Mobile Office Solutions

With RJ Young mobile solutions you can be in the office no matter where you are.

We’ll configure your network to allow smartphones and tablets to be full extensions of your office network so you can capture and store documents, access data and even print directly from your mobile device.

Going to work today no longer means being chained to your desk. Most of us need to move around the office, city or country while working. You can’t risk leaving important documents on your desktop or locked inside a cabinet in your office.

By integrating your mobile devices with your network you’ll never be without the documents or data you need. Plus, you’ll even be able to capture new documents, store them and route them to the right team members all from your mobile device.

This might sound like magic, and to be honest, it kind of is.


Capture & Share Data

Scan, upload, organize and share data and documents from any device. No more need to wait until you get back to the office.

Mobile Printing

Sometimes you realize you need hard copy prints.  With mobile printing you can send them to print from the conference room, the hallway, or even…the restroom.

Full Network Integration

Don’t be limited by “mobile versions” of your network.  Our network integration ensures that you’ll have access to the same network and data you would when sitting at your desk.

Anywhere Access

Need to get to your network from the office, a coffee shop, an airplane?  Yep, you can do that with RJ Young Mobile Office.


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