Is Your Business Ready for a Disaster?

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We are half way through 2018 and RJ Young is ready to help you meet all of your business resolutions that you may have forgotten about this year. Over the last few months we have helped businesses identify ten ways to simplify their business, from outsourced IT services to having a one-stop shop for your office technology needs. Make 2018 the year you simplify your printing and technology needs.

Resolution: Backup Your Critical Files Offsite

Is your business ready for a disaster?

RJ Young felt the unexpected impact of a massive fire in March of 1998. We understand what it’s like to lose everything and have to start over from scratch. FEMA says that more than 40% of businesses that encounter a disaster never reopen, and of those that do, only 29% were open two years later.

We survived our fire, and because of that experience we are the best partner your business could have in preparing for disasters. Click here to read more in depth about our fire disaster and how we recovered.

How Can RJ Young Help My Business Prepare for a Disaster?

RJ Young is prepared to help you prepare—you can trust us to work with you to develop proactive solutions to keep your business safe from the unfathomable. Here are some of the ways RJ Young can help you secure your critical business documents:

  1. Scanning Services

Utilize our scanners to scan all of your documents into your Document Management System.

  1. Don’t Have a DMS?

RJ Young can help you set up a customized Document Management System for your business, ensuring that your critical documents are accessible anytime, anywhere. Learn more here.

  1. Supporting Copy
  2. Store Your Backups Offsite

With RJ Young’s Managed IT Services, you can have an automatic offsite backup of all of your critical files and systems.

What Kinds of Documents Should I Backup Offsite?

You know what you need to run your business and protecting those critical documents should be a top priority. You should have offsite backups for documents including:

  • Tax records
  • Contracts
  • Tax Identification Documents
  • Employee Records
  • Patents
  • Historical Financial Information
  • Legal Agreements
  • Customer Records
  • And more

Peace of Mind with Document Management Services

You can trust RJ Young to manage the most critical components of your business – your files. Records, contracts, financial documents and more are safe from fires, floods and other disasters when they are digitally backed up offsite. Learn more about Document Management Services from RJ Young here.