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Document Management Systems

Keep data secure with document management systems.

Document management systems help with storing, organizing, and managing everyday business documents and files into a digital format. All so it can be more easily accessible in a digital format. This software transforms office environments into efficient and secure workplaces.

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Document Management Systems

Our systems provide companies of all size, – small businesses to enterprise –with the tools necessary to increase efficiency and keep your business steps ahead of the competition.

Digitizing documents is essential in today’s workplaces – especially as more of the workforce works remotely. All businesses gain rapid benefits and ROI from document capture.

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How Document Management Systems Can Help Your Organization

Save Time and Space

Keeping paper documents in filing cabinets takes space. Its inefficient nature takes time. Reclaim your office by digitally converting files and disposing of those oversized cabinets. Rather than spending time rifling through drawer after drawer, your team members can easily navigate and locate files digitally with advanced search features.

Protect Files with Enhanced Document Security

Paper documents are hard to monitor and can be accessed by unauthorized personnel, creating major security risks. These files can be digitized into electronic documents and password-protected to ensure only authorized individuals have access. Using advanced security models, documents can be monitored and tracked to see who has accessed, modified, or printed Document management software also provides the ability to track documents’ chain of custody to easily see where and with whom processes have been left off.

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Access Files Anywhere

With cloud-based document management options, digitally back up and maintain documents allowing important files and data to be accessed securely – regardless of location. When documents are in one secure, digital location, they can be retrieved immediately and with ease, making file accessibility easy and more efficient. Document retrieval is easier since they can be located immediately and retrieved with ease.

With a variety of solutions with key features like eSignatures, optical character recognition, instant electronic sharing, and cloud-based file storage, our Document Management Systems (DMS) can bring your office into the paperless era.

Prevent Loss with Disaster Recovery

Creating digital copies of documents and all file types prepares businesses for unexpected disasters. From natural disasters to theft and property damage, document management software allows businesses to recover quickly from disasters and continue operating like normal.

Ensure Compliance

Whether your organization must follow HIPAA, FERPA, Sarbanes-Oxley, or other government-regulated standards, our software is specifically designed to ensure compliance while keeping your documents secure. Our RJ Young specialists know compliance and security standards and will help guide you through proper document management protocols.

Automate Processes

Software management implementation allows a company to create automated workflows for common processes like onboarding new team members, processing invoices, managing records, and handling human resource procedures. Process automation increases a company’s efficiency and productivity, while simultaneously saving you time and money.

Choose RJ Young for Document Management Solutions and Software

Regardless of industry, offices benefit from implementing an electronic document management system to organize and store documents and end paper-based file systems. We partner with reputable enterprise content management providers, such as DocuWare, to provide our customers the best tools to manage and organize their organizations.

DocuWare provides cloud document management and workflow automation software that enables you to digitize, secure, and work with business documents, then optimize the processes that power the core of your business.

How the Process Works

How the Process Works

Scan, import, process, tag, and introduce critical business content into enterprise content management systems. We partner with PSICapture.

Obtain, organize, store, and deliver critical information to team members, businesses, and customers. We leverage enterprise content management (ECM) which is a set of defined processes, strategies, and tools to enable this process.

Find documents at a click of a button, making document retrieval easy for you and team members.

Document Management Systems
Case Study

Watch how RJ Young empowered Ole Miss Athletics with backfile scanning services.

We partnered with Ole Miss Athletics to digitize their archive of over 100 years of sports memorabilia. We were able to provide an on-site digital specialist to help preserve over three million pages of documents for generations to come. We also provided backfile scanning and disaster recovery services.

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