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Mail Solutions

Simplify outgoing mail with office mailing equipment.

Mail solutions like folders, envelope printers, and sealers ease the mailing process while taking your company’s brand to the next level.

mail solutions

Mail Solutions

Whether you’re looking for an easier way to get precise folds on printed newsletters and bulletins or apply tabs to mailers in direct mail marketing campaigns- our mailing solutions will not only make the process painless, but will save you time and money.

Types of Mailing Solutions for Your Business

Inserting, folding, sealing, and ensuring compliance of outgoing mail takes time. And in business, time equals money. Save both by leveraging our cost-effective mailing solutions.

Automate the tedious task of folding and inserting documents into envelopes with our inserters.
Pressure Sealers
Eliminate the need for envelopes and increase mailing speeds while decreasing costs.
Introduce a letter folding machine to drastically cut time on the mundane task of folding and stuffing envelopes.
Mailing & Shipping Software
Reduce printing and postage costs and ensure mailing compliance with mailing technologies like MailDoc™ and Bulk Mailer.

MailDoc™ mailing software

MailDoc™  reduces printing and postage costs by sorting your unprinted documents and collating those intended for the same recipient– all so they are sent in the same envelope. By generating Optical Mark Recognition and 2D Barcode Recognition marks directly on documents, it can insert varying multi-page documents, like invoices and statements.  Additionally, MailDoc users can convert traditional simplex printed documents to duplex, reducing paper costs, and providing additional postage savings.

Bulk Mailer mailing software

Prepare USPS®– compliant mailings faster and easier with Bulk Mailer. Achieve increased mail deliverability and the lowest postage rates all while avoiding the aggravation of deciphering complex postal regulations.

More on business pressure sealers

If it’s printed on one piece of paper, it can be sealed – eliminating the need for envelopes, which cuts costs and speeds sending.  Our advanced pressure seal technology is the choice solution for Fortune 500 companies and SMBs alike.

Popular uses include:  Invoices, Appointment Notices, Payroll/Checks, Grade Reports, Utility Bills, W-2s, Direct Mail, PIN Mailers, Rebates

Benefits of our mailing solutions

Benefits of our mailing solutions

Produce full-bleed, full-color digital printing at 1600×1600 dpi with color matching technology.

Provide crisp, precise folds on newsletters, bulletins, or packaging documents.

Run thousands of intelligently sorted and verified mail pieces, including DVDs and catalogs.

Apply tabs to vibrant self-mailers in direct-mail marketing campaigns.

Seal one-page business documents with pressure sealers.

mail solutions
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Digitize your business’s physical mail and reroute the rest. You’ll improve customer service and stay on top of AP and AR when you digitize your mailroom.  

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