleshooting skills: removing viruses and malware, repairing corrupt operating systems, backing up data, and documenting settings before reloading an operating system. Good documentation skills. Working knowledge of CAT5, CAT5e, and CAT6 cabling standards, and able to install and test cable runs. Maintain an accurate account of time, mileage, and expenses for all appointments. Performs other duties as assigned.

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