Business Security Camera Systems

RJ Young’s business security camera systems are limitlessly smart, scalable, and simple to use. With hybrid cloud technology, there are no trade-offs in reliability and flexibility. RJ Young offers the best in enterprise protection by delivering a solution that scales limitlessly and is virtually effortless to use. Simple to install, manage, and maintain. Cameras are ready-to-use, out of the box. Within 15 minutes, the system is brought online and fully operational. With end-to-end encryption and automatic firmware updates, cameras are always secure, and no complex configurations are required.

Easy to install. 

Reliable performance in remote areas.

Simple management interface. 

Cameras are trusted to deliver superior quality in any environment.

Powerful software that works in any browser or device. No extra downloads, plug-ins, or configurations required.

  • See cameras across all locations on one screen
  • Share feeds instantly via SMS or direct link
  • Easily monitor camera & system health


  • Built-in solid-state drive – no NVRs or DVRs
  • Bandwidth friendly (20kbps in steady state)
  • Single ethernet cable (802.3af PoE) to operate


  • Seamless access to all cameras in network
  • Unlimited storage for archived clips
  • Secure HTTPS/SSL encryption


  • Intuitive browser-based user interface
  • User authentication (SAML 2.0, 2FA)
  • No plugins or downloads required

Industry Solutions

Discover how to strengthen security and improve site awareness across all industries.

Education – Protect Students & Faculty

School security camera systems keep track of everyone entering and exiting school entrances, making it easy to spot intruders and prevent unauthorized visitors from entering school campuses.

Government – Using Surveillance To Improve Public Safety

Towns and cities have a simple and scalable way to monitor civic structures, public spaces, and high traffic areas for incidents that may risk the safety of citizens. With a centralized management software that streamlines visibility and provides alerts of unusual behaviors, reduce crime and foster a more hospitable environment for all residents.

Healthcare – Monitor Patient Safety & Quality Care

HIPAA compliant video security solution allows healthcare practitioners to easily manage site and patient safety—in a secure and scalable way—across all hospitals and independent care facilities. By introducing an intelligent solution that proactively alerts caregivers and personnel of unusual activity, easily provide the best in healthcare.

Business – Strengthen Safety in the Workplace

Strengthen physical security with this cloud-based surveillance solution. By combining the flexibility of the cloud with the reliability of built-in storage, the all-in-one cameras simplify surveillance management and deliver valuable insights about business operations.

Discover the benefits of an hybrid cloud security camera system

Unmatched Picture Quality

These indoor and outdoor cameras provide over 50% more detail than full 1080p HD video. With built-in infrared IR illuminators for enhanced night vision, cameras can provide high resolution video quality at any time. Our cameras automatically adjust to capture HD video resolution footage with real-time playback.

Remote access to video footage

Secure, Remote Access to Footage

When motion or tampering is detected, receive push notifications to remotely access live video feeds from your mobile device, browser, or using a mobile app. Utilizing a centralized management platform, this provides administrators with remote viewing capabilities as well as secure footage sharing options.

Bandwidth-Friendly Cameras

Cameras have a slim bandwidth footprint of 5-20 kbps, minimizing bandwidth consumption by intelligently analyzing footage for insights while avoiding continuous video upload to the cloud. This also makes a perfect solution for remote deployments, as cameras can operate off of a single cellular modem without consuming large amounts of data.

Flexible Viewing Angles

This product line includes a wide range of camera types for both indoor and outdoor use. Camera options include varifocal lens with optical zoom, fixed lens, or fisheye lens suitable for any desired field of view or viewing angle.

Continuous Local Recording & Cloud Storage

Video recordings are securely stored on cameras for up to 120 days and are always accessible in the cloud. Once a camera detects tampering, it immediately begins a cloud backup and uploads HD footage of all stored footage. Even in the unlikely case that someone gets their hands on a camera, all data is fully encrypted and cannot be viewed or exported.

Experience cutting-edge business security camera system technology and intelligent software — all in a user-friendly, secure solution that’s simple to configure and manage.

Discover the Smarter Surveillance Solution with a free 15-minute demo. Contact us today to schedule.

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