When it comes to staying competitive in a thriving industry, businesses large and small need every advantage they can get. Reducing operating expenses is a tried-and-true method for remaining financially viable. There are many ways to positively affect the company’s bottom line: hiring the right talent, streamlining office workflow, or implementing managed services to bring specific business processes under control. For businesses that struggle with printing, Managed Print Services offer a way to save time and money while improving the company’s print infrastructure and total cost of printing.

Gartner, a leading technology analyst firm, predicts that total printing costs are the last unmanaged business expense for companies, although it accounts for between one and three percent of a company’s annual revenue.

RJ Young’s Managed Print Services help businesses retake control of their printing budget through customized strategies.

Four Ways Managed Print Services Help Save the Printing Budget

Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services (or MPS) delivers sizeable savings to businesses through improving the printing environment by making it more efficient, cost-effective, and productive.

1. Improve Print Environment Visibility

Visibility, control, and savings are directly related to the printing infrastructure. With poor visibility, businesses have no way to track or control what gets printed, by whom, where, when, or why. According to IDC, a lack of visibility leaves the door wide open for things like employee personal printing, security issues, or supply overuse.

In contrast, a Managed Print Service eliminates blind spots and sheds much-needed light on precisely what happens in a company’s print environment. It can help identify:

  • The exact print usage of an office or department – in numbers
  • Which printers are over- or under-utilized, suggesting opportunities for improvement in the physical environment or processes
  • Who prints what, enabling better security and access control
  • Overlooked expenses, such as one-off specialty supply purchases

As the saying goes: knowledge is power. Making your print environment visible is one of the first steps to establishing control and a strategy to reduce expenses, especially printing costs.

2. Keep the Waste Bin Paper-Free

An emphasis on environmental sustainability is a core concern for many businesses and their customers. However, it is hard to “go green” in an office where the average employee prints 10,000 pages annually. It’s even harder when 45 percent of those pages will end up in the trash within 24 hours.

An MPS program assists companies with their environmental initiatives by reducing the amount of unnecessary printing that occurs and helping companies get the most out of what they print. These benefits represent some of the most significant areas for savings. The IDC found that a managed print service can help an office reduce its printing by 20 to 30 percent. To put those numbers into context, that is the equivalent of four to six reams of paper per employee – per year – which never passes through the printer.

3. Promote Savings with Better Printing Habits

Printing represents a vital component of business processes – compliance regulations in some industries even require that companies handle their documents in hard copy. In such cases, it can be challenging to reduce printing volume. However, it remains possible to reduce printing costs through better printing habits, and an MPS knows all the tricks to do so.

Managed Print Services can help guide a business to develop better printing habits which foster efficiency and resource conservation in the long run. Some strategies may include:

  • Making sure the company has the right devices for the types of printing it conducts.
  • Streamlining a print environment with a strategic layout and thoughtful integration software.
  • Optimizing your printers with the correct settings or configurations.
  • Introducing mobile printing to aid accessibility and flexibility.
  • Using remanufactured toner cartridges and the right types of paper.
  • Supporting the print environment with document management solutions.

Good printing habits support cost savings, no matter how demanding the print environment. A knowledgeable managed service provider excels in helping a company accomplish this.

4. Manage Business, Not Printing Supplies

Printing supplies constitute one of the more visible print-related expenses. Printers need toner, paper, replacement parts, software subscriptions, or sometimes additional hardware to integrate into an office fully. Keeping track of it all is a chore. Likewise, keeping everything on hand takes up valuable real estate in the office which could otherwise be used.

With MPS, a company not only reclaims that office space for other uses but also solves the problem of managing supplies completely. The provider takes over the management of supplies to ensure that an office always has exactly what it needs when it needs it. As a result, a company enjoys the ability to focus on business while resting assured that its printing infrastructure is ready when needed.

Improve Office Printing with MPS from RJ Young

Reducing operating expenses is one way in which many companies seek to gain a competitive advantage in their industry. Printing is a vital component to the modern business which makes it critical to establish a lean, efficient print environment which reduces waste and expenses as much as possible. With MPS, printing becomes a much more cost-effective and valuable element of a business.

RJ Young specializes in helping companies throughout the Southeast improve their printing infrastructure with printing solutions. Start a conversation with a process specialist today.

Enterprise-level businesses are a class of their own. Established with often sophisticated operational processes, they typically have a print environment which reflects the high volume of business that they conduct. A single, reliable printer is never enough for these types of companies. However, neither is an out-of-the-box solution. An enterprise-level business is generally a large corporation that manages hundreds or even thousands of employees. Enterprise-level businesses have specific, complex needs. An enterprise level Managed Print Service strategy can help these companies reap the benefits of a thoughtfully deployed printing strategy.

The Printing Needs of Enterprise-Level Businesses

Enterprises, like other types of businesses, have specific needs when it comes to their print environment. Generally, those needs are broken down into five major points: 

1. Workflow Efficiency

Workflow efficiency is paramount to effective business operations – for enterprises, it is crucial. These companies need to be able to handle massive loads of data and documents quickly, without error to keep daily operations flowing. Their print environment must likewise be able to handle this load while seamlessly supporting the other document processes each department or office may have.

2. Cost-Effectiveness

Like small businesses, enterprises face pressure to develop cost-effective strategies to remain competitive. However, printing costs for enterprises are magnified because an enterprise is doing more, more frequently, and more quickly. Therefore, enterprises place great emphasis on solutions which solve problems and reduce costs.

3. Flexible, High-Powered Devices

An enterprise-level print environment is demanding. Whether it is numerous print jobs being run at once, or several large jobs in sequence, enterprises need flexible, high-powered devices capable of handling whatever the office throws at it. Therefore, such companies may find traditional office printers inadequate for their uses making Managed Print Services ideal for their needs.

4. Print Environment Visibility

Whereas many offices have one or two centralized printers, an enterprise may have several. The challenge of maintaining print environment visibility is compounded by the fact that these devices may not even be in the same physical vicinity nor be connected to a central network. Needing to know who is printing, what is being printed, and from what device it is being printed from is important information that needs to be considered.  With visibility of the print environment through manage print services total these hidden costs which many clients do not always take into consideration can be easy presented and addressed.

5. Increased Customization

An enterprise-level business rarely finds off-the-shelf solutions adequate for its precise and demanding needs. Therefore, many enterprise businesses need custom printing solutions built specifically for them. However, finding the right combination of devices, supplies, and printing strategies can be complicated and time-consuming which is why partnering with a reliable Managed Print Services provider is extremely beneficial to an enterprise-level company.

The Benefits of RJ Young’s Enterprise-Level Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services for enterprise-level businesses can and do meet all five of those specific needs when a company chooses to work with an experienced and knowledgeable provider. Managed Print Services can help companies save money, time, and supplies. Businesses can enjoy benefits such as:

1. Cost Savings

Some Managed Print Service providers offer one flat fee for equipment rental and maintenance, toner, and other supplies. Companies can allocate a set number of prints for departments, track who needs the most printing (and who doesn’t) and know exactly how much services and paper costs contribute to the companies’ expenses. Learn more about cost savings of Managed Print Services.

2. Print Environment Assessment

A skilled team of managed print specialists has the knowledge and ability to assess an enterprise printing environment to identify areas of weak points, optimization, and ways to improve business processes through better printing strategies. The result is better processes and printing strategies which help streamline the efficiency of the entire department or office.

3. Managed Maintenance

An enterprise-level business may have multiple printers, making the maintenance demands more extreme than other types of businesses. The maintenance requests alone can swamp an internal tech support department, which in turn negatively affects other technology initiatives. However, Managed Print Services provide skilled maintenance technicians to provide both routine and on-demand service. Enterprises benefit from staff who are left free to focus on their work and pursue valuable business activities rather than fixing devices.

4. No More Managing Supplies

A robust print environment consisting of numerous devices means an equally intense supply inventory. However, supplies take up space, require price comparison shopping, and often include hidden expenses. In contrast, Managed Print Services eliminate these challenges and reduce costs by taking over supply management. A company only needs to tell the provider which machines require supplies, and the right cartridges or paper arrives just days later. Many providers also have automatic replenishment programs.

5. The Right Devices for the Right Jobs

Anyone who has ever tried to get by on a home printer in an office knows the frustration of dealing with a device too small to handle a print environment. However, Managed Print Services perform assessments before choosing the most efficient devices to make sure that enterprises have the right printers that meet—and grow with—their printing needs.

6. Increased Security

Every business, no matter how large or small, needs document security. For enterprises, this is even more critical because printers are often a weak point in security. A knowledgeable Managed Print Services provider helps eliminate these blind spots to increase security across the print environment by mitigating the costs of breaches, lost documents, and disappearing devices or supplies to provide better protection.

See How Yalobusha General Hospital Benefits from MPS

Yalobusha General Hospital and Nursing Home in Yalobusha County, MS provides nurturing care to those needing all types of medical services. RJ Young helped Yalobusha save time and money by managing their printers through Managed Print Services. With RJ Young all ordering of printer supplies is fast and easy through ePASSTM. Yalobusha can place service calls, check call status, and pay invoices – all online.

Go with the Pros Who Know Enterprise Printing

Enterprise-level managed print services are in a category of their own. They are designed to meet the demanding print needs of larger companies and corporations while delivering the same benefits which small businesses reap. Furthermore, enterprise-level Managed Print Services require a higher degree of customization and consideration to address the challenges that these businesses face. RJ Young has over 60 years of experience handling printing solutions for large and small companies in several industries. When it comes to enterprise printing, only the best and most experienced will do.

Get the right devices the first time around to take advantage of Managed Print Services for your enterprise-level business. Contact RJ Young today.

There are many printing services in Nashville for businesses to choose from when outsourcing major print jobs. Since printing is quintessential to businesses, the right (or wrong) choice can make (or break) an organization’s workflow. Therefore, it is critical to find a reputable printing service with demonstrated expertise, which also has the particular printing capabilities needed.

Finding the perfect match takes time, especially when services vary. Some companies offer a full line of outsourced print services, while others concentrate their expertise in a specialized way, such as digital printing or offset printing. However, all good printing companies exhibit a set of characteristics that set them apart from competitors. Here are six ways to know if a printing company is a good fit for your business.

1. The ability to print many types of jobs reliably

Some businesses outsource printing because they lack the printing capabilities to do a job themselves. Conversely, print specialists are experts in printing, and their equipment and methods should reflect this.

The right company uses modern, updated technology which is capable of handling a wide range of jobs. This ensures that the printing service will not only be able to print well, but also prints what your company needs. Commonly outsourced print jobs include:

  • Posters
  • Business cards
  • Letterheads, envelopes, folders, and labels
  • Banners (pop up and retractable banners)
  • Booklets, manuals, and magazines
  • High volume projects

Each requires a printer which can handle nontraditional paper sizes or quantities beyond what a typical office printer can handle. Likewise, these materials often represent the first contact a customer has with a brand. Therefore, a reliable printing service delivers on-demand printing, which meets due dates and quality expectations every single time.

2. Flexible and customized solutions

Not every business needs the same thing. The reality is that two companies, even in the same industry, may have different needs when it comes to printing. The right printing company recognizes this, and approaches print jobs from the perspective of providing solutions rather than just printed products, which are more or less the same across the board.

This also means that the right print service will emphasize the right solutions for you. Such an approach may involve recommending a client to a provider of a service or product which falls beyond the printing service’s scope.

3. Enhance an office workflow, not complicate it

Outsourcing printing is meant to save time and money for offices by simplifying their print environment. Therefore, an excellent printing service facilitates this by making the entire process as easy as possible.

Many print services also offer online services which make ordering documents and branded products easy. Still, others build customized online storefronts to reduce the number of steps it takes to print.

4. Follow legal compliance standards  

Discretion is part grit, part good business sense. Document security is critical in today’s world, where businesses handle loads of sensitive information regularly. Some of this may get outsourced, including batch invoices or even advertising materials not meant for the general public. 

An excellent print service recognizes the need to protect its clients’ information. Likewise, as printing experts, they will stay up to date on compliance regulations which govern the way such data is transmitted and stored. Companies should rest assured, knowing their sensitive information and trade secrets are safe.

5. Clear and straightforward costs

A good print service company prices its services in a manner which is clear and sensible. Transparent pricing reflects an understanding of the industry and what each job involves. There are many ways to price a job, including:

  • One flat fee
  • Per page
  • By volume for large jobs
  • Per month for ongoing or repeating tasks

Always look for clear pricing structures. The right print service will make sure clients understand how much a print job costs up front, rather than merely surprising them with a bill later.

6. They develop relationships with their clients

Printing is critically essential to the success of your business. The right printing company understands this and takes the time to develop a relationship with their clients. A pledge to develop a lasting relationship indicates that a company values its customers, and shows a willingness to understand a customer’s specific needs.

Premier Printing Services in Nashville

There are many printing services in Nashville, but only a handful with demonstrated skill and depth of expertise to adequately meet printing needs, whether through outsourced or managed print services. It is important to find a trusted print service provider with imaging experts who understand printing needs for a wide range of industries.

Start a conversation with a printing specialist today to learn what RJ Young can do for your company.

In the age of Big Business, it can be hard for smaller companies to compete with corporate giants. With revenue being a fraction of their large competitors, an efficient way to ensure a small business’s longevity is by cutting unnecessary costs. One of the largest expenditures for companies of all sizes is printing. Even though printing costs make up nearly 15% of yearly spending, approximately 90% of organizations fail to track them. This oversight could be costing your business thousands of dollars each year! Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem- Small Business Managed Print Services. 

What Are Managed Print Services?

A majority of companies use multiple vendors for their different printing products and services. When multiple vendors are involved, determining who to pay for servicing issues becomes a lot more costly and time-consuming. Managed Print Services (MPS) allow for all of your print solutions, devices, and services to be managed under one roof – saving you time and money.

How Can MPS Benefit My Small Business?

Your small businesses will enjoy more than just a decrease in total cost by choosing MPS. With print management, your business will also see a boost in productivity and transparency.

MPS Saves You Money:

Never be surprised by a printing invoice again. For one flat monthly fee, Managed Print Services covers all your printers, supplies, servicing, and repairs- everything but the paper. Fixed printing costs can save your business up to 30% in printing costs per month!

Small businesses are always expanding and changing. So, to help ensure that all of your needs are met, MPS provides quarterly reviews for your company.

MPS Boosts Your Productivity:

Tracking down who is responsible for a piece of equipment becomes challenging when multiple vendors are involved in a company’s printing. With MPS, all of your printing is under one umbrella, so you never have to wonder who your point of contact is for your equipment. Simply put, MPS lets you spend time focusing on work rather than keeping up with invoices and vendors.

Your IT specialists will thank you as well! Equipment dealers often use a wide-array of software for their equipment. Therefore, when multiple are used, your IT team has to deal with several forms of software. MPS removes this problem by utilizing fewer software programs, giving your IT team the ability to focus on other areas of your business.

MPS Provides Better Transparency:

Government Compliance & Regulation

Operating your small business can be difficult when there are so many laws and regulations to follow. With MPS, you can make sure you have access to all required documents needed for laws and regulations such as:

  • Sarbanes-Oxley

Department-Specific Usage:

MPS devices allow you to see where your printing costs are coming from. The data you are provided will allow you to bill back departments for their monthly usage. You also have the capability to allot a certain amount of printing to a device, which keeps you in control of your expenses.

Learn More About Managed Print Services:

Whether you are a small, medium, or large business, Managed Print Services can help get your printing under control-cutting cost and improving efficiency. Check out the video below to find out more about RJ Young’s Print Services.

Click here to learn more about how RJ Young’s Managed Print Services could help your company. Find out more ways your company can save money and optimize its efficiency with RJ Young. For more information or questions regarding MPS complete a online form or call 800-347-1955. 

When it comes to implementing digital transformation solutions, accounts payable departments often takes a backseat to other business processes. This makes sense because of the increased rigor that financial documentation goes through during processing. However, optimizing customer-oriented workflows, or process automation, without optimizing your invoice and billing solutions is a half-measure that will generate production bottlenecks in time. There are three ways to improve workflow efficiency with accounts payable automation.

Instead of treating your accounts payable department like a burdensome cost, you can implement AP automation and innovative managed services that will transform accounting processes into cost saving value-generating assets. Once you start quantifying value in terms of cost-savings and efficiencies, the opportunity to upgrade your accounts payable processes is one you will want to take as soon as you can.

From digitally invoice processing to implementing state-of-the-art data and network security solutions, you can provide your accounting department with the tools it needs to produce long-lasting value and eliminate manual processes.

Three Workflow Solutions to Improve Accounts Payable Efficiency

Today’s finance officers have to cope with increasingly complex regulations while being able to offer useful advice to partners using modern data analysis to draw insight. This puts CFOs in a position to balance concerns of performance, efficiency, and risk using data that may not always be immediately available.

To be able to take advantage of the data that accounts payable processes generate, you need to collect, store, and communicate data effectively. A solid financial data infrastructure can remove up to 25 percent of your current staff’s workload, increasing your capabilities significantly.

RJ Young’s workflow optimization specialists identify three valuable ways today’s organizations can reduce waste and inefficiency in accounts payable department. These include customized process automationmanaged print services, and mobile compatibility.

1. Customized Process Automation and Workflows

Your organization operates according to a strict set of unique processes that determine what happens to incoming financial documentation. Those processes include solutions for invoices, procedures for billing, and retroactive corrections of mistakes (when possible).

Paper-based workflows are simply too slow and too inefficient to generate value in today’s workplace. But you cannot reasonably expect to bulldoze your own existing processes and replace them ad-hoc with brand new digital ones.

You need customized digital workflows that mirror your paper-based processes while improving the speed and efficiency with which accounts payable employees process individual documents. This allows you to set hard-and-fast rules that enforce regulatory compliances and speed up the capture of incoming financial documentation.

Additionally, customized digital workflows allow you to route new documents using automated tools that prevent the possibility of sensitive data getting into the wrong hands. You can also speed up the invoice approval process with real-time approvals. Customized workflows allow you to keep a closer eye on data transfer and printing so that your company enjoys greater data security.

2. Managed Print Services

Printing can account for up to 15 percent of unreported annual business spending. That alarming figure is easy to understand when you factor in the cost of ink and toner cartridges, paper, printer maintenance, and employee downtime caused by printer-related issues.

Managed Print Services transform your print fleet into a value-generating asset that is scalable, efficient, and easy to manage. These services turn an ad-hoc expense into a fixed fee while incentivizing your service provider to keep your print fleet in perfect working condition.

Powerful analytics allow you to look at print consumption at the individual user level to determine which AP team employees are abusing print resources – and why. This also gives you the power to change your print fleet layout to accommodate employee workflows so that the departments that print the most have the ideal resources available to do so.

3. Mobile Office Solutions

Enterprises are increasingly moving towards the Bring-Your-Own-Device trend. For an increasing number of employees, work no longer refers strictly to what happens at your desk. The ability to process and communicate data from the palm of your hand is an important and valuable asset.

While there are legitimate security concerns to letting employees use their own mobile devices, the fact is that employees will choose the most convenient way to get things done. If that means using a mobile device to send sensitive customer financial documentation, it is up to you to make sure that the transfer is a secure one.

Developing and deploying robust mobile office solutions help to standardize processes and procedures for using mobile devices. This allows employees to print, scan, and transfer sensitive data from their mobile devices securely while enjoying full access to company resources.

Let RJ Young Provide Your Business with AP Automation Solutions  

Are you ready to incorporate state-of-the-art process automation and workflow solutions into your accounts payable processes? Contact an RJ Young specialist today! 

2018 is here, and RJ Young is ready to help you meet all of your business resolutions this new year. Follow along over the next few months as we help you identify ten ways to simplify your business, from outsourced IT services to having a one-stop shop for all your office technology needs. Make 2018 the year you design an office that runs efficiently and implement technology that powers productivity.

Resolution #1: Save on office supplies and waste less paper

Did you know that office printing can make up to 15% of a business’ annual expenditures? Fill up your printing queue with savings this year!

What are Managed Print Services?
Managed Print Services bring clarity and efficiency to everything related to your office printing needs. From saving paper and reducing waste to taking care of all your printer maintenance needs, Managed Print Services can save you time and money, so you can focus on growing your business.

Printers, Maintenance + Supplies … Streamlined!
Are your printing needs paper-jammed? Managed Print Services equipment, ongoing maintenance, and supplies. Imagine having what you need before you even know you need it—and eliminating expensive last-minute runs to the local office supply store. A quick call will bring printer maintenance professionals to your door when you need them.

You’ll never have to think about printing services—use your valuable time to focus on growing your business. Just don’t count on us to remember the donuts for staff meeting … that’s all on you!

Customize + Optimize with Managed Print Services
Managed Print Services include more than equipment and maintenance. You can customize the perfect printing solution for your office—and then track who, how much and when your team is printing, allowing you to optimize your printing resources.

+ See what department is using the most printing resources

+ Quarterly data reports give you insights into your company’s printing, allowing you to make critical adjustments to save money

+ User access allows you identify high-volume users, and restrict full-color printing and other costly uses

Trust Our Compliance Initiatives
RJ Young is industry-leading when it comes to keeping your data secure. Is your business required to follow FERPA, HIPAA or Sarbanes-Oxley regulations? RJ Young Managed Print Services brings the most up-to-date technology to create user accounts, rights management and authentication services.

Managed Print Services Save You Time, Money and Margin

See how much simpler your printing can be with Managed Print Services. Give yourself more margin to focus on growing your business while RJ Young’s team of printing experts take care of your printers, supplies, printing data, compliance, and more.

Learn more about Managed Print Services from RJ Young here.

For a digital world, we sure use a lot of paper. Unfortunately, up to 90% of companies do not track how much they spend on producing and maintaining documents – their true printing cost.

Managed Print Services Save Money

Water coolers may be a relic of the past, but plenty of employees still congregate around the printers. Printing continues to be one of the most significant unreported business expenses. In fact, it can account for up to 15% of annual business spending.

Most small to mid-sized businesses only spend around 8% on marketing, so imagine what more you could do by saving just a few percentage points on printing. Nine out of ten companies do not track their printing costs; therefore, they have little or no idea how much they spend on printing.

RJ Young’s Managed Print Services offer one flat fee for equipment rental and maintenance, toner and other supplies. Your company can allocate a set number of prints for departments, track who needs the most printing (and who doesn’t) and know exactly how much your service and paper costs contribute to your expenses.

RJ Young’s team of Managed Print Service specialists will develop a custom plan for your organization after a comprehensive site assessment. Your plan will include exactly which printing technology you need based on your production requirements.

A Business’s Total Printing Costs

An organization’s Total Printing Costs (TPC) are often underestimated and unmanaged. Total Printing Costs include printed documents, outsourced printing, printers, service and repairs, and supplies. Understanding and controlling the TPC is an opportunity to save 30% or more for most organizations.

Total Printing Costs For Small Business

Small Business Printing Facts

  • 44% of printing is avoidable or unnecessary
  • 21% of printouts are thrown away
  • The average number of times a document is copied or printed is 19x
  • The average worker prints 10,000 sheets

RJ Young will supply all your office printing needs for one flat fee so you can save up to 30% on your current printing costs.

A Total Printing Costs Program

Implement a program to take control of Total Printing Costs with a Managed Printing Services Program. A TPC program includes printers, service & repairs, and supplies for one fixed monthly fee.

A Total Printing Costs Program

Everything But The Paper

The benefits of a TPC program include a fixed budget, no inventory, the support of an IT team, and managers focused on other initiatives in addition to monitoring and tracking. Review our Total Printing Costs Infographic below, then complete the online form.  A local RJ Young specialist will follow up with you and provide you with your free TPC small-business quote.

Total Printing Cost Managed Print Services Infographic

Interested in discovering how managed print services can save your company time, money and supplies? Contact RJ Young today to speak with a printing specialist. 

Printing is the largest unreported business expense. Gain visibility of your total print costs to save money and boost your productivity. RJ Young’s Managed Print Services program covers everything but the paper—for one flat fee—including all parts and labor. View the slideshare below to learn more.

Did you know the average worker produces 10,000 sheets of paper each year? Living in a world of increasingly wireless networks and connected devices—from laptops to tablets, to smartphones and even smartwatches—many organizations, big to small, are surprisingly still dependent upon paper, including the technology and energy required to produce paper documents.

As we approach Earth Day, the day set aside each year to show support for environmental protection, worldwide, we want to share 5 tips to help you reduce the consumption of energy and materials required to produce paper documents.

1. Install a Managed Print Services Program

Many offices continue to operate with a fleet of single function devices such as printers, scanners or fax machines. Most often, these single-function devices can be replaced with multi-functional, or all-in-one, devices that print, scan and send/receive faxes.

2. Mandate Efficient Print Settings

Most modern multi-functional devices are equipped with control mechanisms, or are can be updated with software, to mandate efficient printing settings such as forced black and white printing, draft quality printing and two-sided printing. These print settings can immediately reduce the amount of consumables used to print documents.

3. Reduce Abandoned Prints with Secure Print Release

Statistics have shown that over 40% of printing is unnecessary, which is supported by other reports that one-in-five print outs is never picked up, left abandoned—which can also lead to compliance issues (but that’s another blog topic). Simple software installations that require a badge-swipe or code entry to release print jobs can reduce abandoned prints and wasted printing.

4. Implement Document Management 

Electronic storage and retrieval of information is the ideal strategy to help reduce consumables and energy related to printing. Most office technology companies can assist in designing and implementing an effective document management strategy to ensure documents are stored, backed-up and easy to retrieve digitally.

5. Select Energy Efficient Equipment

Today’s office equipment, like most technology, continually improves to consume less energy, go to sleep when not in use for set periods of time and other features to help reduce your energy consumption. If your multifunctional devices are a bit aged, upgrade to save on energy costs.

Going green in your office is easier than you think. Your local office technology dealer can help you select the most energy and cost efficient equipment and software for your business.

Chastity Fox, Director of Advertising & Marketing

Chastity has more than 15 years of experience developing strategies, tactics and executing projects to help businesses grow. She is a digital marketing and technology enthusiast, leveraging this to boost productivity and move businesses forward. A graduate of MTSU (and also completed coursework at NYU), Chastity is a Tennessee native. She resides in Leiper’s Fork, a small town in Williamson County, Tennessee with husband, Brent, and Golden Retriever, Duke.

Every business has overhead expenses—coffee service in the break room, employee benefits, office space lease—that are easily identifiable and turnkey to put price tags on during the annual budgeting season. Then, there are the items that are not explicitly budgeted, but represent expenses that eat at a budget, causing small amounts to leak from the budget consistently through the year. Total Printing Costs is one of these expenses.

Gartner research tells us that total printing costs is the last unmanaged business expense for companies, although it accounts for between one and three percent of a company’s annual revenue. Increasingly organizations are implementing managed print services programs to identify, or define, total printing costs and take control of their printing costs, saving 30% or more annually.



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