Workflow Solutions

Paper just sits there, but data flows.

Developing customized workflow for your business processes means data, tasks, and documents get automatically delivered and stored to the right people at the right time.

See how RJ Young partnered with Darlington School to help them save time and money by right-sizing their equipment fleet, providing print anywhere software, and reducing their annual printing output by over one million sheets of paper.

For many businesses the promise of automation for document capture, routing and access still feels unfulfilled. Systems can be too cumbersome or confusing leaving employees to resort to old, manual processes.

RJ Young’s Workflow Solutions are tailored for your business and individual employees by trained and certified specialists and engineers. Once implemented you’ll be able to translate paper-based data into electronic documents and usable data. Sharing, controlling access and accessing from any device are inherent with our Workflow Solutions.

Turn processes that took hours or days to merely take minutes. Automation isn’t about incremental steps, it boosts your efficiency by leaps and bounds.

Tailored Workflows

By creating workflows tailored to departments and individuals you get instant access to information down to the individual.

Mobile Accessibility

Our workflow solutions fully integrate with your mobile devices so you and your team have seamless access to data and documents no matter the device.

Document Security

Sometimes hard copies are necessary. Our workflow solutions offer secure printing with badge swipes or codes for authorized printing of sensitive documents. You can control what is printed and who prints it.

Document Capture and Storage

Route new documents like magic. With Automated Document Capture you can store, process, route and index new documentation automatically. Paper documents can be digitized to be stored and shared in a centralized system for easy and controlled access.

Regulation Compliance

With our custom-developed processes you’ll be able to manage employee rights and restrictions down to specific documents.  Keeping compliant with government mandates for Sarbanes-Oxley, FERPA, HIPAA and other industry privacy regulations becomes truly achievable.

Green Initiatives

Stay greener by developing a workflow for scanning paper documents into electronic files for storage and retrieval. In addition, our workflows can be developed to restrict user access to wasteful or costly functions such as full-color or excessive paper usage.

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