RJ Young Named Joey Lush as Chief Technology Officer

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Information Technology Services

As RJ Young continues to grow, career advancement opportunities arise for our employees. We believe we have the best team in the industry, so we would like to take a moment to celebrate success. We recently sat down with Joey Lush to learn more about his recent promotion and the future of the IT team. Check out the interview below to learn more. Congratulations, Joey!

How long have you been with RJ Young?
I will be celebrating 16 years with the company in March.

What was your previous role?
Most recently, I served as the Vice President of Technology. In this role, I oversaw all of the technology aspects of RJ Young. This included everything from daily personal computing, to our new soft phone system, to our internal custom ordering software, and much more.

What is your new role?
My new role is Chief Technology Officer. As RJ Young continues to grow as a technology provider, it is critical that the internal structure looks like a well-established technology company. One of the first steps was to have a CTO on staff, as well as a support staff under him to maintain the various aspects.

What does the restructure of the department look like?
It will allow me to oversee all of the groups within the technology department of the company – Help Desk, Software Support, Connectivity, and Data, as well as our customer-facing IT Services division. Within the entire technology department, we have also made some changes. Cody McPherron will now oversee all internal technology related items, while Jake DeMille will focus primarily on customer-facing technology needs.

Why was this change necessary?
The lines between traditional Service Technician and IT professional are being blurred. It only makes sense to have one central team who can help with a host of technology related challenges.

This change will help us properly align all technology within one department. We will be able to look at the bigger picture of the company and more strategically grow the organization through technology. Sharing resources and knowledge will lead to faster response times, streamlined processes and a better experience for both our internal and external customers. An increasing number of technology issues can be resolved phone by our Help Desk or Connectivity teams, and we see value in growing a team of people who can remotely fix everything from network issues to personal computing problems to copier troubles.

Can you give some more insight into Cody’s promotion?
Prior to this change, Jake was handling all customer-facing and internal technology aspects. With the customer-facing IT Services being a rapidly growing offering for RJ Young, we felt that Jake needed to focus his time on the expanding customer-facing IT Services team. It only made sense to allow Cody, who was overseeing about 30% of support on the internal side, to oversee it all and allow Jake to focus on external customers.

How does this change benefit the rest of the company?
This change will benefit the company in many ways:

  • It allows us to provide a better solution for our customers as well as our staff internally.
  • It allows us to focus more in depth as a true technology provider and have the necessary process aligned to be successful.
  • It allows Cody to look into new methods to better run our internal processes, which in return creates a level of trust within the organization.
  • It will provide better internal support as it allows for improved communication within the technology team.

Anything else you would like to add about the IT department?
This new structure will also provide a new opportunity for Ron Perkerson. He will now be in a position to expand his duties to include day-to-day support at the assistant manager level. Overall this will help the department continue to grow and to plan for the future.

The new structure will also allow us to technology standards, policies, and procedures company-wide and make sure those are being followed and implemented correctly. Overall, we are positive that this will allow us to be proactive to change, rather than reactive. It’s a very exciting time to be part of RJ Young and I am grateful for this opportunity.