Parts Support Specialist/ Warranty Processor

Submitted Thursday, November 9, 2017

Major Goals and Responsibilities       

This individual will be responsible for ordering, receiving and tracking copier, facsimile, wide-format, and printer parts. He/She will ensure that all part and supply requests are processed and made available in a timely manner. He/She will ensure that all related paper-work and e-Automate functions are carried out to completion. He/She will be responsible for assisting service technicians and customers.


Products and Services

Provide copier, facsimile, printer and wide format parts, supplies, and used parts.  Ensure timely delivery of products upon request.


Essential Activities

25% Ordering technician requested parts for service calls and restock

25% Tracking and processing warranties

10% Unpacking orders from manufacturers

10% Receiving orders into the system from local orders and branch orders

5% Sorting and processing parts cores for various vendors

5% Assisting technicians with part requests

5% Parts kit assembly and manufacture

5% Quarterly inventory

5% Tracking part orders and vendor backorders

5% Cleaning and miscellaneous duties.



High school diploma is required.

Basic computer skills.

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