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Temperature Screening Kiosks

Ease the transitions back to work with contactless temperature screening kiosks.

Your business is facing new challenges every day in the workplace, especially around how to keep your team members, customers, patients, students, and guests safe from COVID-19. Businesses need ways to meet or exceed CDC reopening guidelines. You can with temperature screening kiosks.

temperature screening kiosks

Temperature Screening Kiosks

In addition to practicing social distancing, daily temperature checks are vital– which can be an unsafe, difficult task.

We want to help your business to get back to working efficiently and safely. Our temperature screening solutions feature check-in temperature verification abilities, ensuring this measure doesn’t add to employee workload and isn’t a safety issue for staff.

How Temperature Screening Kiosks Can Help Your Organization

Protect the health and safety of team members and guests with alerts of those attempting to enter with a temperature above the designated range.

Facial & Mask Recognition
Optional facial recognition to authorize entry to vetted individuals, and facial recognition to authorize those with masks on.
Easy Mounting
Mount to an existing surface, like a desk or wall, or use a freestanding floor stand. Integrates with gates, turnstiles and door access.
Alarms can be added to make noise when those above the temperature threshold, without access, or not wearing a mask attempt to enter.
Plug and Play Solution
Works right out of the box, only requiring a power outlet.
Access to Special Data
Export your logs to Excel for easy access you can use for contact tracing.
Easy Temperature Reading
A non-contact, fully-automated kiosk with the ability to set your own acceptable temperature thresholds that yields accurate readings in ~1 second.

Flexible Financing Available

We understand temperature screening kiosks are not an expense most businesses planned for. That’s why we offer flexible financing and payment options to allow your organization to obtain the solutions you need quickly and easily.

Let Us Create an Agreement that Works for You:

Let Us Create an Agreement that Works for You:

Variable billing options

Unusual terms

Coterminous terms for added equipment

Relocation of equipment between your locations

Flexible termination or renewal options

temperature screening kiosks

How We Can Help Your Organization

We’ve helped businesses and organizations like The Lamar County Board of Supervisors use temperature screening kiosks to help make the return to work easier and protect the health of team members and guests.

With alerts for those attempting to enter with a temperature above the designated range or without a mask on, your employees are reassured that they are safe. With facial identification, you have total control over who is authorized to enter your facility or department.

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