Interactive WhiteBoards

The next generation of ‘team huddle’ is here! Our interactive whiteboards and visual communications solutions ensure everyone on your team has a place at the table, regardless of where they’re located. When our state-of-the-art projectors and screens connect with your team’s PCs, the input and ideas will flow!

With touch-screen capabilities and network possibilities, our interactive whiteboards work well for intimate meetings, remote learning and so much more.


Which interactive whiteboard is right for you?
There are two basic types of interactive white boards, and we offer a variety of each type:

Projector + Whiteboard

  • Images displayed by a projector above board
  • Interactivity + touch sensor technology built into board
  • Draw on blank screen, write on image/documents
  • Popular in classrooms
  • Cost–effective
  • Image quality is projector-

Flat Panel Display

  • Images displayed on screen from external sources—no need for a projector!
  • High Definition resolution/superior image quality
  • Draw on blank screen, write on image/documents
  • Connect to network & camera for remote collaboration & video conferencing


There’s no lag time between pen/finger movement and appearance on the screen—then save, send and store images in JPEG, BMP, TIF, PDF, or PPT, or HTML format for later distribution. And our interactive whiteboards complement our other Ricoh visual communication products, including the P3500 Video Conference System, for remote, real-time collaboration!

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