Managed IT Services

Technology, like a business, is ever-changing. Trying to keep all systems secure and operating at peak efficiency is quite a task. Small to enterprise-level businesses rely on IT functions to keep their organizations running strong but keeping IT systems running smoothly can be draining on time and budgets. Whether you are a large organization with an in-house IT team or a small start-up with no idea where to begin, the experts at RJ Young can help.

What are Managed IT Services?

IT Services for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

Small and medium-sized businesses face unique challenges. They must maintain updated technology while managing unpredictable conditions and tight budgets. Likewise, fast-paced and growing companies need solutions to scale and adapt to new challenges. Managed IT Services from RJ Young provide a one-stop shop for companies to get exactly what they need when they need it, with no unpleasant surprises about functionality or cost.

Recruiting, hiring, training, and managing an internal IT department is a large expense that small businesses cannot typically afford. Many choose to turn to a technologically savvy friend or family member, which can create a plethora of headaches. Another frequently chosen option is to hire one lone IT person to manage servers, networks, printers, antivirus solutions – everything. Either choice means you do not have experts securing your data, keeping your network up and running, and planning for the future. Your data is at the core of your business, so keeping it secure is vital to your organization’s future.

For one flat monthly fee, RJ Young can provide small business managed network services and IT support for your organization.

This support includes:

  • Working with your company to create a strategic IT security plan to reach your business goals
  • Choosing antivirus solutions
  • Regular data backups
  • Ongoing remote support
  • 24/7 remote monitoring and protection of your network, personal information, and all of your devices

Learn more about IT Network Security. 

IT Services for Large to Enterprise-Level Businesses

Larger organizations with full-scale IT departments still face challenges. RJ Young’s enterprise level managed IT services can lighten the burden on your in-house IT department by taking on IT network support so your team can focus on more complex issues. RJ Young provides end-user help desk and desktop support with just a phone call or click of a button. Help desk and desktop support technicians are based in one of their three Network Operation Centers (NOC): RJ Young Nashville, Tennessee, RJ Young Chattanooga, Tennessee and RJ Young Birmingham, Alabama.

RJ Young can also support your IT team on larger projects. Hiring experts for specialized projects can be costly and burdensome. Whether you are managing emails or server migrations; providing infrastructure support; managing antivirus basics, virus protection, security suites, firewalls, and ransomware protection; or managing backups; RJ Young is here to help.

With the cyberattacks becoming more frequent and aggressive RJ Young can help prevent your business from ransomware attacks.  They can provide small to enterprise level IT support throughout their entire footprint. The RJ Young IT Services team can also provide consulting services or staff augmentation to help you achieve your goals. With over 25 years of experience, their IT Services team can supplement the expertise of your IT team so you can complete your project on time and on budget.

What Is An IT Network Assessment?

How do you get started with RJ Young IT Services? The first vital step is a network assessment. An RJ Young engineer will work with your team to understand the state of your network, its unique challenges, and your business goals. The RJ Young team will then create a roadmap to move your organization from its current state to where you want to be.

IT Network assessments can be performed in two different ways – either with an onsite assessment or with a remote assessment.

The RJ Young IT Services team has a tool allowing them to collect information about your network without compromising your data. The application does not install, so no footprint is left on your operating system.

The application generates the reports plus much more:

  • Company Asset Report (data location on the server environment/how it interconnects)
  • Network and Device Risk Analysis
  • Security Report Card (holes in current security/areas of opportunity)
  • Windows Patch Report
  • Login History by Device Report
  • User Behavioral Analysis Report
  • User Permissions Report
  • Inventory Report (computers, servers, network devices)
  • Data Breach Liability Report
  • Warranty Information

This complete understanding of the current technology environment allows the RJ Young IT team to put together a strategic approach when designing changes to your IT network and creating an accurate, customized quote for your business.

How Much Do IT Services Cost?

RJ Young offers the ability to create solutions to match your business’s unique goals and budget. When determining the cost of a Managed IT Services contract, the RJ Young team looks at several factors such as the number of users, licensing, virus protection, security software, hardware upgrades, 24/7 support versus business hours support, and more.

Contact RJ Young to get a quote for your organization on an ongoing managed IT contract or for assistance with a project. Managed IT Services contracts start at $195 per month.

One of the many benefits of working with RJ Young IT Services is all managed contracts are one flat, predictable cost every month. No surprises at the end of the month.

Is Backup & Disaster Recovery Included?

Being prepared is vital to every business’s success. Every company needs to be ready for emergencies, including power failures, security breaches, data loss or other disasters. Any of these emergencies could damage accounts and cause customers to question credibility. Managed IT Services can prevent the damaging impact of a downtime event. Most of all, Managed IT Services can have your business up and running again with little to no inconvenience.

According to the 2015 IHS Market study, North American companies lose up to $700 billion a year related to IT outages. This loss includes a 78% loss in employee productivity. Furthermore, the total revenue loss from employees’ inability to access business systems is just the start of the problem. Outages often result in an adverse domino effect that will cause business disruption and financial impacts. Having a Managed IT Network means your network downtime is handled immediately, and systems are restored rapidly.

Why Partner with RJ Young?

5 Reasons Why RJ Young IT Services Stand Out

1. Reliable IT Services Team

Uptime, retention rates, and client lists are important when choosing an IT Services partner but choosing the people you trust to handle your most critical business information is what matters most. RJ Young is passionate about its people. They believe they have the best in the business. With an average Glassdoor rating of 4.4 stars and a CEO approval rating of 97%, RJ Young team members love what they do.

The unique recruiting, hiring, and training process is what sets them apart. RJ Young’s IT Services team is fully staffed with Help Desk Technicians, Project Managers, Network Engineers, Network Architects, and everything in between.

2. Full-Service Solutions

RJ Young operates under the tagline, “Your Productivity is Our Mission.” They have aligned their resources to serve your business, this means offering copiers and printers, managed print services, outsourced printing, and promotional items, wide format printers, and IT services. They can offer all the services to help your business be as productive and efficient as possible.

Most IT providers are only that – IT providers. If you are a small business and your network goes down, you will be put in a queue behind larger organizations. It might be days or weeks before you are fully operational again. At RJ Young, offering many products and services to organizations means they are more invested in your organization and have even more reason to keep your business running smoothly day to day.

3. Customer Satisfaction

RJ Young IT Services boasts an unheard of 95% (2018) and 96% (2019) customer retention rate. See what these customers have to say about RJ Young IT Services.

“They make you feel like you are their only customer and that’s the way you should be feeling.” – Kara Ballard, REN Dermatology | RJ Young Customer

Nathan and Patrick and Jeanie know their stuff and are willing to go out of their way to help and in a very timely manner! The sales support team is excellent as well! They are the BEST!! Wouldn’t let anyone else into my systems!” – Janice Bobbitt | Facebook 

4. Technical Account Manager

As a Managed IT Services customer, you will work directly with one of RJ Young’s highly-trained Technical Account Managers. These individuals are your primary point of contact and your satisfaction is their only responsibility. They have no revenue goals or commission structure, and they will not try to sell you anything. These skilled individuals exist solely as a resource for your organization.

They get to know your business thoroughly along with your goals and unique challenges. They create roadmaps to help your business achieve its goals through technology and advise on any security threats, infrastructure concerns, updates, and more.

5. We Make It Right™ Guarantee

As with all of the solutions RJ Young sells, RJ Young IT Services are backed by the We Make it Right™ Guarantee which states: “If you are not happy with our equipment, service, supplies, billing—anything—let us know and we will make it right, right away.”  – Chip Crunk, President & CEO

How to Securely Destroy Data?

In today’s business environment, not only must a company protect its own classified documents, but they are also liable if they do not protect their customer’s sensitive data as well. Identity theft continues to be a threat, making shredders for managing unwanted confidential information critical for secured protection. In other words, the most secure way to handle sensitive information is to shred or destroy it. Depending on your security needs, shredders are available for every office size and offer paper cut types in a range of security options. Therefore, for the utmost security, rely on the toughest shredders from RJ Young.

RJ Young’s data destruction solutions include:

  • A complete line of commercial shredders, from desk-side to production units, which are capable of shredding binders and 500-page booklets.
  • Optical media destruction, CD, DVD, USB drive destruction, and paper shredding in multi-media models — both commercial and high security.
  • Specialty Shredders:
    • Hard Drive Punch: provides an added level of security by punching a hole through discarded hard drives, causing visible damage and therefore making the stored data virtually unreadable.
    • Hard Drive Shredders: provides the best level of security by physically destroying discarded hard drives.
    • Casino Shredders: specifically designed to destroy cards, dice, chips, and other gaming pieces. Hard Drive Punch and shredders destroy HDD and SSD hard drives.

Learn more about Data Destruction solutions.

What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage management software helps organizations become more efficient by allowing users to easily capture and exchange information. This cloud storage software gives users the ability to print from any device – including a tablet or a mobile device. With cloud storage management, users don’t have to worry about managing various print drivers. Instead, users can print to the cloud by using a single print driver. When printing to the cloud, employees are able to walk up to any device of their choosing and release a print job whenever they want. The print will stay in a virtual queue until it is deleted or printed by the user.

These cloud-based management services are not printer or model specific and can be customized to offer flexibility to the organization. Pay-per-print and guest printing options are available to provide detailed reports for departmental and/or client usage. Overall, IT service management and cloud computing can help organizations cut unnecessary costs and buckle down on making better purchasing decisions.

Learn more about IT Security Trends.

How Do I Ensure My Business is Compliant?

RJ Young develops custom solutions for IT Network support for your business. These solutions make it easy for your business to stay compliant with your industry’s IT regulations and feel more confident in your business’s security and IT compliance with government mandates. This includes Sarbanes-Oxley, FERPA, HIPAA, and other industry privacy regulations.

The RJ Young IT Services team works with healthcare providers and medical practices, law offices, government entities, higher and lower education, and other organizations that must maintain compliance. RJ Young can perform audits to let you know of the risks and potential security breaches within your organization and work with you to fix those before they become a problem.

Who Are RJ Youngs Partners?

RJ Young partners with some of the best companies in the industry to provide reliable and secure hardware, antivirus protection, and software solutions. Some of our partners include:

Microsoft CSP

RJ Young Provides IT Support to Chattanooga Goodwill’s IT Team

RJ Young provides IT support to Chattanooga Goodwill to help its IT team complete complex projects. Learn more about how RJ Young supports Chattanooga Goodwill’s mission of taking care of their community.

Ready to talk with RJ Young about your small to enterprise-level IT network support needs?

Contact RJ Young to discuss the design of your company’s customized IT Services plan.

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