Few people are print experts. It’s a highly specialized industry that not many are aware of until it’s time to plan an event or develop a marketing strategy. Besides the owner of a print shop, it’s unlikely that you know enough about large-scale print jobs like those created on a wide format printer. Banner advertising or in-store events could turn into a disaster without expert input. Fortunately, print consultants can provide assistance throughout the entire process. An experienced consultant can help figure out the finer details of more complex print projects. Without a doubt, working with a consultant makes projects easier to execute and ensures optimal results.

A few key aspects of promotional material creating those print consultants can help with include:

  • Handling issues with print suppliers
  • Providing accurate estimates
  • Determining the best print strategy
  • Assisting in setting up specific print projects

No matter what the end goal is, consultants can help determine the best way to get there and advise along the way. This helps make sure that print jobs are more cost-efficient as a result.

How Effective are Print Consultants?

Print consultants can be a valuable asset when print requests are communicated clearly. Effective business marketing achieved through print advertising can create a snowball effect, with new customers bringing in additional customers. Whether a business is just getting off the ground or looking for new revenue streams, a successful print advertising campaign can consistently generate new leads.

The initial expense of a print consultant is small compared to investing in full-time resources. A consultant can come in and advise during pivotal moments of important projects. Some businesses don’t require a full-time print expert, but when they do, they can’t afford to let people make decisions who aren’t familiar with the intricate details involved in wide-format printing.

A print consultant can be provided with price matrices that define a set budget for a new marketing campaign. Simply put – print consultants make sure that printing quotes remain within the set budget. That’s why getting a quote from a consultant will offer greater advantages than purchasing print and promotional items directly. When directly purchased, all of the costs associated with those materials are not made clear, allowing for the possibility of being overcharged for a project.

That is where a print consultant can truly make a difference – by finding the best quote available for a specified budget. Without an experienced professional to offer advice, decision-makers often find themselves with no clear direction, which could result in monetary loss. For small to mid-size businesses operating on smaller profit margins, this can be a financial loss that they suffer from for a long time.

Expert Print Consultants Make A Huge Difference

In short, getting a quote from a consultant has key advantages over buying print and promotional items directly. No matter what the needs are, a print consultant is more efficient and effective than any other method. For a point of purchase display, trade show display, banner printing, or any other type of print advertising, there is no better choice than putting print jobs in the hands of an experienced print consultant.

At RJ Young, we have a team of top-notch print consultants on hand to help with all of your wide format printing and advertising production needs. All you need to give us is your logo and an idea. Our team will take care of the rest. Contact us today.

With new technology, social media platforms, and ways to reach audiences, people often believe that tried, tested, and true forms of print media have fallen out of favor. However, despite new mediums and forms of competition, print media still plays an important role in the success of businesses. Print is a tangible medium that still delivers great results for businesses that use it to help grow their customer base. Plus, as other technologies have entered the fray, printing technology has continued to advance and adapt to an ever-changing environment. There are several various ways that show that printing is still a very valuable information and marketing tool for businesses. Digital printing technology has given businesses more great ways to reach out to customers in order to grow their business.

People Still Love Business Cards

Smartphone ownership is exploding with 92% of people age 18 to 29 owning one. Today, most companies use smartphones for everything including setting calendar appointments and storing contact information. Many people thought that this would spell the end for paper business cards.

However, business cards are still as popular as ever. Despite the modern technology team members carry in their pockets, the trusty business card continues to be a tool in every professional’s arsenal. How have business cards survived the growth of smartphones?

It ultimately boils down to human nature. When professionals interact with one another, there is no better way to kill a conversation than to look at a smartphone. Entering a contact into a smartphone as someone provides the details is an awkward, impersonal experience. Instead, handing over a business card is a physical touchpoint that provides the same information in a way that allows the recipient to stay engaged in the conversation.

In addition, business cards are a great way to build a brand. Colorful business cards with bold logos are much more memorable than simply saving a phone number into a contact list. Digital printing technology has made business cards more exciting and unique than ever before. Plus, with print on demand services, it’s possible to replenish business card supplies quickly and easily.

Print Allows More Information to Be Shared

Print media is one of the best ways to get information out to people. When someone receives a flyer, for example, they are able to read the information at their own pace and as many times as they wish. They can keep the flyer to consult later at their own leisure.

This is in stark contrast to other forms of marketing. Radio and television only give advertisers 15- or 30-second time slots to share their message. An online advertisement is usually short and requires viewers to click on it in order to see more information.

Using print, advertisers do not have these constraints. A business can advertise multiple services, share several locations, and go into greater detail about products or special offers. There is also no telling how many different sets of eyes may view a flyer or other form of print marketing. People post flyers in their workplace, pass them to friends, and share them on social media.

Print Advertising Can Be Targeted

Many people talk about online marketing as the best way to target specific people. However, print marketing can also be very effectively targeted to specific users. For example, a niche product store may want to create a monthly print newsletter for their clients to take home. This newsletter can share information about products and services that clients are interested in.

Businesses are always looking to close more sales when customers visit their location. Creating a handy, one-page buyers guide that provides helpful information about products is a great way to keep products in front of potential clients. If they don’t make a purchase right away, they will have a unique piece of marketing with them to ensure a business stays top of mind. With print-on-demand services, companies can ensure that their buyers guide is always up-to-date and fit for the season.

Stand Out with Stunning Display Printing

Many people underestimate the importance of standing out and capturing the eye of potential customers. Trade shows are one of the best ways to reach potential new customers. Businesses need to ensure that their display will stand out among the competition, which may be, quite literally, right beside them.

Detailed, colorful display printing can instantly make a trade show booth more attractive to potential buyers. With advances in digital printing technology, the only limit to the design put into display printing concepts is creativity.

Once a company has drawn people in, they can provide them with other printing marketing materials that may be specific to the trade show. This combines some of the methods discussed above. Of course, print-on-demand services can help ensure that companies are ready with whatever documents are necessary.

Stand Out in the Best Way Possible

From business card to display printing, there are still plenty of great ways to incorporate digital printing and print marketing into an overall marketing strategy.

If you need assistance with your digital print marketing, or you are looking for print on demand services to bring your idea to life, contact RJ Young today.