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RJ Young provides Human Resource departments with valuable support services. They need a partner that understands their business and will assist in keeping it running effectively and securely. Services include Human Resources Electronic Document Management, Process Automation, Outsourced Printing and more.

Business Process Automation

Managing Your HR Documentation

RJ Young partners with Human Resource departments to design Process Automation solutions that fit your needs. Managing HR documentation can be complicated, and mistakes can be costly. Almost every business, especially paper-reliant departments such as Human Resources, handles paperwork—from job applications, resumes, forms, to even contracts. With large amounts of documents, it can be difficult to manage, often leading to data entry errors, loss of information, and inconvenient work delays.

Eliminate business inefficiencies in your HR department by implementing custom Process Automation strategy meaning data, tasks, and documents get automatically delivered or stored to the right people at the right time.

An electronic system can provide companies and Human Resource departments of any size with the tools designed to increase efficiency including the ability to store and access files from a single, centralized location. Let RJ Young customize a solution that ensures efficient HR workflow management.

RJ Young has the best HR Process Automation software that will assist with:

  • Timesheets
  • Vacation requests
  • Employee files
  • Onboarding/offboarding
  • Job applications
  • Tax forms
  • Benefit forms
  • Creating and storing documents

Sharing, controlling access, and accessing from any device are inherent with Process Automation.

Human Resources Electronic Document Management

Easy Digital Storage for HR Paperwork

There are software solutions that will digitize HR documents to automate your workflow. Implementing a Human Resources  electronic document management system will not only save paper, time, and money but it enables users to focus on people and not paperwork. RJ Young will find your solution for document capture, extraction, indexing, and management.

Document Management is comprised of a set of tools aimed at maximizing all the benefits of performing automated business processes while reducing costs. It allows HR professionals to automate repetitive business processes and easily follow up on uncompleted tasks. Users gain knowledge into workflow performance with in-depth visibility into what needs to be done, who is involved in the process and what will happen after an action is taken.

Reasons HR needs document management:

  • Automate redundant processes
  • Control access and track files
  • Documents and files are all in one place
  • Eliminate lost documents
  • Saves money and space
  • Compliance and security
  • Securely share files
  • Faster document turnaround
  • Protects your business

Electronic document management makes it easy for human resources professionals to concentrate on people instead of paperwork.

Outsourced Printing Services

Onboarding Kits, Hiring Fair Promotional Items, and More

RJ Young offers Outsourced Printing Services for all your HR needs, including exceptional branded collateral. Whether it is a brochure, sign, onboarding kit, retractable tradeshow displays– it can all be done effortlessly.

With high-quality, Custom Promotional Products, fast delivery, and prices to fit all budgets you can provide customized awards and employee recognition, tablecloths for hiring fairs, branded apparel for staff, and so much more. You can also get the same item for every employee – customized for their specific team, location, or department. Browse the online promo shop and see their top 25 products.

Managed Print Services

HR Professionals Still Rely on Paper

Keep your printing controlled and efficient with Managed Print Services. RJ Young will develop a system to reduce cost and increase efficiencies-all with a flat fee structure. This solution makes printing costs predictable and easy to manage.

With Managed Print Services your HR document printing needs will benefit from:

  • Cost-Savings
  • Complete visibility of the print environment
  • Fixed allocated budgets for printing costs
  • Ongoing monitoring for adjustments
  • Supplies ordered on an as-needed basis
  • Staff is empowered to focus on work
  • Increased security across the print environment

Other Human Resource Departments Support Services

Managed IT Services – For one flat monthly fee, RJ Young can provide IT Support for your organization. This support includes: working with your company to create a strategic IT security plan to reach your business goals, regular data backups, ongoing remote support, and 24/7 remote monitoring and protection of your network and all of your devices.

Cloud Storage – Cloud storage management software to help your organizations become more efficient by allowing users to easily capture, exchange information and print from any device – including a tablet or a mobile device.

To learn more about how RJ Young can support your Human Resources Department and make you more productive and secure contact them today!

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