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Document Scanning Services

Are you tired of paper documents taking up space? Would you like to preserve documents and protect them from potential destruction? With RJ Young’s Document Scanning Services, they can help you transform your paper documents into digital files. Their top-of-the-line equipment, software, and specially trained personnel can work onsite or offsite to complete any size project and convert all of your physical files into digital ones. This allows your files to be stored and retrieved over a secure system.

Bulk Scanning Services

Save Time and Money by Digitizing Your Paper Documents

RJ Young can take on any project of any size. Whether you want to preserve historic documents, photos, and memorabilia or scan a warehouse full of important papers, RJ Young can take care of your needs.

Items That Can Be Scanned:

RJ Young’s Document Scanning Services include, but are not limited to, standard paper documents, patient records, blueprints, large format drawings, photographs, newspaper clippings, microfilm, sports memorabilia, mixed digital media, and much more. The scanning process converts them into a digital format – preserving them and making it easier and faster to locate items. This increases employee productivity and optimizes the document management process.

No Scanning Job Is Too Small or Too Large:

From large volume scanning services that take months or years to smaller, one-time scanning jobs – RJ Young has the trained professionals to help. Preserve your organization’s history, record management, or memorabilia for instant access in the future. RJ Young specializes in scanning large amounts of documents.

How the Process Works:

  • Collect your documents and place them in appropriate containers to be ready for pick up. On-Site document scanning services, as well as off-site document scanning services, are available.
  • All documents are prepared for the high-speed scanner by removing staples and paper clips. Documents that are irregular sized are formatted to a standard size.
  • Once scanned and digitized, the documents have index fields added for identification.
  • Scanned Images are loaded to a CD/DVD, cloud storage, or a Document Management System for easy retrieval.

With scanned documents, you can now search quickly through customized search criteria. All documents are also protected with enhanced security.

How Document Scanning Services Can Help Your Organization

Improve Efficiency, Save Time, Space, and Money with Document Reproduction Services

Converting paper documents into digital files saves you time and money. No more hassle of keeping up with paper. Once documents are scanned you can implement a Document Management System to assist in managing those digital files. Digital forms and document scanning help transform the way you work.

From digitizing your paper forms, to automatic scanning capabilities, to keeping your FERPA, EMR, HIPPA, and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, scanning technology will keep your office running smoothly and increase efficiency.

Scanning Services for Industries:

EducationStudent records and sensitive data

Engineering – Engineering drawings, blueprints, and plans

Finance and Accounting – Invoices, forms, records, and billing statements

Government – Digitize court documents, or property ownership and land use records

Healthcare Instant access to patients records or paperwork that are scanned in with EMR and HIPPA compliance

Human Resources – Job applications, resumes, forms, on-boarding, and contracts

Legal Offices – Legal documents, oversized documents, and legal records scanning services

Religious Organizations – Donor records, financial statements, photographs, and memorabilia

Whatever your scanning service needs are, RJ Young is here to help with bulk document scanning services.

Document Management Software for Scanned Documents

Automate Processes, Ensure Compliance, and Prevent Loss

Document management software (DMS) can transform an office into an efficient and secure workplace. Regardless of industry, any office can benefit from DMS.

Benefits of Document Management Software:

  • Save Time and Space
  • Protect Files with Enhanced Document Security
  • Access Files Anywhere
  • Prevent Loss with Disaster Recover
  • Ensure Compliance
  • Automate Processes

This cost-effective software will assist with storing and managing everyday business files and digital assets used in business processes.

Providing Solutions for Top Brands

RJ Young is grateful and proud for the opportunity to help some of the best brands!


RJ Young Provided Scanning Services to Ole Miss Athletics Department

The Ole Miss Athletics Department partnered with RJ Young to digitize its archive of over 100 years of sports memorabilia. RJ Young was able to provide an on-site digital specialist to help preserve over three million pages of documents for generations to come.


Transform Your Documents into Digital Files

Let RJ Young help digitize your archived paper documents to help preserve them for generations to come.

To learn more about scanning services and other business solutions contact RJ Young today.

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