Systems Integration Coordinator

Submitted Monday, October 2, 2017

Major Goals & Responsibilities

Contact customers that are having a connected device delivered to make sure they are prepared for the installation to happen when the machine is delivered.

Assign deliveries to the techs that will be doing the installations in the field using the delivery schedule in Bullseye to determine the delivery times for the equipment.


Products and Services

Scheduling and coordinating the connection of network input and output devices to the customer’s network. Configuration of these devices, and training the customer for maximum utilization of the devices.


Essential Activities

35%     Scheduling connectivity Techs, re-connect Techs, or “regular” Techs to make the connection

60%     Calling and/or e-mailing customer IT contacts, confirming environment and customer are ready for a connection. Insuring all resources are prepared to make the Perfect Connection.

15%     Working with Sales reps regarding changes in connection plans or with special requests



  • High school diploma
  • Computer software knowledge
  • Proven customer care skills
  • Also needs to have minimal understanding of current network environments


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