COVID-19: Remote Work Services and Support

RJ Young makes working remotely easy and secure for your organization.  

While the world is focusing on COVID-19, we want to provide information to help you ensure that the wellness of your employees, clients, and vendor partners remain intact while still accomplishing business needs. Like your organization, RJ Young is closely monitoring the situation and staying on top of the latest developments (click here for more information).  RJ Young provides remote work technology solutions for businesses of all sizes.

If your organization is considering a remote work strategy, RJ Young’s team of experienced specialists are prepared to assist and support you in implementing a work from home plan for your employees.  

Remote, Work from Home Technologies 

Some examples of the products and services RJ Young can provide are: 

Residential Placement and Delivery 

RJ Young understands that COVID-19 is having a significant impact on our customers’ businesses. Therefore, we’re offering residential placements and deliveries.  

  • This applies to printers and multi-function printers, desktop scanners, software, and laptops
  • Short-term financing and rental options are available for most devices 
  • Connectivity is available for Wi-Fi and hardwired equipment 
  • At Home Work Kits available

Working remotely can have the same functionality as being in the office. Whether you need to hold a video conference or access, print, and process files remotely, let RJ Young help your business make remote work easy and efficient. 

RJ Young is your Full-Solutions Partner 

RJ Young takes pride in providing world-class service to our customers. During these difficult times, we will continue to do everything in our power to go above and beyond your expectations.  If COVID-19 is forcing your business to work from home then contact RJ Young for all of your remote office technology solutions.

For more information regarding a remote office technology strategy, please complete this contact form or call us at 800-847-1955.

For more helpful information check out RJ Young’s YouTube page.

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