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Engineering & Architectural Solutions

Few industries rely more on specialized prints and documents than engineering and architecture. Choosing the right printing equipment that retains its superior print qualities can be a hassle. RJ Young will develop a custom plan with the architectural office equipment, software, and service that fits your firm’s needs.

The experts at RJ Young can show you how your architecture, engineering, or construction businesses can be more efficient, productive, and cost-effective. They will provide you with the foundation to enhance your business.

Wide Format Printers

Essential Architectural Plan Printer

Architects, engineers, GIS (geographic information systems) analysts, construction, and other professionals have diverse needs when it comes to wide format printers. However, large format machines are vital for blueprints, CADs (computer-aided design), site plans, engineering drawings, architectural renderings, and large documents. Not only do they need fast, accurate printing; but they also need it quickly, and often in challenging environments.

Wide format printing options can include:

  • Blueprints
  • Architectural renderings
  • Construction plans
  • Line drawings and graphics
  • CAD drawings

Advantages of RJ Young’s wide format printers:

  • Multifunction roll systems
  • Versatile media handling
  • Increased flexibility
  • Precision imaging
  • Security features
  • CAD application optimization
  • Network capabilities

What is the best wide format printer for architecture pros? RJ Young works with architects and engineers regularly to provide custom hardware and software solutions for their printing needs.

The foundation of every project starts with well-designed plans that your clients can see clearly and understand. RJ Young offers a full range of wide format printers, copiers, and scanners from industry leaders like Canon, HP, Océ, Mimaki, Ricoh, and Contex.

Contact them to speak with an expert product advisor who can help you narrow down your options and select the perfect device for your needs.

Engineering & Architectural Office Equipment

Copiers, Printers, Scanners, and Mobile Office Solutions

Just as important as AutoCAD or ArchiCAD software is in the tools of the trade, office equipment plays a vital role in any office. RJ Young will find the printer or copier that best fits your environment while controlling costs and optimizing workflows.

Check out the online catalog to view RJ Young’s extensive product offerings!

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Business Office Scanners & Scanning Services

Transform your blueprints, architectural drawings, and engineering prints into digital documents with Business Office Scanners. Or let RJ Young scan all those critical documents to save you time and space.

With Scanning Services, all your blueprints, renderings, or other large format documents will be digitized with exceptional detail and indexed for easy retrieval. With document management software, your team will be able to digitally access files without having to rifle through tubes or flat drawers.

Mobile Office Solutions

Mobile devices can be integrated with your network to enable access to your data from anywhere. With Mobile Office Solutions, you have access to your office network so you can scan, upload, organize, and share documents from your smartphone.

In-House Leasing & Financing for Copiers & Printers

RJ Young’s in-house leasing and financing services give businesses financial flexibility so they can adjust to accommodate for future growth and short-term needs. Leasing gives companies the option to upgrade to newer, improved equipment at the end of each term, giving them the latest printing technology.

In-house leasing ensures that companies are receiving their lease and high-quality office equipment from the same place instead of working with third parties.

Contact the team at RJ Young for more information on business printers, copiers, scanners, leasing, and financing options!

Document Management for Engineering Projects & Architecture

Organization for Digital Documents

Imagine having the capability to access your blueprints instantly and display them on a screen for your client. Instead of unrolling and unfolding, you could convert your oversized, large format drawings and documents into digital images. With Document Management Software, your digital files can be retrieved immediately and securely.

Benefits of Document Management for Engineers, Architects, and Construction:

  • Access your files from anywhere
  • Protect files with enhanced document security
  • Save time by no longer rifling through drawers
  • Save space by disposing of oversized cabinets
  • Prevent loss from unexpected disasters
  • Ensure compliance

Engineering Printing Services

Take Control of Your Printing with Managed Print Services 

Determining the most economical printing output levels and equipment requires a customized solution for your firm. RJ Young’s Managed Print Services can ensure you never run too low on supplies or are stuck with an unserviceable machine.

RJ Young’s Managed Print Services offer:

  • Flat fee and cost-per-page pricing solutions which work with any company’s budget
  • Contracts that are flexible and can be adjusted as necessary
  • In-house leasing options for printers

There are several advantages to having a specialist take the reins of your printing environment. Clients who work with managed print experts will enjoy increased efficiency and cost savings of office printing. Let RJ Young provide a flexible and customized solution for your company’s needs and goals.

Managed IT Services for Engineering & Architecture

Maintaining Technology

For one flat monthly fee, RJ Young can provide managed network services and IT support for your organization.

This support includes:

  • Working with your company to create a strategic IT security plan to reach your business goals
  • Choosing antivirus solutions
  • Regular data backups
  • Ongoing remote support
  • 24/7 remote monitoring and protection of your network, personal information, and all of your devices

RJ Young offers the ability to create solutions to match your business’s unique goals and budget. When determining the cost of a Managed IT Services contract, the RJ Young team looks at several factors such as the number of users, licensing, virus protection, security software, hardware upgrades, 24/7 support versus business hours support, and more.

Contact RJ Young to get a quote for your organization on an ongoing managed IT contract or for assistance with a project.

Solutions for Engineering & Architecture

Whether you are a smaller engineering firm looking for a wide format printer or a huge architecture agency looking for assistance with document management, RJ Young has a solution for you. Let RJ Young take care of your needs so you can spend more time on your clients.

Start a conversation today with an RJ Young Specialist about your specific needs.

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