Digital Mailroom Solutions

As offices and institutions work through the puzzle of transitioning to a more remote environment, there are a few lingering pieces many organizations continue to struggle with. On the top of that list: physical mail.  Hard copy mail and interoffice mail – which are oftentimes sensitive and mission-critical – are collecting dust in mailrooms while their recipients are home. RJ Young has a solution. Our Digital Mailroom and Digital Lockers digitize and/or appropriately alert recipients to ensure timely and convenient delivery in our digital world.

Digital Mailroom

No Need to Come to the Office Just to Check the Mail

In addition to courier service, RJ Young will digitize your physical mail. The Digital Mailroom Workflow consists of collecting mail, sending a photo to the recipient, and appropriately routing the mail based on the recipient’s directions (open and scan, forward, send, or shred).

digital mailroom solutions

Traditional mailroom services are also available including:

  • Mail and package sorting
  • Department and employee delivery
  • Outbound mail
  • Automation

Advanced digital mailroom services include:

  • Digital mail services – RJ Young’s mailroom team will deliver mail to remote workers physically or via scan
  • Transactional mail processing – Our mailroom team will ensure your Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Claims, and more are processed efficiently and appropriately.
  • Package handling through Digital Lockers – We offer a Digital Locker solution to ensure your packages are managed appropriately.


Digital Lockers

Ensuring Contactless Delivery

Digital lockers are changing the mail and print center landscape in colleges, universities, and businesses across the country. If your mail room gets inundated with mail and packages – compounded by recipients’ fewer visits to your mailroom – we have digital locker solutions that can improve your workflow and hasten delivery.


Digital Lockers in Your World

From Medical Collection to Food Delivery

digital mailroom solutionsYour Office

Package pick-up for office and coworking

RJ Young’s mailroom staff loads employee packages into lockers and employees receives a digital pick-up notification. With back-end reporting tools, office managers can monitor their team’s efficiency and better manage packages and the mailroom. Medical offices/clinics leverage this solution for lab collection with aesthetic lockers that meet fire codes, contain an audit trail, and include surveillance.


university Your University

Become your university’s hub for package pick-up

With digital lockers, the average delivery time is 23 seconds per package. This improves pickup times by 60-70%. Students receive a notification via smartphone and can quickly pick up packages between classes or after hours.


storefront Your Storefront

Order pick up made easy

With contactless delivery and pick up, retailers are able to offer their customers convenient and contactless pick-up. The store associate delivers the customer’s order to the locker and the customer is notified with an access code. Customers are able to pick up their order from in-store lockers in fewer than 15 seconds.


mail center Your Mail Center

Automated package pick-up

Indoor or outdoor lockers can be customized for your store’s needs. Customers are able to pick up their packages within 23 seconds of notification. You may also offer automated, secure outbound shipping for online order returns.


residentialYour Residential Property

100% package acceptance

Almost 20% of packages are oversized, with our lockers you can ensure that 100% of deliveries will be accepted – including overflow during the holidays. Package management software for the building or corporate level is also available, allowing you to manage multiple locations at once. Additionally, offer your residents the perk of shipping their outbound packages – including online shopping returns – straight from their home with these digital lockers.


*100% Package Acceptance*

Our mission is to accept 100% of the packages that come your way. This system is specifically designed to solve all the delivery scenarios. One way we achieve this 100% is through superior technology.

Digital locker technology features:

  • In-House Software Development
  • Video Surveillance Associate with Access Logs
  • Automatic Return-To-Sender
  • Vacation Setting to Put Packages on Hold
  • In-House Hardware Design
  • Photographic Proof-of-Pickup
  • Multiple Touchscreens for Concurrent Use
  • Resident-Not-Listed Delivery Acceptance

The heart of our lockers contains a touchscreen, battery backup, electronics, and 15 compartments of varying sizes. Select from four standard locker colors, or customize your system with custom paint, wraps, or branding.

Our digital lockers are built in the USA.

Additional features of note:

  • Modular Doors – Adjust and change door sizes easily in the field
  • Combination Master Lock – Key-free access to all compartments for management
  • Universal Access – Wheelchair accessibility in compliance with ADA Standards
  • 12-Gauge Metal – Heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant steel with long-lasting powder coat paint
  • Internal Hinges – Tamper-proof internal hinge mechanism
  • Intuitive User Experiences – iOS-powered touch display for a familiar interface for users of all ages
  • 24/7 Video Surveillance – Cloud-based surveillance system on opposite wall monitors full locker area
  • 100% Package Acceptance – Accommodates every package that comes your way
  • Indoor or Outdoor Models – Designed for inside and outside use

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