Solutions for Government

Can your government agency benefit from the way it moves, manages, distributes, archives, locates, and accesses documents? By working with RJ Young, they will help increase efficiencies, and implement processes that will eliminate costly waste. By improving the workflow at this level, your government office can save time and money with business process automation, government electronic document management, office equipment, and managed print services from RJ Young.

Government Electronic Document Management

Automate Processes While Eliminating Paper & Manual Routing

State, county, local, and federal government agencies deal with a lot of paper documents. Instead of filling up filing cabinets, go paperless with electronic document management. Reduce operating costs while providing faster and secure government services.

With government electronic document management, you can:

  • Electronically capture – no need for paper
  • Save money – eliminate storage costs with secure, electronic documents
  • Use search tools – find the information you need quickly
  • Rely on security – secure documents stay secure
  • Utilize a rules-based workflow – allows automated routing of documents to specific people

Document management software is designed to comply with government-regulated standards.

Government Business Automation

Keep Government Running Smoothly

Developing a customized Business Process Automation strategy, also known as Workflow Solutions strategy, for your government office means data, tasks, and documents get automatically delivered or stored to the right people at the right time.

RJ Young provides custom Document Management and Business Process Automation technology solutions. These solutions help you amplify productivity by transforming business processes into lean, results-driven operations.

Office Equipment for Government Offices

Whether At Home or the Office

RJ Young has you covered for all your equipment needs.

The wide range of equipment offered at RJ Young makes them the one source for your government offices.

Managed IT Services for Government

To Meet IT Challenges

Working faster and smarter, with efficient processes, can reduce overhead costs. With Managed IT Services you can have powerful document and infrastructure capabilities with enhanced security, and without adding personnel to your payroll.

Solutions for Government

Whether it is local or federal government, RJ Young has solutions to help keep your office running efficiently.

Start a conversation today with an RJ Young Specialist about your specific needs.

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