The manufacturing industry can keep costs down and productivity strong with Manufacturing Document Management, IT, Business Process Automation, and Managed Print Service solutions from RJ Young.

Solutions for Manufacturing

RJ Young serves thousands of manufacturing companies in a variety of industries from small shops to industrial equipment manufacturers. They increase efficiency making it possible for companies to create more products faster while eliminating repetitive tasks. Let RJ Young help your manufacturing organization keep costs down and productivity strong with managed print services, business process automation, document management, and managed IT services.

Manufacturing Document Management

Workflow Streamlining & Manufacturing Document Control

Most manufacturing companies are looking for ways to improve workflows and enhance customer service, and RJ Young can help with custom solutions such as document management. Documents are essential in manufacturing facilities and with the constant influx of paperwork, your workflow can get bogged down. Having your documents and data organized is crucial in staying ahead of the competition. These vital documents help ensure operational efficiency and are essential to the process.

RJ Young can provide document management solutions to your manufacturing company to help quickly and conveniently store and retrieve data, streamline and organize your workflow, and eliminate the expense and frustration of managing paper documents.

Document Management software benefits include:

  1. Saving time and space
  2. Protecting files with enhanced document security
  3. Accessing files anywhere
  4. Preventing loss with disaster recovery
  5. Ensuring compliance
  6. Automating processes

Managed IT Services for Manufacturing

Solutions, Security, and Compliance

Is your operation protected from a network failure or a data breach? Information and technology are as critical to manufacturing companies as parts are to a machine. RJ Young’s Managed IT Services for the industrial manufacturing industry are aligned with businesses and tailored to their needs. They will develop and install a network that will be as reliable in the corner office as it will be on the shop floor. They work with companies to support internal IT staff on a project basis or provide full IT services for a fixed monthly fee. Manufacturing managed IT services can move your business forward by connecting the plant floor, warehouse, and headquarters to improve productivity.

Manufacturers also have to adhere to various industry-specific compliance requirements around product safety, data protection, exports, anti-corruption, IT safety and security, fair competition, and employment laws. With managed IT services your company is compliant and secure. RJ Young can perform audits to let you know of the risks and potential security breaches within your organization and work with you to fix those before they become a problem. RJ Young provides IT solutions for small and mid-sized businesses to large enterprises in the manufacturing industry.

Business Process Automation for Manufacturing

Profit Not Paperwork

Manufacturers work in a fast-paced and ever-changing industry; therefore, process automation can help stay ahead of the competition while keeping costs on track. RJ Young can develop processes and rights management to ensure internal and customer documentation is properly routed and securely stored. You will reduce paper output and increase efficiency.

With Business Process Automation manufacturers can create and store:

  • Bid requests
  • Documents
  • Drawings
  • Inventory
  • Order statuses
  • Price lists
  • Proposals
  • Shipments

RJ Young provides custom Document Management and Business Process Automation technology solutions to businesses. These solutions help amplify productivity by transforming business processes into lean, results-driven operations. RJ Young is able to offer their customers in the manufacturing industry solutions that are reliable, efficient, and improve business.

Managed Print Services for Manufacturing

Bring Costs Under Control

Having a Managed Print Services specialist take the reins of a company printing environment lends several advantages to both the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of office printing. RJ Young can provide a comprehensive print environment assessment and a roadmap towards usage reduction and efficiency.

Robust Solutions That Enable Manufacturers to Improve Execution and Performance

RJ Young enables manufacturers to keep operations performing at peak efficiency by closing the gap between the factory and the enterprise and building a collaborative network that enables profitability and enhanced service.


Creating and storing documents, proposals, order statuses, price lists, shipments and inventory tracking, bid requests and drawings is only part of the challenge. Making sure each type gets to the right people in the right order makes it even more of a headache.


Our Workflow Solutions are custom developed for each client. We’ll help you develop processes and rights management to ensure internal and customer documentation is properly routed and securely stored. You’ll reduce paper output and increase efficiency at the same time.


Keeping a traditional office networked and connected is only complicated when the network needs to span a manufacturing floor or across multiple buildings.


With RJ Young’s Managed IT Services, we’ll develop and install a network that will be as reliable in the corner office as it will be on the shop floor.

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