Core Values


As a company with over 60 years of history, RJ Young has a rich company culture.  We recently defined those aspects of our culture that differentiate us and verbalized those as core values. This is a formalization of concepts we try to embody in every interaction with customers, prospects, vendors, community members and fellow employees.

RJ Young’s focus is to provide innovative products and solutions, while maintaining a commitment to excellence and integrity for our people, customers and communities.



We are committed to helping individuals achieve personal and professional goals by providing resources needed to be successful, while encouraging good life balance. We promote individual growth through investments in technology, skill development, mentoring and team building, while maintaining an environment of care and mutual respect.


We are committed to provide the most innovative products and solutions and exceptional services. We pledge to develop and maintain a lasting partnership with every customer through communication, collaboration and evolvement all guided by our We Make It Right Guarantee.


We are committed to our mission of improving as an organization through dedicated civil engagement in our communities by investing time and resources in others.


We are committed to the principle that personal character is everyone’s responsibility. We strive for excellence by building relationships with honesty, integrity and ethical transparency.

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