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Businesses do not come in boxes off shelves. Neither should Process Automation solutions.

Every business operates uniquely. Developing a customized Business Process Automation strategy, also known as Workflow Solutions strategy, for your business means data, tasks, and documents get automatically delivered or stored to the right people at the right time. Distinct and often homegrown processes govern what happens to data once it enters the office. Developing a customized Process Automation strategy helps companies get the most out of their methods and infrastructure while enabling greater visibility and data security. When organizations work with RJ Young, they enjoy custom Document Management and Business Process Automation technology solutions.

Custom Process Automation and Workflow Solutions Keep the Business Running Smoothly

Business Process Automation solutions impact far more than the daily document cycle, which ends at the printer. Business Process Automation encompasses a wide array of activities and resources. Keeping track of them can be burdensome, allowing inefficiencies to creep in and slow progress to a crawl.

RJ Young supports businesses in Process Automation optimization by lending expert insight into the current best practices for the growing amounts of data businesses are expected to handle. A custom Process Automation solution allows a business to:

1. Eliminate Low-Impact, Time-Consuming Manual Work

The main priority of businesses seeking Process Automation solutions is a reduction in the amount of time it takes to enter large amounts of data manually. RJ Young helps businesses develop strategies that leverage automation software to streamline the batch entry, data collection, document storage, and indexing processes, so employees can stay focused on doing real work. By implementing an electronic document management system, businesses can turn tasks that took hours or days into a task that takes mere minutes.

2. Keep Core Functions Working Flawlessly

Process Automation solutions enable greater access to information when and where it is needed to keep critical functions running smoothly and rapidly. Automated invoicing and bill paying decreases the number of errors and the days it takes for money to move. Likewise, document management software makes getting the right approvals a breeze with automatic routing.

3. Identify and Correct Pain Points

Pain points and bottlenecks become salient when an entire system is mapped out. RJ Young excels at identifying such pain points and applying the correct tools to help alleviate areas of data congestion. With a document management system, document retrieval and document compliance is quick and easy.

4. Get Expert Guidance with Implementation

Get started on the right foot with experts explaining the ins and outs of popular Business Process Automation software. RJ Young provides an implementation process supported by trained software engineers, who not only know the software but know how to apply it best.

Why Choose RJ Young?

6 Reasons Why RJ Young Process Automation Stand Out

RJ Young leverages over 60 years of technology experience for the benefit of its clients. Companies who work with our highly trained specialists enjoy:

1. Highly Tailored Solutions That Work

Use the right tools in the right places. RJ Young works with businesses to provide a custom Process Automation strategy solution that will fit any company’s unique environment. Once implemented, businesses are able to translate paper documents and paper-based data into electronic documents and usable data. Sharing, controlling access, and accessing from any device are inherent with Process Automation.

2. Software Solutions for Every Budget

RJ Young selects the best software and partners with reputable brands to ensure a reliable, effective solution design. No two companies are quite alike – therefore, RJ Young develops strategies with an array of different software according to budgets, needs, and goals. This software may also include output management which tracks the number of prints by employees.

3. Custom Leasing and Financing Options

Custom in-house leasing and financing options are available for customers who wish to lease software rather than pay for the entire package up front. This allows customers to drive business innovation while managing costs. Monthly payments and financing options are available to work with any budget.

4. Guidance with Implementation

RJ Young provides an implementation process that will take businesses step by step throughout the Process Automation process. Trained and certified software engineers explain the ins and outs of not only the software, but how to apply it best.

5. Cloud and On-Premise Solutions

Our partnerships with reputable brands give us the ability to deploy both cloud-based and on-premise solutions to meet your needs. Cloud-based solutions give you access to technology faster, with less infrastructure. On-premise solutions provide control and access to truly have what you always need on demand.

6. We Make It Right™ Guarantee

RJ Young is here to support each business and make them more productive and successful. Every product and service RJ Young offers is backed by their We Make it Right™ Guarantee: “If you are not happy with our equipment, service, supplies, billing—anything—let us know and we will make it right, right away.” – Chip Crunk, President & CEO

RJ Young Provides Process Automation Solutions to Darlington School

See how RJ Young partnered with Darlington School to help them save time and money by right-sizing their equipment fleet, providing print anywhere software, and reducing their annual printing output by over one million sheets of paper.

Amplify Productivity with RJ Young Today

RJ Young provides custom Document Management and Business Process Automation technology solutions to businesses. These solutions help businesses amplify their productivity by transforming business processes into lean, results-driven operations.

Get started today with developing a custom Process Automation strategy which unlocks your company’s potential achievement. Contact a Process Automation specialist to start a conversation about your unique needs, goals, and processes.

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