Audio Visual Solutions

Audio Visual Solutions

Support to Reach Your AV Goals

Improving communication is something every business or organization should prioritize, and an audio visual system integration expert can help increase communication. RJ Young’s AV Specialists will work with you to design an advanced audio visual and video conferencing system tailored toward your specific business applications and needs.

Corporate offices, reception areas, universities, and even hotels can benefit from AV solutions including conferencing equipment, digital displays or whiteboards, or even a state-of-the-art projector. RJ Young offers audio visual solutions and services for boardrooms, meeting rooms, churches, funeral homes, hotels, conference centers, trade shows, education, sporting events, and much more. Wherever you have audio visual needs, RJ Young can assist.

AV specialties include:

  • Digital directory displays
  • Digital indoor signs
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Live streaming and video services
  • Projectors – short throw, interactive, high lumen
  • Virtual or Video conference

Types of RJ Young’s Audio Visual Specialties

Digital Directory Displays

Digital directory displays provide an excellent real-time onsite experience by providing timely and accurate information for guests, visitors, patients, students, and employees. Whether you are planning to feature video content, menus, or facility maps/floors, RJ Young can help by providing a stunning digital display.


Digital Indoor Signage

Digital indoor signage is an effective visual communication. Attract attention with eye-catching digital signs to tell your story or promote your brand. Whether used for informational messaging, advertising, entertainment or architectural ambiance, these digital signage displays can transform the experiences of shopping, working, and socializing. Solutions include wayfinding, digital menus, video walls, trade shows, promotion boards, retail, healthcare, hospitality, and graphic design. Digital signage can also provide an interactive experience with touchscreen displays.


Interactive Whiteboards

Interactive whiteboards encourage real-time collaboration in a classroom or meeting. Easily write, draw, edit, move, and save information. Connect your laptop or mobile device to use your preferred apps with the Windows 10 based controller. Encourage participation by connecting up to 20 devices simultaneously.


Live Streaming & Video Services

Live streaming is a great way to reach your audience in real time. Whether you are streaming church services, teaching a class, viewing shows and movies, or having a meeting, your audience can be connected with RJ Young’s streaming services. RJ Young’s video services are ideal for recording special events, speaking engagements, sports, and more!



Projectors grab attention in a busy environment as well as save space without sacrificing display quality. RJ Young’s projectors come in a variety of brightness levels and resolutions to help you find the right one for your needs.

Short Throw Projector – project a large image at a very close distance from a screen or wall

Interactive Projector – allows dynamic interaction with people and your brand

High Lumen Projector – for brighter rooms


Virtual Conference or Video Conference

Virtual or Video Conferencing provides face-to-face interaction for more productive meetings. Video conferencing offers all the technology and capabilities any business will need to conduct a virtual meeting. Small businesses, government, healthcare, corporate, and education can all benefit from collaboration. RJ Young can consult on a conference room space with hardware and installation to meet your needs.

Included in RJ Young’s Audio Visual Solutions

  • Consulting

An RJ Young Audio Visual Consultant will create a vision with your business goals in mind, including your specific design needs, while staying within your budget

  • Installation

Complete installation and service of all of RJ Young’s Audio Visual Solutions means you have the resources you need to implement a fully integrated AV solution

  • Training

RJ Young’s specialists will train your entire team, including your in-house IT department, on all AV equipment

  • Backed by We Make It Right™ Guarantee 

As with all of the solutions RJ Young sells, RJ Young’s AV Solutions are backed by the We Make it Right™ Guarantee which states: “If you are not happy with our equipment, service, supplies, billing—anything—let us know and we will make it right, right away.”  – Chip Crunk, President & CEO

A Variety of Applications & Uses for Audio Visual Solutions

With the increasing demand for huddle rooms and collaboration spaces, many companies are rethinking how to leverage both space and technology to optimize productivity and improve communication while staying within budget. Audio visual solutions and video conferencing systems can increase an organization’s productivity and improve communications in every division or department.

Below are examples where Audio Visual Solutions can enhance productivity and communication include:


  • Distance Education
  • Curriculum Reviews
  • Post-Class Updates
  • Panel Evaluations


  • Budget Development
  • Audit Reviews
  • Legal Consultation

Human Resources

  • Company Wide Announcements
  • Policy and Procedure Reviews
  • Interviewing
  • Benefits Review


  • Project Management
  • Project Collaboration
  • Software Evaluations
  • Product Evaluations


  • Client Meetings
  • Contract Reviews
  • Witness Interviews

Management Administrative

  • Board of Director Meetings
  • Operations Review
  • Strategic Planning Sessions
  • Staff Meetings
  • Quarterly Reports and Reviews
  • Remote Branch Office Meetings
  • Reorganization Announcements

Professional Services

  • Consultations
  • Account Development
  • Continuing Education
  • Software Training

Religious Organizations

  • Church Services Audio
  • Choir Audio
  • Live Streaming Services
  • Projecting Lyrics, Video, and Photos 

Gain A Competitive Edge with RJ Young’s Audio Visual Solutions 

RJ Young provides the latest technology to its customers and clients to help increase productivity and efficiency no matter the size or industry. Whatever your audio visual needs are RJ Young has the solution.

Contact RJ Young today to learn more information about Audio Visual Solutions.


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