Automated Meter Reading

Our free meter collection software – RJ Young Meter DCA (Data Collection Agent) – saves you the time and expense associated with collecting the meters for your network connected devices. It also helps ensure accurate billing to protect your bottom line.

Our DCA software is installed to relay information to our secure server. This software only collects output device data such as the meter reading, serial number, toner levels and the current status of the device. This information is then transmitted to our secure server using 128 bit encryption. All data transmission is one-way only, and no end-user or document data is collected.

Installation of the software on a server is not required but is preferred. If it is not installed on a server, please ensure that the software is installed on a stable, long-term system that typically remains powered on at all times.

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in automating your meter readings. Terms & Conditions

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